So we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it. (Hebrews 2:1 NLT)

Remember, the ultimate goal is not more Bible study, more prayer, and more evangelism. We must not measure our success as Christians by ministry activity, or busyness, or our commitment to religious things. Becoming more like Jesus doesn't happen in retreat. It happens outside the walls of church. The context is not Sunday, but each weekday, in the middle of our drifting and searching culture.

It's possible to talk about growth without even realizing we are adrift, out of context, on an iceberg called church and religion.

Are you "faith" walking to get somewhere, or just walking for a workout?

The question for all of us is: "Am I more like Jesus now than I was last year at this time?"

Author Eric Sandras tells a story we need to hear. It all happened on one of the early expeditions to the North Pole. In that "top of the earth" snow-white region, it is very important to stay on course. Without landmarks of any kind in this white wasteland, the explorers had to trust their instruments.

So, every hour they stopped to take readings and chart their progress. However, within a few hours out of camp they noticed a strange phenomenon. When they stopped and took readings, the instruments indicated they had been moving toward the pole, but they were actually farther away.

Thinking the reading was a fluke, they continued to move forward. The next reading had them still farther away from their goal. Regardless of their determination to stay on track and their speed in the "right" direction, they were getting farther and farther from the Pole.

How could this happen? Was it someone's version of an elaborate practical joke? Perhaps they were in a North Pole extension of the Bermuda Triangle?

Begin each day seeking to live his story!
Finally they discovered that some distance back they had moved onto an enormous iceberg that was drifting south faster than they were walking north. They were doing everything right, but moving in the wrong direction.

Is there a difference between activity and progress?

How can you tell when your faith is growing, and when you're drifting?

Are you seeing Jesus in the people you meet during the week?

Have you been adrift and unaware?

One way to assess your faith position is to determine whose story you're living. Are you living the right story?

Are you in his story or do you spend your time trying to talk God into being in your story?

Begin each day seeking to live his story: trust his nudging, his prodding and his preparation — and not just when you are studying his Word, but also when you are trying to live out your daily life!