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The Spirit Opens Our Eyes to Truth The Spirit Opens Our Eyes to Truth
by Ron Rose
Garrison is a man of habit, he sits at the same table every Sunday — a perfect place for his morning devotional. He always has his plain-covered, paperback version of the Bible with him ... (read more)
Thankful for Our Greatest Gift
by Heartlight Team
We thank God as we are thankful for you and as we join together to remember God's greatest gift to us. ... (read more)
More Special Features:

We Are Thankful for You!, by Heartlight Team
      Of God's many blessings, you are some of the most special to us!

The Paraclete, by Max Lucado
      The Spirit is a person. And Jesus calls him the Paraclete.

On the Life and Passing of Anthony Bourdain, by Grant Rampy
      I am more grateful than ever for my comparably simple station, one that allows me both quiet time at home and the opportunity to travel — to enjoy both friends and strangers.

Posers and Pretenders, by Ron Rose
      We are all damaged and divided, and there seems to be a whole bunch of us who've become professional pretenders and posers, desperately seeking to be little tin gods who want to be in charge.

Look Who Made the List!, by Ron Rose
      I want to live, so His story is compelling and inviting... I want to live worthy of the cost and to never forget...

Is Anything Sacred?, by Max Lucado
      Like speedbumps and curbs, these acts of holiness are meant to slow us down and keep us on the road.

God-skin!, by Ron Rose
      Without hesitation, no warm-up required, she told her story of betrayal and rejection.

Be an Agent of Happiness, by Max Lucado
      The people in our world can be moody, fickle, and stubborn and Jesus wants us to bring joy to them!

My One Thing!, by Ron Rose
      The God who invented time is right here with me—in the room. Sometimes I have to take a deep breath to remember that.

You Will Get Through This!, by Max Lucado
      Life is hard, but God is great at helping us get THROUGH life's toughest challenges and will never abandone us!

You Got Graced, Man!, by Ron Rose
      I had heard of grace before, but on that day I was in the middle of it.

Tired but not Done, by Tom Norvell
      I acknowledge that my complaints prevent me from doing the good that God placed me here to do.

Jesus Comes in the Storms, by Max Lucado
      Do you feel too far from the shore, too long in the struggle, and too small against the waves, with Jesus is nowhere to be seen.

Surprises and Smiles, by Ron Rose
      At this point in life, I take each surprise as a God thing, a lesson to learn, and a reason to smile!

Red to Honor, White to Remember, by Phillip Morrison
      What will you do to remember and honor your mother?

Nothing to Prove, by Max Lucado
      Satan will tempt us to prove our importance just like he tempted Jesus.

Much More than a Day Fishing, by Ron Rose
      Stories reveal our insides, and on that day, Brook got a rare glimpse inside his dad... and he liked it!

Key Resources for Resurrection Sunday, by Phil Ware
      That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched.

Amazing Love!, by Byron Ware
      Jesus died in the place of Barabbas. More importantly, Jesus died for you and me.

The Easter Corsage, by Ron Rose
      It was 'different' — colorful and carefully glued together, all made out of pieces of construction paper, using an old pearl pin as its base.

Our 'NUT Stories' Keep Us Alive, by Ron Rose
      We all have stories that are yet to be told, I call them our 'NUT Collection' — stories about where we've been and what we've done back in the day.

Give Him What You Have, by Max Lucado
      You know the paralyzing fear that surfaces when the information is too much to learn, the change is too great to make, the grief is too deep to survive, or the crowd is too numerous to feed.

Willing 2-B-Crucibled, by Ron Rose
      Ever notice that the most challenging madness happens right on the border of the Promised Land?

God Resists the Proud, by Max Lucado
      Pride comes at a high price, my friend. Donít pay it.

Learning About Life in the Middle of Death?, by Ron Rose
      He just stared for a moment, then reached up, kissed the forehead, and touched the hand of the women in the casket.

Is God Listening to My Prayers?, by Bill Sherrill
      Prayer that the Father hears is directed to him in faith with an unselfish attitude, seeking to bless and honor God's will because of our love for the Father.

Hope: More than Wishing, It's Expecting!, by Ron Rose
      God is in the room and has placed hope on a buffet platter right here, right now.

Christ's Birth, the Cross, and His Coming in the Talmud?, by Lee Wilson
      Did God place an anticipatory hint in Jewish expectation in the Talmud that Jesus fulfilled at his birth and will complete with his return in glory?

God of Fresh Starts, by Max Lucado
      Hope is an olive leaf — evidence of dry land after a flood.

Blessed Thanksgiving!, by Heartlight Team
      The prayers of the Heartlight.org and VerseoftheDay.com team pray that you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Sometimes, God Takes His Time!, by Max Lucado
      Life feels like it is in slow motion when are waiting for the bad seasons to end and God's new fresh life awakens to redeem and refresh our weary souls.

Imagined Fears?, by Ron Rose
      Fears are often more what we imagine than what is real!

Stand Up!, by Max Lucado
      Jesus sees you, my friend, and he has a new version of you waiting to happen.

Our Weakness, God's Power, by Max Lucado
      They laugh because they have given up hope, and hope born anew is always funny before it is real.

Disoriented to Be Recalibrated, by Ron Rose
      His hands were fiddling with his watch the whole time. He had taken it off and seemed to be trying to get it to wake up, to get it unstuck.

Helping Immigrants & Refugees Get Involved with a Spiritual Group, by Rhonda Underhill
      These displaced people need to discover Jesus' love and the love of his people.

Remembering, by
      Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21)

Resist and Obey!, by Max Lucado
      Decide now to choose obedience and resist the devil and invite the LORD to help you win your victory over the evil one!

Three Easy Ways To Help Service Members in Your Community, by Rhonda Underhill
      Living in a civilian world after being in service can be a tough transition, but with support from their community and friends like you, a service member's life can be much easier to navigate.

Our Brutal World, by Max Lucado
      Life is a dangerous endeavor. We pass our days in the shadows of ominous realities.

There in the Deep End, by Ron Rose
      Yesterday, in practice, she was the only one who did it. Why was she so afraid today?

Inheritance Day, by Philip Gulley
      Melancholy or anticipation? We are part of a great cycle of inheriting from our grandparents and parents as well as passing on to our children and grandchildren

Beyond Chapter and Verse, by Jordan Harrell & Phil Ware
      Have we missed the joy of our Father and the party he longs to throw for all of us who love him and give up all to follow Jesus?

Give Your Fears to the Father, by Max Lucado
      How remarkable that Jesus felt such fear. But how kind that he told us about it.

What Is Our Blindspot?, by Jordan Harrell
      Since it's a blind spot, no matter how hard you try you can't see what you should be seeing.

Almost Persuaded?, by Paul Faulkner
      Why do we put off our commitment to truly follow Jesus?

Wearing Jesus, by Max Lucado
      Are you letting this Garment set your style?

