As I drove along the highway on the brow of one of the mountains near us, I would occasionally look to my left catching a glimpse of the view. Every-once-in-a-while, there would be a break in the tree line and I could see for miles across the valley below. Most of the time, however, the view was just beyond my vision. The brief glimpses left me wanting more, but not enough to stop the car. I wanted to see the whole view, yet traveling at 55 MPH on a highway with a schedule to meet did not allow time for seeing the beauty of view.

As we travel along life's highway, we often settle for only a glimpse of what is and what could be. We have places to go. We have people to see. We have things to do. We know, or at least we sense, that off to our left or to our right, there is something more — something spectacular, something that would probably be worth our time and effort, but we often fail to take it in. We are satisfied with it being just beyond our vision.

When we think about a career, we know that there is potentially something more out there that will thrill us — something that will excite us and something that will make us feel alive. That something is the life that God intended us to live. Yet, we are in a hurry. We want to get on with life. So, we often settle for what is convenient by rationalizing that what could be is just beyond us.

We look at other marriages and long for their level of intimacy, those skills in communication, and a relationship that provides that degree of satisfaction. We admire their friendship. We marvel at how they seem to be on the same wavelength all the time. Yet, we are so often unwilling to sacrifice our pride, relinquish our control, or tear down our walls. We resolve that we are asking for too much and that we should be content and comfort ourselves with the thought that it could always be worse.

In the quiet times of our day, we secretly fear that we are losing connection with our children. We're busy. They're busy. The boss is pressuring us to do more while our heart is calling us to take some time off. We know we have it in us to be a great dad, but we realize that would mean making some drastic changes in how we do work, how we do family, and how we do life. So, we watch as our children grow older and farther from us, but we comfort ourselves by saying that is just the way life is in this busy world.

We hear about churches that are growing, thriving, reaching the masses, communicating the good news, and ministering to their community. We evaluate our talent pool and gift sets and realize we could do that. We have that same potential. We talk in terms of what God could do and how He could lead us to new levels of ministry. But the possible dangers, the financial commitments, and potential for criticism scare us into believing that God is satisfied with us like we are.

For three years, Jesus walked with His disciples showing them a new way of living, illustrating a new way of loving, and demonstrating a new way of interaction with people. He gave His followers a vision that was just beyond what they knew as their reality. He believed in them and gave them confidence assuring them that He would be with them all the way. They believed it. They were ready. They dropped everything and followed Him. When He died they went back to life as usual. Then He came back. Their eyes were opened. They saw the complete vision. They died for their conviction to share their vision of God.

Are you about to settle for just a glimpse of what could be? Have you resolved that where you are and who you are in life is good enough? Or, is there a yearning for something more? Is there a sense that God is inviting you to slow down, to take a moment, to pull off the road to take in the spectacular view from the top of the mountain?

Are you about to settle for just a glimpse of what could be?

[Jesus said] "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father" (John 14:12 NIV).

God has something to show you. It may be just beyond your vision. Take it in. Enjoy the view.