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January 2020

Jan. 1stJesus at Work Through His PeopleActs 1:1-2
Jan. 2ndNew, but ConnectedActs 1:1-2
Jan. 3rdFriends of God Seeking TruthActs 1:1-2
Jan. 4thAuthority from the SpiritActs 1:1-2
Jan. 5thAlive!Acts 1:3
Jan. 6thThe Kingdom of GodActs 1:3-6
Jan. 7thWaiting in Jerusalem to BeginActs 1:6-8
Jan. 8thYou Will Receive PowerActs 1:6-8
Jan. 9thMysteryActs 1:7-11
Jan. 10thMissionActs 1:7-11
Jan. 11thDon't Just Stand ThereActs 1:10-11
Jan. 12thNow What?Acts 1:12-13a
Jan. 13thTime Together Meant Time in PrayerActs 1:12-14
Jan. 14thGrowing into a New FutureActs 1:14-15
Jan. 15thRemoving the Stain of BetrayalActs 1:15-19
Jan. 16thMore than Filling the GapActs 1:20-21a
Jan. 17thSomeone Who Has Been with Jesus!Acts 1:21-22
Jan. 18thSeeking God's Will in PrayerActs 1:23-26
Jan. 19thThe Pentecost Everything ChangedActs 2:1
Jan. 20thWind and FireActs 2:1-3
Jan. 21stThe Holy Spirit Gave the Ability!Acts 2:3-6
Jan. 22ndUndoing BabelActs 2:5-11
Jan. 23rdWhat Can This Mean?Acts 2:12
Jan. 24thGet Ready for CriticsActs 2:11b-13
Jan. 25thMake No Mistake!Acts 2:11b-16
Jan. 26thIn the Last DaysActs 2:17
Jan. 27thThis Gift Is for Everyone!Acts 2:17-21
Jan. 28thSalvationActs 2:21
Jan. 29thGod's PlanActs 2:22-24
Jan. 30thDeath Could Not Hold Him!Acts 2:24
Jan. 31stThe Joy of His PresenceActs 2:25-28

February 2020

Feb. 1stThe Messiah's ResurrectionActs 2:29-31
Feb. 2ndWe Are Witnesses!Acts 2:32
Feb. 3rdHe Poured Out the SpiritActs 2:33
Feb. 4thThe Spirit Lives in UsActs 2:33-36
Feb. 5thWhat Should We Do?Acts 2:37-41
Feb. 6thGod's Universal Promise!Acts 2:38-41
Feb. 7thDevotion and Awe for What MattersActs 2:42-43
Feb. 8thDevoted to the Apostles' TeachingActs 2:42-46
Feb. 9thDevoted to Genuine FellowshipActs 2:42-46
Feb. 10thDevoted to Breaking BreadActs 2:42-46
Feb. 11thDevoted to Prayer and PraiseActs 2:42-47a
Feb. 12thSalvation Should Be HappeningActs 2:46-47
Feb. 13thWorship that Refuses to Be Limited by Low ExpectationsActs 3:1-3
Feb. 14thThe Powerful Name of JesusActs 3:4-6
Feb. 15thWorship with a Personal TouchActs 3:7-8
Feb. 16thThe Powerful Testimony of a Transformed LifeActs 3:9-11
Feb. 17thGlory Where It BelongsActs 3:12-13
Feb. 18thGod Overcame Their BrutalityActs 3:13-15
Feb. 19thJesus' Power Is Still Among UsActs 3:16
Feb. 20thGod Can Use Even People's IgnoranceActs 3:17-19
Feb. 21stRefreshment Is ComingActs 3:19-21
Feb. 22ndGod's Servant for God's PeopleActs 3:22-26
Feb. 23rdDisturbedActs 4:1-4
Feb. 24thDelightedActs 4:1-4
Feb. 25thCrisis CouncilActs 4:5-7
Feb. 26thJesus Is Back!Acts 4:7-10
Feb. 27thJesus Is the Only Way!Acts 4:11-12
Feb. 28thThey'd Been with JesusActs 4:13
Feb. 29thStop It!Acts 4:13-18