Twenty-five: A Quarter Century of Grace, by Phil Ware
      The Lord is not finished surprising us with His grace and power if we live for His purposes.

Thank You!, by Phil Ware
      Our prayer time with our brothers and sisters from around the world is just a foretaste of glory!

Bringing God's Grace through Love and Prayer, by Phil Ware
      Prayer is a holy moment. We invite the eternal and divine grace of God to invade our hearts and change our lives and the lives of those we love.

Healing and Health for Our Broken World, by Phil Ware
      One of the important areas of our focus for our shared hour of prayer is the healing and health of our world and the people in our world.

Exalting Jesus as Savior and Lord, by Phil Ware
      Simple spiritual moves of faith can become divine appointments that change the world!

With Arms Uplifted and On Our Knees, by Phil Ware
      God is faithful to us through all the seasons of our lives. He isn't a fair-weather God.

New Year with New Hope, by Phil Ware
      Imagine if we all came together at the same time and prayed for God to intervene and help us overcome our world's problems!

Donny, Marie, and LeBron: Real People, Real Words, by Michael DeCamp
      We actually exchanged real words with both of them. It was amazing. Would you believe that they are both real living, breathing human beings?

Beyond Our Impatience, Loneliness, and Fear, by Max Lucado
      What if loneliness has an invitation for a great discovery about God?

Crown Him!, by Glenn McDonald
      Followers of the Prince of Peace aren't necessarily skilled at experiencing peace with people who cherish different opinions about important matters.

His Peace, by Tom Norvell
      There have been many times in my life that I believed I would only find peace when...

Our Chorus is the Gospel, by Patrick D. Odum
      'The verses are the blues, the chorus is the gospel.'

In the Hands of the Potter, by Tom Norvell
      God is the potter. He created us, taking us from an idea to what He imagined we could be, then shaping us into something beautiful.

Merry Christmas, by Heartlight Team
      Here's the Heartlight.org and VerseoftheDay.com Christmas card for 2019.

For the Unseen Heroes, by Tom Norvell
      How do they do it? I see them, am amazed by them, and want to be more like them.

Shape Your Worries into Prayer, by Tom Norvell
      In those times of restlessness and anxiety, where do we turn for relief?

He Wept!, by Tom Norvell
      When Jesus arrived, Lazarusís sisters were grieving and disappointed.

Glow in the Dark Spiders, by Jordan Harrell
      Inevitably, the darkness will weigh on them, exhaust them, and feel altogether overwhelming to them. Then, they can come to the light to re-charge, but they can't glow in the light!

Christmas Ends Where It Begins, by Phillip Morrison
      12 days of Christmas are not about calling birds and lords a leaping, but about an extended celebration of Christmas.

Little Miracles, by Dennis Downing
      How a bunch of poor, but precious homeless people minister to their minister in Brazil.

Lead with Gentleness, by Tom Norvell
      In a society where parents are overwhelmed, overbooked, overworked, and overstressed, I can be a voice of gentleness!

A Time for Giving Thanks!, by Phil Ware
      On this day when many pause with their families to give thanks to God, letís remember what the LORD God has done to bless us!

Your Part Is to Trust, by Max Lucado
      Donít believe the voice in your head that says that itís up to you to do it or to overcome it.

Living Simply?, by Tom Norvell
      The call to live simply and with contentment is not easy. I am not there, but Iím trying.

God Is Not Surprised!, by Tom Norvell
      No matter where I go or what happens, God is not surprised, and He will not abandon His own!

His Words, Your Community, by Tom Norvell
      It always brought tears to her eyes when she thought of the first part of Genesis.

God's Providence? Perhaps!, by Steve Higginbotham
      Is this any less amazing than Paulís unlikely meeting with Onesimus?

A Tabulated List of Grace, by Max Lucado
      Registered forgiveness! No humiliation! No shame!

Creation Speaks, by Jackie Halstead, Ph.D.
      If we are willing, and if we allow ourselves the space to listen, Godís voice surrounds us.

I Will Cling to the Old Rugged Cross, by Phillip Morrison
      Like him, and because of him, we live and die to live again.

More Deadly than Cancer, by Bill Sherrill
      We fool ourselves into discounting the malignant threat of sin to our souls.

Breaking Through the Clouds, by Tom Norvell
      If you find that you are surrounded by dark clouds and wonder if you will ever break through, keep believing.

Life Happens!, by Brian McCutchen
      No one is exempt from lifeís challenges.

Every Heart a Manger, by Max Lucado
      Have you invited him in?

The Story of Our Savior's Birth, by Scripture
      Sometimes we just need to hear the familiar story told simply with fresh words.

The Perfect Tree, by Max Lucado
      The search is on for the perfect Christmas tree!

A Thanksgiving Conversation, by Tom Norvell
      What would a frank conversation between us and God about thankfulness look like?

I Have Found the Answer!, by Tom Norvell
      Here's what seems to be most needed in our harsh and cruel world.

On Getting What We Deserve, by Patrick D. Odum
      Fans sitting around him (some who had tried to make the catch themselves) berated him, threw beer and food at him, and threatened him.

Resurrection Sunday!, by The Life & Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth
      Have you read the story lately?

Another Perspective, by Byron Ware
      Was 2016 a hard year? So how are you going to face 2017?

A Christmas Invitation You Don't Want to Miss!, by Rick Brown
      Hold on to your Christmas hat, because you've received the same invitation as the shepherds!

A Baby Changes..., by Rick Brown
      When a child enters the world, that baby changes everything for everyone involved!

Something Greater to Come, by Phillip Morrison
      Waiting for the Lord to come and realizing that his coming is clothed in love.

Christmas Can Bring Out the Best in Us!, by Brian McCutchen
      The challenge is to help others celebrate Jesus 365 days a year.

Puppies for Sale and Hearts Open to Help, by Brian McCutchen
      Moving from empathy to compassionate engagement!

Angels Among Us!, by Brian McCutchen
      You never know who a stranger is or the special person who is helping you out of an embarrassing mess!

Staking God's Claim on Our Lives, by Steve Hemphill
      God's Word is powerful in our lives when we go public with our faith and commitment to Him!

God Surrounds Us!, by Max Lucado
      Will I be hard like a stone or open like a sponge to the ever-nearness of God?

Like Michelle!, by Brian McCutchen
      How do we have an infectious love of people and life that it changes us and those around us?

Sitting Duck?, by Max Lucado
      What if loneliness has an invitation for a great discovery about God?

A Spiritual MRI, by Max Lucado
      Can I let go of my regrets, guilt, and shame?

Hurts of the Heart, by Max Lucado
      Is your storehouse of anger doing you any good? Are you happier? Better? More fun to be with?

Where Is the Love?, by Tom Norvell
      Why is this one question not asked more about... everything?

You Be You!, by Max Lucado
      Don't try to be someone else, God made you to be you for his purposes.

God's Claim on You!, by Max Lucado
      No matter what anyone else may say about you, you are precious to your Creator!

