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Usage Guidelines

Heartlight exists to provide resources for positive Christian living in today's world. When you share our articles and images with others, you join us in that mission! Except where noted, Heartlight grants you permission to use our resources in non-commercial ways. This includes reprints in church bulletins, emailing the articles to friends, and using our images as backgrounds for digital projection in worship.

We ask that when you use material from Heartlight that you do a few things, though:

  1. Don't change the material. Please don't edit out text or change our images.
  2. Keep the copyright/author information. Don't take off the credit for whoever wrote the article or created the image.
  3. Link to us. If you use our material on the web, please link to our main page at http://www.heartlight.org. If you print our material, please include that web address at the end of the article to let folks know where you got it.

We do not allow commercial usage of the material without written approval. Examples of commercial usage are reprinting material in books, selling t-shirts with our designs, or any activity for which you receive payment.

Heartlight reprints articles and images from certain authors and publishers who do not allow their material to be reprinted in the same way as ours. Such differences will be clearly noted on those particular pages. Please respect their wishes.

If you want to place Heartlight material regularly on your web site, we've developed a number of tools to help you do just that. Find out more about it in our From the Heart section.

Thank you for working with us to get positive, uplifting Christian resources into the hands of people worldwide. If you have been blessed by what you've seen here, would you consider donating to keep this ministry going? Every bit helps!

Grace and peace,

The Heartlight Editors


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