Blessed is the man

who makes the LORD his trust,

who does not look to the proud,

to those who turn aside to false gods.

Many, O LORD my God,

are the wonders you have done.

The things you planned for us

no one can recount to you;

were I to speak and tell of them,

they would be too many to declare.(Psalm 40:4-5, NIV)

The things you planned for us no one can fathom. This phrase is quite timely as my wife and I celebrated our thirty-fourth anniversary this past weekend. We traditionally spend a significant amount of time on the days and nights leading up to our anniversary, and much of the actual date, reflecting and reminiscing about not only previous anniversary celebrations, but also on all the things God has done for us in our marriage. This year was no different.

When we look back on our dating experience, review our life together as husband and wife, then ponder our journey as mother and father we are amazed at the plans God has laid out and carried out with us, in us and through us. There have been times, and probably will be other times in the future, when we questioned the wisdom of the plan, or if there was a plan. However, as we look back the plan, the path, and His wisdom is clear and appreciated.

What about you? Can you see God's plan for your life? Or, are you going through a time of struggle, confusion, and questioning? Are you having difficulty believing He has a plan for you? Are there days when you doubt that God is interested in what goes on in your world?

Try this. Deliberately dedicate a time to prayer about your current situation. Pray honestly. Pray openly. Tell Him that you are confused. Tell Him you are struggling to see His involvement. Tell Him that you want to believe that He has plans for you, but are having a hard time.

As part of your time in prayer look back over your life. Look for specific ways God stepped in and rescued you. Look for times when you were clueless as to what to do or how to do it, and how miraculously your path was lighted and your way was revealed. Pay careful attention to things that happened that you could not explain at the time, and can only attribute to the Almighty. Write down your thoughts. Read them every day. Share your discoveries with a friend.

As you reflect on what you see as God's plan, pray again. This time, as you pray, thank God for His constant care, direction, protection, and provision; and ask Him to open your eyes so that you may see His plan and ask Him to restore your faith.

Will all your problems be solved? Maybe not. Will this insure that you will never doubt again? Maybe not. Will this simple exercise transform your spiritual life? Maybe not. But, maybe it will help you remember that you are not alone on your journey, that you have not been forgotten, and that you are not being ignored. Maybe it will help you remember that the things He planned for you no one can fathom.