A Tiny Seed, A Tiny Deed, by Max Lucado
      Don't let your self-doubt rob God of His miraculous power through you!

The Unspoken Source of Anxiety, by Max Lucado
      How can we lay down this concrete block that weighs us down and sinks our lives?

Remember Your Worth, by Max Lucado
      You have been chosen by Christ for an eternity-long relationship!

He Did It for You!, by Max Lucado
      Why would Jesus face all that he faced when He could have stopped it with a word?

God's Masterpiece, by Max Lucado
      Don't view yourself as less than who God says you are!

His Perpetual Presence, by Max Lucado
      He longs to go with you, wherever and whenever...

Temptation, by Brian McCutchen
      In an age that has lost any sense of sin, why worry about temptation?

A Plea to Fellow Believers, by Tom Norvell
      If you could ask your fellow believers one thing, what would that be?

Ready for Anything That Comes, by Phillip Morrison
      Here is someone whose faith has stood the test of time and continues to display that faith in the face of great challenges.

YOU Matter to God, by Brian McCutchen
      Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we matter.

The Hard Process of Healing, by Max Lucado
      Why do I have to do something this hard?

Don't Settle for a Small Destiny, by Max Lucado
      What do we let define us, call or catastrophe?

You Will Get Through This!, by Max Lucado
      Life is hard, but God is great at helping us get THROUGH life's toughest challenges!

Our Healing Strength, by Phillip Morrison
      How do we look beyond the horizon of our own earth-bound circumstances?

His Hands Will Touch You, Too!, by Max Lucado
      When you see this man, who do you see?

The Parable of the Birds, by Phillip Morrison
      This white Christmas revels more than a snowman.

Good News for Christmas, by Rick Brown
      In the dark night of the soul or caught in the foggy haze of confusion, is there good news for me?

Your Invitation to a Year with Jesus, by Phil Ware
      Spend a year journeying through the New Testament with Jesus.

A Call Has Been Made on My Life, by Phillip Morrison
      Dr. Kent Brantly and how to help.

Sometimes There Are No Answers, by Tom Norvell
      What do you do when you can't figure out the answer?

A Saved Life, by Brian McCutchen
      Have you seen someone pass from death to life?

Easter Clothes, by Rick Brown
      What kind of clothes did Jesus wear that first Easter Sunday.

More than a Gamble over Clothes, by Phil Ware
      Is there a higher gamble that one can make in life?

Sweet Redemption, by Phillip Morrison
      What does it mean to really be redeemed?

Broken Things, by Russ Lawson
      What good are things when they are broken?

Life Among the Outcasts, by Rubel Shelly
      Where does your church meet?

Worship Is a Lifestyle, by Brian McCutchen
      It's not a Sunday morning deal we make with God!

Who Can We Trust?, by Tom Norvell
      In a world of deception, spin, and verbal hedging, is there anyone we can trust?

Losing the Hidden Weight in 2014, by Ron Rose
      What are you carrying around unnecessarily in your hidden weight?

A Gift Worth Re-gifting?, by Tom Norvell
      Is there really a Christmas gift worth regifting?

Be Careful with this Gift!, by Rick Brown
      What gift at Christmas can get you in the most trouble?

That Star?, by Patrick D. Odum
      Is this really the Christmas star?

Exchanging Your Christmas Dream for a Bigger One, by Rick Brown
      Does God really have a bigger dream for you than He gave Joseph and Mary?

Forgiveness, by Phillip Morrison
      Why would they let the person responsible for their son's death off the hook?

Silence at Christmas to Listen, by Rick Brown
      If we listen, it is not so silent a night at Christmas!

Consecrated?, by Patrick D. Odum
      Black Friday a part of Thanksgiving, really?

The Rabbi's Nudge about Thanksgiving, by Rick Brown
      So can we learn to be more thankful?

This Treasure Is up for Grabs, by Ron Rose
      Treasure among all the garbage?

Illness, My Teacher, by Jackie Halstead, Ph.D.
      Can anything good come from being sick?

Blessed Assurance, by Phillip Morrison
      Where is your certainty found?

Practice the Wine of Kindness, by Rick Brown
      What would you have done with the jugs of water?

God's Redeeming Love!, by Brian McCutchen
      We must never forget God's most consistent message to each of us!

Fighting Terror, by David Capes
      Will technology be the difference?

Help?, by Phil Ware
      Do we notice or care?

You Were Born to be You!, by Tom Norvell
      Why are you here? What is your purpose? Can you know?

So Glad God Doesn't Require a Smartphone, by Max Lucado
      Which smartphone does God require of us?

I've Been Wanting to Talk to You, by Phillip Morrison
      Been talking to anyone about the Lord lately?

Willing!, by Patrick D. Odum
      If you are willing and able, Jesus can make you clean?

Influence: Not a Church Word!, by Ron Rose
      Can we really start over?

When Did God Change?, by Brian McCutchen
      Is it me, or has God changed his opinion on grace?

You'd Do It All Again, by Max Lucado
      Why pay such a high price and take such a big risk?

Check Your Assumptions, by Ron Rose
      Why trust in a God we cannot see and seems to never do us any miracles?

What's Keeping You from Joining the†Party, by Rick Brown
      Have you missed the story about the other son?

A Light to Bring You Safely Home, by Larry Davies
      Can we be delivered from our darkness.

Protective Covering?, by Tom Norvell
      What's clouding your vision?

Stop by the Lobby and See My Underwear!, by Phillip Morrison
      What a strange way to get folks to a display on Memorial Day!

In Need of a Transplant, by Rick Brown
      What does the doctor hear when he hears your heartbeat?

It's just a little Thing... not Really!, by Tom Norvell
      When are little things not little things -- most of the time!

Getting It Wrong, by Russ Lawson
      Come on, now, 'fess up to the truth -- it's liberating!

Prayer: Warrior or Weakling?, by Rick Brown
      Does prayer feel like sand getting kicked in your face?

Knowing Your Role in the Game of Life, by Rick Brown
      What position are you trying to play in life's big game?

A Cry from the Hills of Judea, by Bill Sherrill
      What could change everything?

Standing on the Edge of a new Adventure, by Ron Rose
      What does God have in store for this New Year?

Looking for Jesus at Christmas, by Rick Brown
      Whatever happened to the reason for the season?

Stealth Listening, by Ron Rose
      Listening is essential for the miracle to happen!

Learning to Live the Life God Blesses, by Rick Brown
      So how does this all fit with prayer?

Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers?, by Ron Rose
      What happened to Jesus' promise?

Powerless?, by Tom Norvell
      What do you do when you don't have the strength to do the next thing?

Up!, by Rick Brown
      Haven't you stayed down long enough?

Outlive Yourself, by Steve Higginbotham
      Andy and Barney will live on in our memories for a long time!

Only a Moment Away from a Miracle?, by Rick Brown
      What happens when we invite Jesus into our messes and offer him what we have?

