You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised (Hebrews 10:36 TNIV)

It was a Sunday morning. A bright and perky mom went in to wake her son and tell him it was time to get up, eat a bite of breakfast, and get dressed for church. "I'm not going!" he announced. There was a sullen tone in his voice.

"Hold on, young man!" she replied. "You know the Sunday routine in this house. Why don't you want to go to church today?"

"I'll give you two perfectly good reasons," he said. "First, nobody likes me down at that church. And, second, I don't like them either."

Rather than get exasperated with her boy, the wise mother sat down on the side of his bed. Rubbing his back very gently, she spoke in her most tender and comforting voice. "Now, sweetheart, you know you shouldn't feel that way," she began. "But let me give you two good reasons why you just must get out of bed and go with us. First, you're 47 years old. And, second, you are the pastor."

Okay. It's an old story you've heard before. But it is marvelously adaptable. It can be Monday morning, the people in that office, and their boss. Or Wednesday morning, the nurses at the clinic, and the doctor. It even works for Friday morning, traffic court, and the judge. The reason it is such a flexible story that fits practically every work situation is that we all have those days or seasons.

When things are going well and everybody's happy with you, there is no problem getting up, going to work, and doing your job. But things don't always go well. And people aren't always happy with you. What then?

Others are depending on us
Have you noticed how many things are cyclical? A few good months of sales may be followed by a lean time for the company. Or maybe it's the mortgage business when interest rates are at historic lows; then the Federal Reserve starts inching rates up again. It even happens in family life. There are seasons of health and joy and laughter that seem to vanish overnight in the wake of a heart attack or auto accident or angry exchange. Does that mean the good times are gone forever? That it is right just to throw in the towel?

The Bible speaks of a virtue called perseverance. This noble trait is also known as holding on, staying steady at the task, and persistence. It deserves more credit than it gets. And it needs to be cultivated in everyone's character.

Somebody occasionally needs to remind us that tasks need doing because they are ours. We've made commitments with consequences. Others are depending on us. Once we carry through, the outcome can be trusted to the faithfulness and mercy of God.

So what’s on your agenda for today?