California Wildfires from Space. NASA Photo.

The devastation of the California fires has brought unspeakable horror to thousands of people. Many of those have insurance and will have the ability to make some recovery of basic goods — of course pictures, keepsakes, pets, heirlooms, and other sorts of irreplaceable items can never be replaced and the loss of life can never be compensated. In addition, many who live in apartments, single parents without insurance and much margin in life, older adults who have no place to go, and many others, will lose everything without any resources to begin again. In other words, many have no safety net in this hour of crisis.

Some of the early relief has simply been to get water into the hands of displaced people. This reminds me of Jesus' statement, "And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is known to be my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly be rewarded" (Matthew 10:42 TNIV).

You may have already donated to this need. If not, we would encourage you to find ways to donate and help relieve the suffering of those who are facing hardship.

Here are three options we feel confident will help folks in need:

Option One: Disaster Relief Organization
Disaster Relief (Go to bottom of the page and click the Donate button under 4. 2007 California Fires.) led by Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ disaster relief program. This is an experienced group that has helped folks in time of disaster again and again. This link will take you to their PayPal donation site.

Option Two: Church Near the Disaster
The other resource is a church in San Diego much nearer the fire zone: Mail checks to:
Canyon View Church
Memo: Disaster Relief
4292 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92117
Office Phone: (858) 273-5140
Email: for info

Many have no safety net in this hour of crisis.
Option Three: American Red Cross
Red Cross Relief for California Wildfires