Be Strong and Courageous, by Tom Norvell
      No matter what you are facing, God has a message for you!

Which Kind Are You?, by Thom Lemmons
      Are there really two kinds?

Did You Learn This in Sunday School?, by Ron Rose
      How about this for the discovery of all life has for you?

Creating a Movement, by Rick Brown
      How in the world did they do this?

Take No Thought?, by Tom Norvell
      So what are we supposed to think about if not this?

Be a Neighbor this Week!, by Rick Brown
      Who will you show God's love today?

Bribery, Cursing, and Lying, by Brian McCutchen
      What do you see around Jesus?

The Ember, by Russ Lawson
      Will you let the fire go out?

The Core Necessity of Faith, by Ron Rose
      Are you ready for the leap from the lion's head?

Scuba-Posers and Jesus-Followers, by Rick Brown
      Tired of sitting on the dock? Then jump in!

Father, Your Servant Is Listening, by Tom Norvell
      How will I get everything done on my to do list?

FUD, by Russ Lawson
      These three lurk in the shadows seeking to derail us and do us in.

Change in the Wind, by Ron Rose
      How will you face the winds of change?

What You Need to Move Ahead, by Rick Brown
      Does the New Year already seem like an old one?

A Manger, A Cross, and an Empty Tomb, by Bill Sherrill
      How could it happen like this?

When You're an Old Coot, by Russ Lawson
      Some negative descriptions actually may be good!

Thankful for the Mercies, by Rick Brown
      Here's something you don't want to forget at the table of thanks today!

The Secret Reason for Thanksgiving, by Ron Rose
      The surprise of finding joy in tough places!

Good News for Our Broken World, by Brian McCutchen
      What hope is left when life is shattered?

More Than Religious Jargon, by Ron Rose
      Come on now, let's really glorify God!

Tired of the Ugliness?, by Ron Rose
      We have some choices, so what will we choose?

An Expiry Date, by Russ Lawson
      So what is yours?

Leaving the Classroom and Living the Life, by Rick Brown
      Sooner or later, we have to leave school and start living what we know!

The Home Stretch, by Tom Norvell
      Make that last effort to make it home!

Treasure Hunters, by Patrick D. Odum
      What are you searching for?

He Did Not Retaliate, by Tom Norvell
      How did he hold back his power?

Got a Problem with God?, by Ron Rose
      Are you willing to find some answers?

Finding Help When Devastation Hits, by Rick Brown
      What does this have to do with Phil Campbell

Spiritual Zombies, by Ron Rose
      Isn't it time to live -- I mean, really be alive!

We Need Rest, by Tom Norvell
      Don't you sense this need?

A Day for Thanks and Prayer, by Scripture
      What does freedom mean?

Remembering, by Biblical Reflections
      Every sacrifice matters, that's why he came!

So What Do You Collect?, by Ron Rose
      Everyone collects something, why not fingerprints left by God?

The Face of Jesus, by Brian McCutchen
      What does Jesus look like?

Unchanging, by Pasquale R. Mingarelli
      In the world of chaotic change, is there anything predictable and dependable?

10 Things to Do with Elevator Time, by Ron Rose
      Have you ever redeemed your time on an elevator?

Come with Me!, by Tom Norvell
      Is there any way to step off the treadmill a minute?

The One Another Passages, by The Scriptures
      We can't make it without each other!

I Love You, by God
      What is the greatest Valentine you have ever received?

A Dry Time, by Tom Norvell
      Who around you needs more than just a drink?

Committed or Comfortable?, by Rick Brown
      What do we need to get us to stretch out a bit?

A Walk with Our Shepherd, by Anonymous
      What does it really mean for us?

Sometimes Some Things Don't Change, by Tom Norvell
      What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Beyond Understanding, by Bill Sherrill
      What do you do with what you cannot fully fathom?

Trust?, by Patrick D. Odum
      I'm not sure I'm that trusting: are you?

Has Thanksgiving Been Co-opted?, by Ron Rose
      We should give thanks?

Feast or Fear? Pushing Past Our Fear with Faith and Perseverance, by Pasquale R. Mingarelli
      Why not take the high way to feasting?

A Small Man, a Big Day, by Patrick D. Odum
      Who would have thought he would be out on a limb?

How Would You Draw Your Face?, by Bill Sherrill
      Do you have a long face?

True Peace, by Bill Sherrill
      Do you have the God who is there through everything?

Time for a Wilderness Calling, by Ron Rose
      Can you handle this truth?

Old Spice Evangelism, by Patrick D. Odum
      How do you reach everyone with so many different tastes?

An Encouraging Place?, by Brian McCutchen
      So why do we get together, anyway?

Mental Block?, by Ron Rose
      Do you have a mental block or are you just locked in a box?

Beauty in Black and White, by Pasquale R. Mingarelli
      Can you see the beauty here?

Getting a Firm Grip, by Russ Lawson
      Are you holding on to God?

The Conversation that Changes Lives, by Ron Rose
      What can melt our hearts and let God find us?

The Way, by Patrick D. Odum
      Are you just circling?

No Regrets, by Mike Barres
      It's not too late to start today!

In the Good Hands of God, by Bill Sherrill
      He can do far more than our worry can ever do!

An Unshakable Life, by Tom Norvell
      Wouldn't you put this list up on your refrigerator

Renewal and Spring, by Pasquale R. Mingarelli
      A powerful image of renewal!

The Burden & Blessing of Prayer, by Tom Norvell
      A hard night leads to a great time of prayer.

A Simple Phone Call, by Tom Norvell
      Isn't it amazing the difference one simple phone call can make?

Does God Play Bingo?, by Ron Rose
      What is your letter?

The One Another Passages, by The Scriptures
      We can't make it without each other!

Eyes for the Unknown, by Ron Rose
      What's there to fear except the fear of being afraid?

Look at Your Life, by Tom Norvell
      What are people goig to find?

Delight, by Patrick D. Odum
      Why in the world would someone do this?

The Things You Planned for Us!, by Tom Norvell
      What's the plan?

Forgotten Kindness, Forgotten Love?, by Mike Barres
      When is the last time you let God know how much you love Him?

Living in the Misunderstood Kingdom, by Ron Rose
      What would you say after the coffee shop bomb?

Created to Do Good Works, by Tom Norvell
      Why do we have such a strong urge to do good?

Solving the Big Mystery, by Ron Rose
      When is the last time you stared into the face of God?

The God Who Sees and Cares, by Patrick D. Odum
      Are we ministering beyond the curse?

What's Your Purpose?, by Tom Norvell
      Is there something more than being saved from sin?

Celebrating Life!, by Phil Ware
      How do we truly celebrate life?

What Our Lives Proclaim, by Russ Lawson
      What are your habits, patterns, and companions communicating to others?

How Can We Best Prepare for 2010?, by Larry Davies
      How can we be prepared for the year ahead!

A Small Step?, by Tom Norvell
      When's the last time you stepped out to begin, even if the step was small?

