Have you ever felt like you are missing something in your life? You try the best you can, yet you can't seem to find the power to make the right decisions or to stand up and be counted as a Christian. We know that God has promised to be with us always, yet somehow we just can't make the connection. We all struggle with those things at times and we may not understand why it is so hard for us to touch God, especially when we want so badly to tap into God's power.

A man tells of riding on a street car some time ago. It was one of those cars with an underground trolley cable. He observed that the motorman could easily make the car go slowly or make it go fast. When they would come to a cross street he noticed that by touch of the handle the car would almost stop, and yet would not quite stop, but just go creeping along like a snail. Then all at once the motorman would touch the handle again and the car would speed up again.

He got curious to know how the thing was done, so he ventured to the platform and asked the motorman how it worked.

Why, when I squeeze this handle I open the mouth that grips the trolley cable (where the power comes from). When I want to go slow, I open the mouth and just barely grip the cable. WE CALL THAT SKINNING THE WIRE. (Author unknown)

The problem with many people today, is that they are just "skinning the wire." They have never tapped into or gotten a firm grip on the power of God. Much of the Apostle Paul's writings to the early church contained encouragement to get a strong grip on God. We often are content to hold loosely onto God, barely keeping in touch, just "skinning the wire." The problem with that is, when the need for God's power surprises us, the handle is frozen in the loose position and we can't seem to free it to connect completely to the power.

Paul wrote the young man Timothy, both warning and encouraging him. He tells him:

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses (1 Timothy 6:12 NIV).

They are just "skinning the wire."
Holding on to God (and eternal life) is a constant fight, a constant struggle to maintain a strong grip. When we slack off, relax our grip (skin the wire) we are doing exactly what Satan wants us to do. How far do we move from the source of power before we suddenly find it is no longer within our reach?

Perhaps it is time for you to take a firm grip on eternal life while you still can. If you are struggling with your Christian walk, maybe it is time to "Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called," and stop just letting life slip through your fingers.