Hear the Story

Corey Gober did it. She got out of her car and did it; she touched the dying woman and God transformed her faith.

The story is told by Melody McDonald in the Sunday issue of the "Star-Telegram." After dropping her kids off at school and day care, Corey had planned to meet a friend at a gym in Decatur and work out. It wasn't like her to leave her purse and tennis shoes at home, but that was just another mess-up in her messed up life. As Corey turned off Texas 114 and headed south on Farm Road 51 toward home to pick up the items, she came upon a horrible wreck. A little white car had collided with a tanker truck.

"I stopped for a second and I looked, and then I started to go again," Corey recalled. "Then I said, 'No, you need to stop.' I felt like I needed to get out to see if she needed any help."

The driver's door of the car was crushed and the steering wheel was hanging by wires. The driver, a woman, was lying across the front seats with her feet under the steering column.

"I just kind of stood there and looked at her," Corey said. "I think God was telling me I needed to help this woman. I needed to talk to her, to touch her or something."

Corey walked over to the passenger side, opened the door and touched the woman. Mary Kamp was lying inside her mangled car. While Corey held her hand and picked glass off her face, Mary opened her eyes and realized her horrible dream was real. She whispered, "I going to die. Tell my children that I love them. And, tell my husband that I’m sorry."

She told Corey about Amberly who is on the honor roll and is the mascot for Springtown High School. She talked about Olivia who was in day care. And she repeatedly asked for her husband. She wanted to know where he was. "Where is Rusty?"

"You know," Corey said, "it's a good thing that I came back to my house, because I forgot my tennis shoes."

"Yeah," Mary replied.

Corey was with Mary about an hour talking to her, holding an oxygen mask over her face, and shielding her from the broken glass as workers removed the windshield.

Then Mary closed her eyes. "She was at peace," Corey said. Looking back, it seemed like Mary was actually trying to comfort Corey.

Afterward, Corey got into her car and drove home.

Two days later, Corey called the funeral home, asking if they would tell the family that she was with Mary when she died and pass along her phone number. "Within about 15 minutes, Mary’s husband called me," Corey said. "I just told him that Mary was conscious, that she was able to talk. She was able to tell me about her children and she wanted me to tell them that she loved them and to tell him how sorry she was." It was a long conversation.

At the time of the wreck, Corey was an unhappy 28-year-old mother of four who was headed for a divorce. "I was angry with my husband. I was angry with God. I had all this anger inside of me. I wasn't able to forgive." She had been separated from her husband for several months and had already contacted a divorce attorney.

That all changed after meeting Mary. "I think this was God's way of grabbing me by the shoulders and telling me to wake up and appreciate and be thankful for what I do have."

In the hours and days after the wreck, Corey was transformed. Corey now thanks God every day for her healthy children and for having a husband who loves and cares for her. They are living together again and going through marriage counseling at their church. She thanks God and Mary for restoring her marriage, her faith, and her life. All she did was get out of the car.

Find the Story

Faith is defined by our actions!
Stories of transformation are all around us. Sometimes they are hidden in books, movies, or songs. They are waiting to be found and treasured. Is there a Corey story in your past or in a friend's past?

Faith is defined, not by our words, but by our actions. Ask around. Encourage your family and friends to share their faith in action stories. These stories have transforming power, you know.

Be the Story

I know you have already made the connection. It's time to be the story — to get out of the car, to talk to a stranger, to touch a friend. We are too isolated and private. Our actions are too few. It's time to be bold, courageous, brave, and involved. It's time to risk a little, and let God work wonders.

A Final Word from Ron

James proclaims that faith without works is dead, buried, lifeless, and godless. We are defined by what we do, not by what we merely think or feel. So, what's happening in your life?

God is waiting for us to get out of the car. He is only limited by our fears and isolation. Don't limit him this week.

Please begin to pray for me as I get out of the car and form the initial faith coaching team. This coaching ministry will focus on helping men get out of the car and grow beyond their limitations. Pray that God leads the way.

Let's just get out of the car!