You try to leave them behind on December 31 so you don't have to carry them with you into January 1. But for many of us, after waking up for several weeks into the New Year, we find ourselves surrounded by the same old noise.

For many, the noise comes in the form of tapes played out in the surround sound of the mind. A pre-set, automatic, "play" button is pressed and we hear that same old noise again. One noise reminds you of past mistakes. Another noise replays a recent failure. At times, it seems, we have a never-ending playlist of uninvited noise.

And when we think we are finally silencing the recorded noise, noise comes at us live. A friend or a boss or a family member believes it is his or her duty to remind us of our failings and frailty. As a result, we feel incompetent or inferior or incapable — or maybe all three. We feel condemned.

I'd like to point out that "condemned" is exactly where the Enemy would like us to be. He wants us to hear those voices. He wants to fill us with enough noise that we begin to believe what we are hearing and render our lives ineffective. This Enemy has a clear job description: "accuse" and "deceive." He does his job very well.

We've heard the noise in our head and we've heard the noise from others. But, do you think we might find enough quiet space to hear from Him — Father of Jesus instead of the Father of lies? Through the Apostle Paul, Jesus sent some words our way that we need to hear ... a recording that needs to become the dominant song on our playlist.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).

Notice, the apostle doesn't say there is "some" condemnation or just a "little" condemnation. He says there is "no" condemnation.

How can that be?

Don't miss that Paul says this is a reality for those who are "in" Christ Jesus. That small preposition is powerful. You see, when one is "in" Christ, then God sees Christ when he looks at that person. Does he condemn Christ? Then neither does he condemn you.

That's his invitation to you this New Year, too. Yes, I know New Year's Day is over and most of us have already blown a resolution or two ... maybe even given up on them altogether. So now, right this minute, on this day, when old habits, patterns, and noises crowd in on us, we need to hear the Father's message, and not the Enemy's lies.

Christ wants to free us from the constant accusations from the Enemy, whether he uses the voices from the past or the voices from the present. He wants us to realize that we are in Christ and that Christ is in us. He wants us to play the song of freedom in our minds so we can live a life of freedom for Him in our world.

So read them again.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Drown out the noise with the Father's truth!
Mark them.

Memorize them.

Drown out the noise with the Father's truth!

Then, move ahead with them in this New Year ... even though the "new" may already have already begun to feel like something old ... because you know God's always new truth:

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.