How do they do it? What compels them to go without sleep, sacrifice their time, and go the extra mile? What keeps them from throwing in the towel?

The police officer who is constantly scrutinized and criticized by the public.

The single parent who sacrifices everything for his or her kids.

The divorced man or woman who gets up alone and goes to bed alone every night.

The broken-hearted lovers who feel a pain as relentless, and it is unbearable.

The middle-aged man who realizes his life-long dream is never going to happen.

The teacher who is overworked, underpaid, and disrespected.

The small business owner who continues to scrape by, struggling to keep the doors open and hoping to make it to the end of another year.

The ones who are oppressed because of their gender, skin color, religious beliefs, or for just being different from the status quo.