The Other Nine, by Patrick D. Odum
      Wonder what all those other guys did?

Drafting Your Thanksgiving Fantasy Team, by Ron Rose
      This is a team we can all be thankful for!

Grace?, by Danny Sims
      How can we receive grace and still be so ungracious?

Beyond the Clouds, by Tom Norvell
      Can you see beyond the storm clouds in your life

Good without God?, by Patrick D. Odum
      So who do you need to be good?

Living Abundantly, by Tom Norvell
      Have you found it?

The Ig Nobel Awards, by Patrick D. Odum
      If it's not Nobel, is it ignoble?

All Who Are Weary, by Tom Norvell
      Is there any place to get some rest?

Well Done!, by Tom Norvell
      Don't you just love to hear the words said to you!

Can You See It?, by Ron Rose
      Are you looking beyond the ugliness of the age to find something more?

Playing Second Fiddle?, by Russ Lawson
      Why is it so hard to not be the one recognized?

Gratitude that Costs Us Something, by Patrick D. Odum
      How can we be thankful without doing something significant?

Wait in Expectation, by Tom Norvell
      How are you at your wait?

Beyond that Helpless Feeling, by Tom Norvell
      What do you do when you can't do what needs to be done?

Have You Heard these Words?, by Ron Rose
      Just a few words and our presence can make all the difference in the world!

Action!, by Patrick D. Odum
      Does faith really show itself with actions?

Lord, Please Hear Our Prayers, by Tom Norvell
      When's the last time you waited on the Lord in prayer?

Cancelled Debt, by Patrick D. Odum
      It's not just forgiven, it's cancelled!

Dead Wood Burning, by Mike Barres
      Are you dead enough to catch on fire?

Do People Hear What Your Life Is Saying?, by Russ Lawson
      What is the major message of your life?

Are You Weary?, by Tom Norvell
      Why do we begin so many weeks so tired?

His Strength in My Weakness, by Tom Norvell
      How can weakness be our moment of greatest strength?

Addicted to Legalism, by Ron Rose
      Are you addicted to the religious games we play?

What the Dying Reveal to Us about the Trinity, by Scott Owings
      How can we see movement in stillness?

There Is No Tomorrow, by Bill Sherrill
      Does it really make any difference?

I'll Be Happy When?, by Russ Lawson
      What are you waiting for?

I've Got Nothing!, by Tom Norvell
      What do you do when you don't feel like you have anything to offer?

Always Saying the Right Thing, by Russ Lawson
      Is this even possible?

Who Will Roll Away the Stone, by Bill Sherrill
      Was there any reason to expect a good Sunday?

Under the Passover Moon, by Ann Spangler and Lois Tverberg
      So why did those friends of Jesus fall asleep on him?

In God We Still Trust, by Russ Lawson
      You may not be Moses, but isn't God still God?

Compliment Guys, by Patrick D. Odum
      Now aren't you nice!?

And the Cure Is ..., by Ron Rose
      What can help us get over us?

True Peace, by Bill Sherrill
      What happens after I leave the calm place?

Emergency?, by Patrick D. Odum
      Is this really a situation that demands a 911 call?

Only a Keystroke Away, by Russ Lawson
      Are our emails, IM's, and text messages really enough?

Full Disclosure, by Mike Barres
      Would you have come clean?

Dibs, by Patrick D. Odum
      Where are you going to park in Chicago anyway?

From 'Now What?' to 'What's Next?', by Ron Rose
      Why do we keep getting up?

Get Our Hopes Up, by Tom Norvell
      How do we find the bright lining in the dark clouds?

God Has a Plan for Us, by Tom Norvell
      Where do you fit into God's plan?

The Ally of God's Grace, by Bill Denton
      When's the last time you heard a call for real life change?

Sawdust and Two-by-Fours, by Patrick D. Odum
      What are we overlooking in ourselves to criticize others?

In Christ, by Patrick D. Odum
      God does the unthinkable to bless us immeasurably, in Christ!

That He Might Be Glorified, by Donna Riggs
      How can such a disaster be a time for glorifying God?

Wake Up Call, by Russ Lawson
      Are we awake or have we chosen to fall asleep?

Air Traffic Controller, by Tom Norvell
      How will we make it through?

Because We Are Human, by Tom Norvell
      What is the purpose of God sending Jesus?

Don't Let the Grass Grow Here!, by Danny Sims
      Where does your private path lead?

Sell Your Soul?, by Teresa Bell Kindred
      I didn't know there was anything you couldn't sell on eBay?

Having a Merry Christmas?, by Tony Thompson
      So is it really merry and bright?

Room at the Manger, by Patrick D. Odum
      Have you seen His star?

Baby. God., by Danny Sims
      A different, staccato take on the whole event!

It's Almost Time ..., by Tom Norvell
      Are you ready for the big day to arrive?

Be Not Afraid, by Russ Lawson
      How can we not be afraid in times like this?

A Step, by Tom Norvell
      Remember, it is a beginning!

How Less Becomes More, by Rubel Shelly
      How in the world does having less mean having more?

Brother, Can You Spare a Light, by Bill Sherrill
      Don't curse the darkness, but light a candle!

Out of the Box Christmas, by Phil Ware
      How do you make Christmas more what it's really for?

The Lord Is Gracious, by Tom Norvell
      How loving and rich and gracious is our God?

Communifaking, by Bill Denton
      Are you telling it straight with God, or bending the truth a little?

The Lord Is Faithful, by Tom Norvell
      Can you depend upon anyone any more?

A Matter of Perspective, by Bill Sherrill
      What is your point of view?

Here I Am, Please Send Someone Else, by Mike Barres
      How do we face down our own inadequacies for the challenges we face?

The Lord Is Great!, by Tom Norvell
      Have you told other generations this glorious truth?

The Least I Can Do?, by Rob Woodfin
      How do we move beyond election partisanship to moral change?

A Prayer for My Words, by Tom Norvell
      What's going to come out of our mouths next?

If the Lord Kept Records, by Tom Norvell
      Aren't you glad God forgives?

Our Eyes Look to the Lord, by Tom Norvell
      Where can you go in times like this?

Things Jesus Might Say!, by Danny Sims
      When the Dow swings nearly 1,000 points in a day, what would Jesus say?

A Little Spunk Needed?, by Rob Frazier
      Isn't this what we need instead of hand-wringing?

My Help Comes from the Lord, by Tom Norvell
      Our help comes when we act on God's promises!

Don't Lose Focus, by Mike Barres
      What distracts you most easily?

So Who Are You Afraid Of?, by Tom Norvell
      How do you deal with the fear>

More Than Everything, by Rob Woodfin
      How do you solve the unsolvable and not remain anxious?

Facing Life's Uh-oh's, by Ron Rose
      What do you do when the problems come?

Having a Human Experience, by Russ Lawson
      What if we approached life as if the spiritual was the most real world?