March 2020

Mar. 1stWe Can’t Stop!Acts 4:13-20
Mar. 2ndIneffective ThreatsActs 4:21-22
Mar. 3rdWhat to Do When ThreatenedActs 4:23-24
Mar. 4thYour Plan and Your Power, God!Acts 4:24-28
Mar. 5thGive Us Boldness, O Lord!Acts 4:29-30
Mar. 6thShaken, Stirred, and Emboldened!Acts 4:31
Mar. 7thA Movement of Compassion and TestimonyActs 4:32-35
Mar. 8thMeet Mr. EncouragementActs 4:34-37
Mar. 9thLying to GodActs 5:1-9
Mar. 10thHoly FearActs 5:5-14
Mar. 11thJesus' Work ContinuesActs 5:15-16
Mar. 12thCan't Be Shut Up! (Part 1)Acts 5:17-21
Mar. 13thCan't Be Shut Up! (Part 2)Acts 5:22-25
Mar. 14thThe One Whom We ObeyActs 5:26-29
Mar. 15thThe Power Behind the WitnessesActs 5:30-32
Mar. 16thWise Counsel and the Test of TimeActs 5:33-39
Mar. 17thRejoicing in Their SufferingActs 5:40-41
Mar. 18thJesus Is the Messiah!Acts 5:42
Mar. 19thGrowth Can Cause Problems!Acts 6:1
Mar. 20thRefusing to Hide ProblemsActs 6:1-2
Mar. 21stCommitted to Their CallingActs 6:2-4
Mar. 22ndThe Power and Importance of DelegationActs 6:3
Mar. 23rdAll People MatterActs 6:5
Mar. 24thKeys to Growth: Delegation and ConsecrationActs 6:6-7
Mar. 25thProblems into OpportunitiesActs 6:7
Mar. 26thNew Leaders for Fresh GrowthActs 6:8-9
Mar. 27thOpposition Is ExpectedActs 6:9-10
Mar. 28thRelentless, Unfair, and UnscrupulousActs 6:11-14
Mar. 29thReflecting Heaven's Glory While Under AttackActs 6:12-15
Mar. 30thAsked!Acts 6:12-13, 7:1
Mar. 31stRemembering God's Work in Our HistoryActs 7:1-5

April 2020

Apr. 1stPromise, Not PossessionActs 7:1-8
Apr. 2ndGod of RescueActs 7:8-10
Apr. 3rdGod of PreservationActs 7:11-16
Apr. 4thHope Born in Hostile TimesActs 7:17-21
Apr. 5thPreparing God's Deliverer through AdoptionActs 7:20-22
Apr. 6thA Violent Leader is Feared, Not FollowedActs 7:23-28
Apr. 7thExile as Preparation for God’s FutureActs 7:29-30
Apr. 8thHumbled at HolinessActs 7:30-33
Apr. 9thGod’s Deliverers Are People like UsActs 7:34-35
Apr. 10thDeeply Broken to Lead Through Hard FuturesActs 7:35-36
Apr. 11thGod Uses Wounded HealersActs 7:35-38
Apr. 12thRejected Leadership, Rejected GodActs 7:39-41
Apr. 13thGod Turned Away from ThemActs 7:41-43
Apr. 14thChoosing the Presence of GodActs 7:44-50
Apr. 15thRejecting the Message of God’s SpiritActs 7:51-53
Apr. 16thRepeating the Sin of Jesus' MurderActs 7:54-8:1
Apr. 17thSeeing the Glorious Son of ManActs 7:55-56
Apr. 18thThe Seed of Hope Sown in a Field of HateActs 7:58, 8:1-3
Apr. 19thFollowing the Steps of JesusActs 7:59-60
Apr. 20thDeath is Only Sleeping for Those Belonging to JesusActs 7:60
Apr. 21stGenuine SorrowActs 8:1-4
Apr. 22ndThe Tumbleweed ConspiracyActs 8:1-4
Apr. 23rdSavagery and SolidarityActs 8:1-4
Apr. 24thJoy Comes in the MorningActs 8:5-8
Apr. 25thSpiritual Warfare is RealActs 8:9-11
Apr. 26thAuthentic TurnaroundActs 8:14-16
Apr. 27thThe Three Moves of ConversionActs 8:16-17
Apr. 28thGreen Light from HeavenActs 8:18-21
Apr. 29thThe Gifts of God Cannot Be BoughtActs 8:18-21
Apr. 30thDeliver Us from Evil and the Evil One!Acts 8:22-24

