God said, "I will also put a new spirit in you and change your way of thinking. I will take out the heart of stone from your body and give you a tender, human heart. (Ezekiel 36:26 ERV)

Lord, change us. Change me.

How can I remain the same when I've seen what I've seen and heard what I've heard and experienced what I've experienced. I cannot remain the same. I am not the same person. You have changed me. You are working in me and around me to make me more like You. Lord, change us. Change me.

I have heard about children being neglected, abused, kidnapped, ignored, aborted and discarded. Because I have heard these stories I must change.

I am not the same!
I scan the channels on my television, and I see the faces of children starving to death in a land far away. I hear of programs designed to help these children, your children, and help is being given. I want to do what I can to make sure they are not forgotten. Because I have seen and heard these stories, I have been changed. Lord, change us. Change me.

I heard that crime continues to rise. Robberies. Home invasions. Abductions. Murders. Rapes. Some are considered almost acceptable. Some crimes are too horrendous to mention. Because I know these things I am not the same.

I know that families are falling apart. A husband walks away from his wife and his children. A wife tells her children, "I just don't love your daddy any more." Somehow that is supposed to help them understand why she does not come home at night. Because I know these things happen, because I know some of these people, I have been changed.

Because I have stood with my brothers and sisters and poured out my heart in praise and honor to You, I am not the same. Because I have publicly committed my life to You, I am not the same. Because I have surrendered my heart to You, I have been changed. I am not the same.

Lord, change us. Change me. Continue to put these truths in my mind. Put these experiences in my path. Put Your people in my life. Show me what it means to worship You. Continue to convict me that I must continue to change so that I can become more like Your Son. Help us to continue to change until we fully become Your people.

Lord, change us. Change me.