When you gathered around your Thanksgiving table this year, thank God for your human design. Thank him for your ability to be recharged, replenished and revived. It's all in your DNA, but to be recharged means you have to have been drained and the ultimate charge only comes when you have been drained to the limit.

Ready for a recharge? There is a faith secret about this recharging process; it requires you to get your focus off yourself and onto others. Self-focus will never recharge you.

Think of people for whom you are truly grateful — people who during the year have made a measurable difference in your life. Jot down their names. They will become your draft picks for your 2009 Fantasy Thanksgiving Team.

By each name write down why you are thankful for him or her.

Now, during this week call or get face to face with your picks, and tell each one how your life has been touched. Thanksgiving is not about you, it's about them.

On the surface the talented, athletic, artistic, creative, and intelligent people grab our attention, the ones, who, in spite of overwhelming circumstances, survive and thrive; they inspire us.

But, what about the everyday, ordinary people who have a mysterious, yet profound impact on our lives? You know them! The thankful people! Gifted, yes, but they refuse to be stuck on themselves.

Not only do they overcome, they overflow with gratitude: like the cancer survivor who sees every day filled with opportunity to love, to serve, to live.

Or, the 65-year-old newlywed I know who, when her new husband had a stroke, said joyfully, "I am so thankful to have a husband to take care of!"

That kind of thankfulness WOWs me! And, they need to know it.

Thanksgiving is never about me!

Former Miami Dolphin football coach Don Shula and his wife were on a vacation trip to a small town in Maine; they intended to relax without people recognizing them. When they arrived, it was raining so they decided to go see a movie.

As they entered the theatre, the house lights were on and a handful of people stood and gave them a warm little round of applause. Secretly pleased, Shula whispered to his wife, "I guess they recognize me everywhere."

Then a man stood up and said, "We're thankful to see you folks; the manager said he wouldn't start the film until at least ten people came in."

It's easy to slip into self-centeredness, but it tends to cloud the real story. Humility is always a step forward.

Thanksgiving is never about me, it's always about us, that's what makes it Thanksgiving.


You know what you have been called to do, so do it! Let your Thanksgiving be a blessing to those who have been a blessing to you.