"Well done!" Don't you love to hear those words?

As a child some of the sweetest words you ever heard were probably something like: "Son, you did well on the field today." "Honey, you did well when you were kind to that older lady." "You did well when you shared your toys." "You did well on your test; I'm proud of you."

A little girl's self-esteem grows by leaps and bounds when she knows that her parents are proud of her. "You did well with your recital." "You did well when you took care of your little brother." "We are very proud of the way you handled yourself." "We know you've worked hard and you did well."

When you played Little League hearing your coach say, "Well done" as you ran back to the dugout made you feel like you had won the World Series. When you sacrifice yourself to block a shot on goal, it's worth the pain when you hear the fans tell you, "Well done!" When you made the touchdown saving tackle there's no better sound, "Well done!" that you receive from your teammates. When you see, "Well done" written on your test paper you realize all the study paid off.

Golfers love to hear, "Well done" when they sink a putt. Baggers in the grocery store love to hear it from the customers. Husbands love to hear it from their wives and wives long to hear it from their husbands. Friends love to hear, "Well done" from the lips of a friend.

Executives love to hear from the investors. Preachers love to hear after a sermon. Sheep love to hear it from their shepherds. Shepherds love to hear it from the sheep. Doctors love to hear from their patients, and patients love to hear it from their doctors. Writers love to hear it from readers.

These two words can give so much encouragement. These two words provide so much strength. These two words can keep a person going when they are weary and weak. These two words can lift our spirits. These two words can change a day. These two words can change a life. These two little words mean so much. "Well done."

No matter how much we love to hear "Well done!" from another human being, and no matter how many times we hear them in this world, there will be no comparison to how it will sound when we hear the Lord say it when we finish this journey.

It will be a great day when we hear the Lord say it!

"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'" (Matthew 25:21 NIV).

It will be a great day when we hear the Lord say the words, "Well done!" But until then, let's say them to each other. And, as you go through your week, as you live your faith, and as you let your light shine for Him, hear it from me: "Well done!"