I've just returned from a visit to my hometown. It was a brief visit, but a good one. I enjoyed the time spent with the family and being on hand for my sister's forty-fifth birthday.

I also attended my fortieth high school reunion. It was hard to believe that so many years had passed. The event was well organized. We attended an informal mixer the first night.

As I walked inside the cultural center, a question popped into my head: "Who are all of these old people?" I thought that I was perhaps in the wrong place, with the wrong group. I saw people who were over-weight, gray-haired, and balding. I hardly recognized anyone! It was funny watching everyone read the nametags, so they could recognize who was there. Of course, I didn't think that my appearance had changed at all, but theirs had! Then reality hit — they read my nametag too! Isn't that just like human nature?

We toured our old high school and walked through the building, up and down the halls. It was a déjà vu experience to be with that group — forty years hence. That night, we attended a party at the municipal building and had our group picture made on the steps. There were over one hundred of us who shared that special time together.

We enjoyed catching up on old times. It was interesting to find out where they now lived — some had stayed in Texas. Others had flown in from Arizona, Arkansas, California and Oregon. We discussed what they had been up to in their lives — family, careers, those kinds of things. Former (or current) careers included teachers, counselors, artist, lab technician, minister, masseuse, miscellaneous office employees, and editor. Some had lost parents or were involved with their care. Others had their own health concerns. It was a time of sharing each other's joys and disappointments for a short time. Then, it was all over, and then we said our goodbyes. We didn't know when the next reunion might be or who would be there in the future. But, it was great while it lasted! I enjoyed a real trip down memory lane.

One thing is certain!
This time with my former classmates brought me to the stark realization that time passes and change occurs in this life. Change is a certainty that we must all accept — like it or not. Some of us have a harder time accepting changes than others. I enjoy a few things in life that remain the same — it gives me comfort, peace and offers a sense of security.

Our "trip" in this life might be steady, or bumpy; boring or adventurous; rut-like or impulsive. No matter what you may find on your life's journey, endeavor to stay on that steady, spiritual path of growth toward Jesus. One thing is certain: He never changes. He's the same — yesterday, today and tomorrow, and throughout eternity (Hebrews 13:8).

A huge reunion awaits us up there — a heavenly one. We've all been invited, so make your plans to attend!