Stressed Out, by Patrick D. Odum
      So how are you going to avoid it happening to you?

Root Rot, by Mike Barres
      Can you get too much of a good thing?

Now that the Waters Have Receded, by Phil Ware
      What can we do to help?

A Choice, by Tom Norvell
      Do I really have a choice in my day?

Moving Things Around, by Mike Barres
      Have you adjusted your schedule to reflect your priorities?

We are His People!, by Tom Norvell
      Do we act like it?

Post 9-11, Prayer, & Politics, by Phil Ware
      Are you ready for the bumpy ride?

When You Have Lost It All, by Russ Lawson
      So what have you lost?

Wake Up Call?, by Russ Lawson
      Is the alarm sounding in your life?

God's Surprising Grace, by Danny Sims
      Can you believe we find this all over the Old Testament?

Dare to Dream, by Tom Norvell
      Do you dare dream for the road ahead?

Symbol and Reality, by Bill Sherrill
      Just how important is the cross as a symbol?

Bent Out of Shape, by Patrick D. Odum
      How bent are you?

Of Grasshoppers and Giants, by Russ Lawson
      How do we overcome our giants

The Power of Human Kindness, by Rubel Shelly
      Can kindness really melt the heart of stone?

Lord, Help Me Look Ahead, by Tom Norvell
      Why is it so easy to look backward instead of forward?

Where Do I Go from Here?, by Tom Norvell
      Where can you go when there's no place left to go?

The View from a Troubled Heart, by Bill Sherrill
      What can we really see from where we are right now?

Selling Your Soul, by Patrick D. Odum
      So what are you really worth?

The Failure of List-keeping, by Bill Denton
      Why do we trade our Lord in for our lists?

Donkeys Kicking, Sharks Attacking, Airplanes Falling, by Russ Lawson
      What do donkeys, sharks, and airplanes have in common?

Freed!, by Straight from the Bible
      A biblical reminder of our ultimate freedom.

Set Free, by Tom Norvell
      Where can I find true freedom?

Who Thanks God for This?, by Bill Sherrill
      How can you see so clearly when your eyes have no sight?

Faith: Growing in the Right Direction, by Russ Lawson
      So where is your faith growing?

In the Cool of the Day, by Tom Norvell
      Where are you trying to hide?

The Frantic Pursuit of Rest, by Bill Sherrill
      Why does it seem to get farther away while we run faster to chase it?

Very Good!, by Patrick D. Odum
      Can't God do any better work than human beings?

The Aroma of Christ, by Tom Norvell
      So what do you smell like today?

The Fred Factor, by Steve Higginbotham
      How many opportunities will you miss today?

Clutter, by Larry Davies
      What am I supposed to do with all this mess?

Honor, by Bill Denton
      Why would she tell the President to get his feet off her table?

Living Water, by Tom Norvell
      Who can satisfy our parched souls?

Learning from Our 'Mistaks', by Mike Barres
      What have you learned from your mistakes?

Jesus Is the Same, by Tom Norvell
      Why does everything have to change all the time?

Place of Quiet Rest, by Bill Sherrill
      Do you have such a place?

Real Perseverance, by Mike Barres
      Do we even know what it means to truly persevere?

Content with the Patriots, by Patrick D. Odum
      Would you wear the castoffs of the losers?

The Prayers Are Ended, by Tom Norvell
      When it all goes in the box, how will your prayers end?

Keep on Speaking, by Tom Norvell
      What will it take to make you back down?

Quality People, by Bill Denton
      Who do you have in your life?

East from West, by Warren Baldwin
      How far can our sin be gone?

No Room for Death?, by Patrick D. Odum
      Is there room beyond the cemetery plot for you?

Impossible?, by Tom Norvell
      Are you too young to know it is impossible?

One Phone Call, by Russ Lawson
      Why wait to the last minute to make the call?

The Question That Matters Most, by Russ Lawson
      What kind of questions have you been asking lately?

The Center of God's Will, by Tom Norvell
      Is this really a safe place?

Whom Shall I Fear?, by Tom Norvell
      What are you so worried about?

The God of Power, by Bill Sherrill
      Do you really believe in the God of power?

Trust His Timing, by Tom Norvell
      Don't you find it hard to wait?

Human Nature?, by Russ Lawson
      So is our human nature really all that bad?

Last Hour, by Patrick D. Odum
      Are you ready?

Flexible Trees, by Mike Barres
      Can you sway without breaking or falling?

Where to Find Peace?, by Tom Norvell
      Where do you find peace in a world as troubled as ours?

Marking Time, by Russ Lawson
      How restless are you when things run overtime?

Do You See What I See?, by Mike Barres
      Now that Christmas is over, can you see Jesus?

Peace?, by Tom Norvell
      Have you found the source of peace for every season?

It's Still Christmas, by Rubel Shelly
      Don't let go of Christmas!

With Us!, by Bill Denton
      Where did God most clearly reveal Himself?

A Jesus Sign?, by Patrick D. Odum
      How are your neighbors going to know?

Just Beyond My Vision, by Tom Norvell
      As I drove along the highway on the brow of one of the mountains near us, I would occasionally look to my left catching a glimpse of the view. Every-once-in-a-while, there would be a break in the tree line and I could see for miles across the valley below

Human Interface Device, by Russ Lawson
      Does this make sense to you?

Praise the Lord, by Tom Norvell
      Do we have to have a special reason?

They're Expecting You, by Rubel Shelly
      So really, why go?

Falling Leaves, by Mike Barres
      Is death always an intrusion and a tragedy?

Checking Off Boxes?, by Russ Lawson
      How can we move away from this demeaning habit?

The Value of Small, by Tom Norvell
      How much do you value small things?

Rest for the Weary, by Tom Norvell
      Where can we turn when we are worn out and discouraged?

Praise the Lord Anyway, by Mike Barres
      How in the world can you praise the Lord at a time like this?

It Won't Ever Happen to Us!, by Larry Zinck
      Why is it so easy for us to live in denial?

A Cup of Cool Water, by Phil Ware
      How can we help?

A Rose by Any Other Name Might Be ... Jim!, by Patrick D. Odum
      So what really is your name?

Is It Time Yet?, by Russ Lawson
      Does he really act at just the right time?

The Final Flight, by Russ Lawson
      What's your ultimate destination?

The Brevity of Life, by Tom Norvell
      Don't the years seem to pass more quickly now?

Igniting People's Passion, by Larry Davies
      What does it take to set your church on fire?

Missing It, by Tom Norvell
      How badly have you missed it or messed it up?

Beauty in Silence, by Rubel Shelly
      What can be said without words?

Consider Your Words, by Tom Norvell
      How many words are too many words?

Servin' Safari, by Patrick D. Odum
      Now what are we hunting on this one?

Spiritually Muddled, by Mike Barres
      How clear is your thinking?

The Comforter, by Russ Lawson
      Where can I find the strength and comfort I need?

