Do you ever get inspirational thoughts in the middle of the night? Do you ever wake up and hear a "silent voice" whispering in your ear? This happens to me quite often, so much so, I have placed a notepad and pen near my bedside — just in case.

The other morning, I couldn't sleep as I was anticipating the explosion of the alarm clock at 4:30. Our granddaughters were going to have minor surgery and we had to get up very early to get them to the hospital by 6:30. It was then that I had a brain storm — my mind was flooded with words and thoughts concerning this New Year.

If you are like me, you've probably come up with a "resolution" or two for 2006. The little voice in my ear didn't inspire me to think about that as much as how I should approach the fulfillment of that resolution. Let me be candid and ask you a question. Over all the years of making New Year's resolutions, how many have you actually kept? And if you have a history of breaking all those resolutions, why does it matter that you make a new one? Perhaps your resolution should be that you are going to keep your resolutions instead of just making them!

Listen to what that "little voice" echoed to me:

Do what you need to do TODAY! For if you don't do what you say you need to do TODAY, you will begin talking about doing them TOMORROW! And before you know it, TOMORROW will become ONE DAY! And as the days go by, that ONE DAY will be SOMEDAY, and before too long, you'll say WHENEVER which will then turn into WHATEVER! It is at that time that all your well laid plans and resolutions find the land of waste called "NEVER" which is on the border of FOREVER!

Have you experienced what that "little voice" whispered in my ear that early morning?

Now if your resolution concerns weight loss or spending less, I suppose entering the land of NEVER and FOREVER won't be the end of you. But, if your resolution concerns spiritual matters of the heart and drawing closer to Jesus — please, don't put off to TOMORROW what you know you need to do TODAY! If you do, you just might find yourself among those who end up in the wasteland of NEVER and FOREVER! And believe me, Jesus Christ will not be found there!

Listen to what that "little voice"!
Have a blessed today!

Never forget the warning: "Today you must listen to his [God's] voice. Don't harden your hearts against him ..." (Hebrews 3:15 NLT)