May 2020

May. 1stWelcome to the FamilyActs 8:25
May. 2ndJonah’s OppositeActs 8:26-27a
May. 3rdThe ASK Promise Still AppliesActs 8:26-29
May. 4thIdentity Rooted in PromiseActs 8:30-33
May. 5thWe Begin Where They AreActs 8:34-35
May. 6thThe Immersion of JoyActs 8:36-39
May. 7thThe Unstoppable SpiritActs 8:39-40
May. 8thIntent on DestructionActs 9:1-2
May. 9thPersecuting JesusActs 9:3-5
May. 10thSame Purpose, True SaviorActs 9:6-9
May. 11thScared but Obedient WitnessActs 9:10-14
May. 12thGod’s Chosen InstrumentActs 9:15
May. 13thEven if It Means a CrossActs 9:16
May. 14thRisky ObedienceActs 9:17-19
May. 15thThe TurnaroundActs 9:19-22
May. 16thNow a TargetActs 9:23-25
May. 17thDistrustedActs 9:26
May. 18thThe Transformative Power of an EncouragerActs 9:27
May. 19thThe Power of Exile (Part 2)Acts 9:29-30
May. 20thGrowth Despite OppositionActs 9:31
May. 21stJesus’ Ministry ExtendedActs 9:32-35
May. 22ndThe Vital Thread of GraceActs 9:36
May. 23rdHeartbreaking Reality, Ultimate HealingActs 9:37
May. 24thExtending the Ministry of Jesus (Part 2)Acts 9:38-41
May. 25thUnclean, But Holy!Acts 9:42-43
May. 26thActs
May. 27thActs
May. 28thActs
May. 29thActs
May. 30thActs
May. 31stActs

June 2020

Jun. 1stActs
Jun. 2ndActs
Jun. 3rdActs
Jun. 4thActs
Jun. 5thActs
Jun. 6thActs
Jun. 7thActs
Jun. 8thActs
Jun. 9thActs
Jun. 10thActs
Jun. 11thActs
Jun. 12thActs
Jun. 13thActs
Jun. 14thActs
Jun. 15thActs
Jun. 16thActs
Jun. 17thActs
Jun. 18thActs
Jun. 19thActs
Jun. 20thActs
Jun. 21stActs
Jun. 22ndActs
Jun. 23rdActs
Jun. 24thActs
Jun. 25thActs
Jun. 26thActs
Jun. 27thActs
Jun. 28thActs
Jun. 29thActs
Jun. 30thActs

July 2020

Jul. 1stActs
Jul. 2ndActs
Jul. 3rdActs
Jul. 4thActs
Jul. 5thActs
Jul. 6thActs
Jul. 7thActs
Jul. 8thActs
Jul. 9thActs
Jul. 10thActs
Jul. 11thActs
Jul. 12thActs
Jul. 13thActs
Jul. 14thActs
Jul. 15thActs
Jul. 16thActs
Jul. 17thActs
Jul. 18thActs
Jul. 19thActs
Jul. 20thActs
Jul. 21stActs
Jul. 22ndActs
Jul. 23rdActs
Jul. 24thActs
Jul. 25thActs
Jul. 26thActs
Jul. 27thActs
Jul. 28thActs
Jul. 29thActs
Jul. 30thActs
Jul. 31stActs