Do Not Lose Heart!, by Tom Norvell
      Some words you just have to repeat until you believe!

Luxury Addiction, by Patrick D. Odum
      How much has your stuff become your owner?

Can Words Have Authority?, by Russ Lawson
      Can anyone actually speak with real authority today?

I Take It Back, by Tom Norvell
      Sometimes we wish we could put the genie back into the bottle!

What Matters Most?, by Tom Norvell
      So what's the real gist of the problem?

Beyond Herding Ducks, by Russ Lawson
      Sometimes being a turkey isn't so bad after all!

Waiting Can Be a Blessing!, by Tom Norvell
      How hard is it really to wait for this?

Explaining the Unexplainable, by Patrick D. Odum
      How can we make sense of something this awful?

A Selfish Christian?, by Mike Barres
      Isn't this an oxymoron?

Real Rest, by Tom Norvell
      Can you really find it?

When Endings Are Complicated, God Is Still Gracious, by Ron Rose
      What do you do when the endings are not always happy ones?

How Long, Lord?, by Tom Norvell
      Can you keep hanging in there?

When Tragedy Strikes, by Larry Davies
      Where is God in the middle of these tragedies?

God Is Our Hope, by Tom Norvell
      When you sift through the rubble, what hope do you find?

Who Do You Hate?, by Bill Denton
      So why do we deny it instead of addressing it in our lives?

How Old Do You Want To Be?, by Russ Lawson
      So how is your retirement plan?

Bless Your Heart!, by Jane Vincenzi
      Whose heart are you blessing these days?

The Clutter of Activity, by Jane Vincenzi
      Are all your activities getting in the way of your life?

Closer Than You Think, by Rubel Shelly
      How far have you gone to find what you are looking for?

WAIT!, by Mike Barres
      Isn't it hard to wait on anything, but especially the Lord?

Everything Is Yours!, by Tom Norvell
      How much difference should it make in our lives to know it all is ours?

Making the Best of It, by Mike Barres
      How do you handle hard times?

Same and Different, by Rubel Shelly
      How are we all the same and yet all different?

Life is Short, by Patrick D. Odum
      Is your life actually going to be very short?

Seasoned with Salt, by Russ Lawson
      Can others tell your faith through ypur speech?

Filled with Compassion, by Tom Norvell
      Can you wait?

Avoiding the Drift, by Ron Rose
      Are you drifting off the mark?

Dumb Questions We Ask after a Tragedy, by Rubel Shelly
      Why do we keep allowing people to ask these things?

Laughing Jesus?, by Russ Lawson
      How often have you pictured Jesus laughing?

Resurrection Day!, by The Life & Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth
      Have you read the story lately?

Spring!, by Bill Sherrill
      Have you experienced the rebirth of life?

When Does Day Begin?, by Rubel Shelly
      So how soon is it till dawn?

The Hanging of Randal Batey, by Russ Lawson
      How is your perception?

Betting on the Wrong Horse!, by Russ Lawson
      In whom or on what are you betting your life?

It's About Seeing Us!, by Rubel Shelly
      Do you see and listen to these folks around you?

A Visit Over Coffee, by Joey Cope
      Who was she really talking with?

The Fullest Possible Way, by Tom Norvell
      Where do these ups and downs come from, anyway?

I Was Robbed!, by Steve Higginbotham
      How important to you is your stuff?

From the Window Seat, by Tom Norvell
      What can you see from where you are sitting?

Happiness?, by Rubel Shelly
      Can we really find true happiness here?

How Was Your Weekend?, by Russ Lawson
      So did your weekend leave you refreshed or deplete?

The Jesus Filter, by Russ Lawson
      How do you process things these days?

Not a Total Loss, by Tom Norvell
      How much would you have lost?

In This World, by Tom Norvell
      Where can we find peace with what we are facing right now?

Stuck at the Tracks, by Russ Lawson
      Is your life stuck at the light?

Lord, Change Us -- Change Me!, by Tom Norvell
      Has God really grabbed your heart enough to change your life?

Understanding What Is Really Important, by Russ Lawson
      Beyond Google to God?

Invitations, by Bill Sherrill
      Will you accept this one, it's still valid!

Flexible, by Mike Barres
      Just how much can you bend with life's strong winds?

A Moment, by Tom Norvell
      Will you be ready when your moment comes?

Seasons, by Bill Sherrill
      What season do you find yourself in today?

Prayer for the New Year, by Tom Norvell
      What are you praying for this year?

Jerks and the Secret of Sturdy Faith, by Larry Davies
      How in the world do we really overcome resentment?

Gallows?, by Patrick D. Odum
      Why in the world would anyone keep this around in their basement?

Buy Your Own Gifts!, by Alan Smith
      Anything in your Christmas envelope?

Not Fair!, by Patrick D. Odum
      What do you and where do you go when life isn't fair?

Make Their Journey Easier, by Mike Barres
      What are you doing to help those around you?

Walk!, by Patrick D. Odum
      Can you walk this walk from now on?

What Do You Expect?, by Tom Norvell
      How in the world are we supposed to know what God expects of us?

Curing the Sin Virus, by Bill Sherrill
      Where in the world did those horrible computer viruses come from anyway?

I Owe You the Truth, by Rubel Shelly
      Is there ever a time not to tell the truth?

Will the Hurt Never End?, by Tom Norvell
      How long will all this mess last, anyway?

Is Faith a Form of Pretending?, by Rubel Shelly
      Is our faith merely wishful thinking and make believe?

Clay or Collectible, by Bill Sherrill
      Can we ever be more than a lump of clay or a collection of dust?

Working on Your Soul, by Rubel Shelly
      What in the world does Ray Romano have to do with soulwork?

I Need You Every Hour, by Tom Norvell
      Are you this desperate for God?

Straight Lines with Crooked Sticks, by Rubel Shelly
      How in the world can you make something straight out of something crooked?

HALT, by Mike Barres
      What do you do when you are emotionally on fire?

Simple Dignity, by Rubel Shelly
      Sometimes the most profound grace is based on simple action.

The Cool of the Day, by Bill Sherrill
      Have you been refreshed in the presence of the Lord lately?

Hey, Clark Kent!, by Rubel Shelly
      Why in the world would someone want to be an umpire?

I'm Full!, by Tom Norvell
      Are you still hungry or have you found a way to be full?

A Little Lower, Please, by Rubel Shelly
      How good are you at your communication skills?

Feeling Good about Feeling Bad?, by Mike Barres
      Can you actually feel good about your sorrow for sin?

I Need More Stuff, by Rubel Shelly
      How much is enough for you?

Hear the Echo?, by Larry Davies
      What will people hear from you?

Useful, by Patrick D. Odum
      Do you sometimes feel useless?

Your View of God, by Rubel Shelly
      So what do you mean when you say

Take Heart!, by Tom Norvell
      What can you hang on to when your world is filled with troubles?

The Ultimate Cop-out, by Rubel Shelly
      How can you explain this away so nonchalantly?

