What would Jesus say when the Dow swings nearly 1,000 points in one day? I'm not sure, but this is my take on it.

"You know I love you. Your value has not changed one bit, no matter what's happened to your market accounts.

"The downturn in the market can remind you of something I have often said: 'This world is not your home.' Not long ago people would store up their treasures in barns where moth and rust could destroy. Your investments are a little more high-tech, but not so much different in some ways. You're not worried about moths or rust, you're worried about uncertainty and sudden downswings you cannot control. Like the scriptures say, cast all your anxieties on me because I love you. Maybe that means something more to you today than ever before. If so, that's a good thing!

"As the market goes up and down, always know that my love for you never changes. In other words, let my love be the most important factor in your mindset and attitude, not what Fox News or CNN is reporting. My love will bring comfort to your soul. I know you're stressed-out. Faithful people have faced terrible circumstances many times over the years. Just keep your eyes focused on me and my Father's will.

"Most financial analysts are exactly right when they say 'focus on the long term.' This is a principle my Father's Word has been teaching for generations. Much tragedy occurs when people make rash decisions, when they get carried away with 'short-term crisis.' I've seen people take harsh measures and make terrible decisions because they could only see the moment. Focus on all the promises for eternity. That will make a huge difference today! Let the current market crisis help you reframe your thinking with respect to the future. My Father wants us to look past the short term and focus on a more distant horizon. And that horizon depends wholly on His will. The future depends on the Father's love and plans, not on the Dow Jones. No matter what happens today or tomorrow, His plans are to give you a hope and a future of calling on His name and finding Him.

"There are so many things I could say, many things I have already said in The Word. Go there and spend more time with me. What if the biggest gain you make in the midst of all these market losses is a new walk with me and my Father? That would be wonderful, huh?! Just think of how much better off you'll be, no matter what happens with your portfolio. But let me say this: I think you'll be fine. I hope your financial security makes a rebound. Over the years much good has been done in this world by prospered people who have gotten their priorities in order. Perhaps my father is preparing you for the greatest opportunities of your life. I hope so.

"In the meantime, don't ever forget this: I love you no matter what. And no matter what occurs today or tomorrow, your value will never change."