August 2020

Aug. 1stActs
Aug. 2ndActs
Aug. 3rdActs
Aug. 4thActs
Aug. 5thActs
Aug. 6thActs
Aug. 7thActs
Aug. 8thActs
Aug. 9thActs
Aug. 10thActs
Aug. 11thActs
Aug. 12thActs
Aug. 13thActs
Aug. 14thActs
Aug. 15thActs
Aug. 16thTestActs 1:1
Aug. 17thActs
Aug. 18thActs
Aug. 19thActs
Aug. 20thActs
Aug. 21stActs
Aug. 22ndActs
Aug. 23rdActs
Aug. 24thActs
Aug. 25thActs
Aug. 26thActs
Aug. 27thActs
Aug. 28thActs
Aug. 29thActs
Aug. 30thActs
Aug. 31stActs

September 2020

Sep. 1stActs
Sep. 2ndActs
Sep. 3rdActs
Sep. 4thActs
Sep. 5thActs
Sep. 6thActs
Sep. 7thActs
Sep. 8thActs
Sep. 9thActs
Sep. 10thActs
Sep. 11thActs
Sep. 12thActs
Sep. 13thActs
Sep. 14thActs
Sep. 15thActs
Sep. 16thActs
Sep. 17thActs
Sep. 18thActs
Sep. 19thActs
Sep. 20thActs
Sep. 21stActs
Sep. 22ndActs
Sep. 23rdActs
Sep. 24thActs
Sep. 25thActs
Sep. 26thActs
Sep. 27thActs
Sep. 28thActs
Sep. 29thActs
Sep. 30thActs

October 2020

Oct. 1stActs
Oct. 2ndActs
Oct. 3rdActs
Oct. 4thActs
Oct. 5thActs
Oct. 6thActs
Oct. 7thActs
Oct. 8thActs
Oct. 9thActs
Oct. 10thActs
Oct. 11thActs
Oct. 12thActs
Oct. 13thActs
Oct. 14thActs
Oct. 15thActs
Oct. 16thActs
Oct. 17thActs
Oct. 18thActs
Oct. 19thActs
Oct. 20thActs
Oct. 21stActs
Oct. 22ndActs
Oct. 23rdActs
Oct. 24thActs
Oct. 25thActs
Oct. 26thActs
Oct. 27thActs
Oct. 28thActs
Oct. 29thActs
Oct. 30thActs
Oct. 31stActs

November 2020

Nov. 1stActs
Nov. 2ndActs
Nov. 3rdActs
Nov. 4thActs
Nov. 5thActs
Nov. 6thActs
Nov. 7thActs
Nov. 8thActs
Nov. 9thActs
Nov. 10thActs
Nov. 11thActs
Nov. 12thActs
Nov. 13thActs
Nov. 14thActs
Nov. 15thActs
Nov. 16thActs
Nov. 17thActs
Nov. 18thActs
Nov. 19thActs
Nov. 20thActs
Nov. 21stActs
Nov. 22ndActs
Nov. 23rdActs
Nov. 24thActs
Nov. 25thActs
Nov. 26thActs
Nov. 27thActs
Nov. 28thActs
Nov. 29thActs
Nov. 30thActs

December 2020

Dec. 1stActs
Dec. 2ndActs
Dec. 3rdActs
Dec. 4thActs
Dec. 5thActs
Dec. 6thActs
Dec. 7thActs
Dec. 8thActs
Dec. 9thActs
Dec. 10thActs
Dec. 11thActs
Dec. 12thActs
Dec. 13thActs
Dec. 14thActs
Dec. 15thActs
Dec. 16thActs
Dec. 17thActs
Dec. 18thActs
Dec. 19thActs
Dec. 20thActs
Dec. 21stActs
Dec. 22ndActs
Dec. 23rdActs
Dec. 24thActs
Dec. 25thActs
Dec. 26thActs
Dec. 27thActs
Dec. 28thActs
Dec. 29thActs
Dec. 30thActs
Dec. 31stStarts 01/01/2020Acts

About this Devotional

Unstoppable! is a one-year devotional guide through the book of Acts. Each devotional consists of a scripture passage, a reflection and a prayer. The reflection opens up the day's scripture and shows how it challenges one to live for Jesus.

Unstoppable! is written by Phil Ware.

Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright ©1996, 2004, 2007, 2013, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.