Fragrance, by Patrick D. Odum
      What, or who, do you smell like?

Upside-Down World, by Rubel Shelly
      Are we really seeing things all that clearly?

Letter from a Thief, by Patrick D. Odum
      What do you do when you've truly wronged someone else?

Helpless but not Hopeless, by Tom Norvell
      Do you sometimes feel helpless?

Never the Same, by Tom Norvell
      Are you ready to have your life changed?

When All Your Plans Come Crashing Down, by Patrick D. Odum
      Is this any way to propose marriage?

Suffering the Consequences?, by Russ Lawson
      Are you tired of having to pay the piper?

One Brick at a Time, by Larry Zinck
      How do you get everything done in life?

The Fingerprints of God, by Jane Vincenzi
      Can you see them, they're everywhere?

Who's Driving?, by Russ Lawson
      Who is driving your life?

She Knew, by Tom Norvell
      What do you know about God?

Looking for Answers, by Russ Lawson
      How in the world are you going to decide your biggest life questions?

Clear Conscience, by Jeff Lee
      How well do you feel about where you are right now?

Expanding Your Circle of Friends, by Rubel Shelly
      How big is your circle?

No Strings Attached, by Mike Barres
      Will we help others in the same way that Jesus did?

What Was She Thinking?, by Rubel Shelly
      Can you imagine what in the world these people had in mind?

Class of 1966, by Katha Winther
      Wow, where did all these old people come from?

No Longer New?, by Tom Norvell
      How long can you keep the newness alive?

Expanding Your Circle of Friends, by Rubel Shelly
      Are you connected an expanding circle of friends?

Take a God Break, by Russ Lawson
      When's the last time you shut everything down and sought to be alone with God?

The Mercy Bank, by Mike Barres
      How well do you show genuine mercy toward those who let you down?

Make a Right Judgment, by Tom Norvell
      Why do you want to make so many snap judgments about things?

Perfectly Honest, by Steve Higginbotham
      Are you telling the truth ... the whole truth?

Religion at Traffic Lights, by Rubel Shelly
      How is your worship in traffic?

Simplicity and Prayer, by Bill Sherrill
      Why do we make things so complex?

Blessed!, by Patrick D. Odum
      Are you lucky or just blessed?

So What's the Point of the Bible?, by Danny Sims
      Do you really know why God gave us the Bible?

A Broken Mug, by Tom Norvell
      What can we learn from a broken coffee cup?

A Time for Every Purpose, by Steve Higginbotham
      What 15 is it in your life?

A Lighthouse, by Larry Davies
      Can you see the light from where you are?

Don't Forget to Vote, by Rubel Shelly
      So who will win the election you're voting in today?

Hearing God's Call to Financial Renewal, by Sean K. Mitchell
      Are you ready to do what Jesus asks you to do with his money?

Secrets of 'The Jesus Code', by Rubel Shelly
      Do you know the secrets they religious are trying to supress?

Poison Ivy, by Mike Barres
      Are you playing with poison?

Thanks for Helping, Mr. Brown, by Rubel Shelly
      You mean there really are some benefits from The Da Vinci Code?

Impact the World!, by Rubel Shelly
      Want to change the world, then start here!

Spirit-Filled, by Bill Sherrill
      Is there any other kind of Christian?

Fruitcake of the Heart, by Patrick D. Odum
      So what are you doing holding on to that in your heart?

God's Still, Small Voice, by Rubel Shelly
      Can you hear God in the rush of your daily grind?

Address Unknown?, by Russ Lawson
      Can we live like we know for sure?

The Blessing of the Powerless, by Tom Norvell
      What blessing can there be in powerlessness?

Unremembered Friends, by Russ Lawson
      What if we actually treated everyone we meet as if they were friends?

Knowing What to Say, by Tom Norvell
      How do you know in tough circumstances exactly what to say?

Words and the Internet, by Bill Sherrill
      How long will what you have written actually live?

The Devil Made Me Do It!, by Rubel Shelly
      Who are you blaming for your messes?

Lord, Teach Me To Pray!, by Larry Davies
      Have you asked Him to help you with this important task?

What if We Can?, by Danny Sims
      Is there any way to really reach the whole world?

10 Years, by Paul Lee
      Wow, where have the years really gone?

Your Will Be Done, by Tom Norvell
      Can you really pray this every single day?

Get Out of the Car!, by Ron Rose
      Would you have just driven on by in your car?

Failure Notice, by Kathy Bailey
      Do you feel like your prayers bounced and came back to you?

He Has No Hold on Me, by Tom Norvell
      Are you truly free?

He Is Lord, by Mike Barres
      Do you want the Lord without the Lordship?

What They See Is What You Really Love, by Russ Lawson
      What do you really love?

Transparency, by Paul Faulkner
      How can they know your love if you don't share yourself?

The Task at Hand, by Rubel Shelly
      How can we begin to help in a world so full of hurt?

God in the Dark, by Michele Howe
      How do we move from self-reliance to God reliance?

Making Life Count, by Johnnie Ann Burgess Gaskill
      What mark will your life leave on the world if you go through it unscathed?

Beware of Befriending your Fears, by Rubel Shelly
      What is your fear keeping you from doing?

What's Your Diet?, by Elizabeth Price
      What really is the value of food?

People of Truth, by Joe Bagby
      Do you really KNOW the truth?

Trust, by Ron Rose
      Will we open up and really trust him to change our story into a grace story?

Empty!, by Steve Higginbotham
      What are you filling your tank with?

A Blank Page, by Tom Norvell
      Where does it all start?

Willing to Die, by Mike Barres
      How far would you go in your love and trust of the Lord?

Family to Those Who Are Alone, by Bill Sherrill
      Are we really to be family to those who don't have family?

Which Comes First?, by Rubel Shelly
      We must help the world know what matters most, don't we?

Our Safety Net, by Russ Lawson
      Jesus calls us to the future, not to fear.

So Why Don't We?, by Rubel Shelly
      Are you a person who is full of thanksgiving?

Completely Honest, by Tom Norvell
      How honest are you?

First Loves, by Bill Sherrill
      Why is the loss of passion for the Lord taken so lightly?

Mountain on Your Right, by Jeff Lee
      Are you really trying to please God or yourself?

Post-Traumatic Growth, by Rubel Shelly
      Can anything good come out of pain, stress, and hurt?

Is It Really All Just So Much Talk?, by Rubel Shelly
      Does your faith move you beyond just talk?

Right Direction and Losing Ground, by Ron Rose
      Does it seem like you're losing ground but working harder than ever?

Learning to See, by Rubel Shelly
      When was the last time your really opened your eyes?

From Invisible to Visible, by Rubel Shelly
      What really is a spiritual life?

New Things, by Tom Norvell
      Don't give up on the New Year quite yet, God has new things in store!

Resolved Today, by Joe Bagby
      Are you putting off those resolutions?

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