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The Sound of Surprise
      Can you play along?

Parents and Religion
      It makes a difference.

True Freedom
      Find it in Jesus.

Genuine and Authentic
      Be free to be yourself.

Personal Well Being
      Take care of yourself, too.

Living vs. Life
      Are you making a living? Or a life?

Reacting Without Thinking
      Do we consider the long term?

      What makes you desirable?

God’s Family Ideal
      More evidence against divorce.

Folly of Fools
      Be wise.

      Carelessness costs too much.

Generous People
      There is a difference.

The Real Thing
      There is something of ultimate value.

Particular People
      You can’t just love in the abstract.

The Gift of Time
      It’s a precious thing to give.

Presents or Presence
      They need you more than a Barbie.

      I’d like to buy the world a Coke...

True Wisdom
      Whatever it cost, get wisdom!

Important Things
      Focus on the weightier matters.

Mature Love
      It's not cute, but it's strong.

Anxious Hearts
      We can have confidence in him.

Forever the Same
      God is trustworthy.

God Meets Our Needs
      He takes care of us better than we can.

Confirmed Optimist
      How did he bounce back? How did he use the tragedy?

Babysitters for God
      Children are just gifts from above.

Learning from Kids
      They can teach us valuable lessons.

Good Luck/Bad Luck
      Do you believe in luck?

The Inward Self
      Find the beauty that never fades.

Glasses of Love
      The prescription we need for correct vision.

Rules and Recognition
      Two things kids need.

Being Nice
      It’s free!

Life Balance
      Keep your balance!

Clumsy & Ugly
      Jesus always chooses us.

Slow Down
      If you go to fast, you’ll miss something!

Learning from the Past
      Apply what you’ve learned.

      Keep on keeping on.

A Big Choice
      There are only two options: yes and no.

The Stick-Together Generation
      After war and deprivation and depression, marriage was a breeze.

God’s Creation
      We’re not ready.

Confessing Faults
      It will be a load off your shoulders.

The Purpose and Meaning of Faith
      It’s not just life-after-death, it’s life!

Heritage for Children
      What will you pass on to them?

      It’s easier to stay out it of than to get out of it.

Sizing People Up
      What are you looking at?

Parental Neglect
      Good or bad, it all starts at home.

God Knows Us
      And He still loves us!

Keep Your Priorities Right
      Staying balanced can pay off.

Respecting Mom
      Thank God for moms!

      We can all use some healthy reevaluation.

The Value of a Friend
      The value of connected lives.

Divorce and Children
      Avoid the tragedy.

Help from God’s Family
      God’s people know what should be done.

TV DOES Have an Impact
      Don’t we understand this yet?!

Pre-Marriage Counseling
      It's a great idea because it works!

We Need Realistic Limits
      Boundaries give security.

      It’s never too late.

No Rest, No Gain
      Even God took a break.

God’s Power is Changing People
      ...and families, and communities...

God’s Love
      Quite a bit better than what we’re used to.

The Definition of a Leader
      Our definition should be different.

      Can you forgive and forget?

Facing the Uncertainties
      Hedge your bets with faith, hope and love.

What is Fatal Thinking?
      Thinking like this can only crush our children.

Outlining Four Priorities
      Maybe it's a good time to reevaluate your priorities.

Living Better
      What are the secrets to a long life?

Do Something for Someone Else
      Helping others may be the best thing for you.

Two Tired Parents
      Is it for the right reasons?

Double Talk
      Stick with God’s principle for communication.

Linguistic Swindling
      Say what you mean, mean what you say.

What’s Good for the Soul and Body
      Belief is good for you spiritually and physically.

Intentional Families
      Decide to be in God’s family.

What Stress Can Do To You
      Don't worry about tomorrow!

Real Servants
      Jesus inspires service.

Protection, Family and Love
      Are you getting these basic needs met?

Society’s Most Effective Weapon
      Society needs to rediscover God.

Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It
      Jesus pulls one direction, the world pulls another.

Learn to Listen Completely
      Open your ears and your heart.

Prioritize Your Family
      It’s not too late.

Television Can Be Harmful
      Would it be too crazy to just turn it off?

The “Something for Nothing” Attitude
      It just doesn’t work.

Housework IS Important
      Guys don’t want to hear it, but it’s true.

Divorce Creates Stress
      And do we really need more?

The Effects of Broken Families
      It matters.

The Importance of Human Life
      Isn’t worth a whole lot more?

No-Fault Divorce Law
      Hurray for Michigan!

Sabbath Rest
      Let go and let God.

Who Are At Risk?
      God says it, research backs it up.

Who Can Cure Our Social Ills?
      Not talk. Not money.

Developing Strong Character

Character—Something You Have
      …and hang onto.

The Good News About Marriage
      Let’s hear it!

Trusting God
      Even when things don’t make “sense.”

Where are YOU Spending Your Time?
      Hopefully, with your children.

Five to One
      Discipline, but with love, too.

Whatever Became of Sin?
      Some things are right, some are wrong.

Replacing Negatives with Postives
      Give your children an alternative to the world.

The Other Side of Tragedy
      It always has another side.

Don’t Worry About Tomorrow
      One day at a time…

Time for the Family
      Take it! Make it!

The Model and Message
      They go hand in hand.

Teaching Good Manners
      Your kids should be seen in the best possible light.

Tragedy Can Bring Awareness
      Let it open our eyes.

The Great Gift of Encouragement
      It’s affordable and powerful.

Married Singles
      Truly become one.

Bone of My Bone
      Adam tried it and it didn’t work. Learn from him!

Consideration is "Sweet Talk"
      Thoughtfulness? Consideration? Oops, I forgot about that…

Removing the Selfish Part of Me
      Get that beam out!

What is Your Family’s Mission Statement?
      Make spiritual as well as physical and financial goals.

The Dynamic of Shared Concerns
      Find someone special you can share with.

      Focus and become more effective.

Be Intentional About What's Important
      Good families don’t just happen.

The Best Investments Parents Can Make
      And it’s not an IRA, CD, 401K, etc.

Gentle Moments
      Set aside time to cherish.

Smile, You’re on Candid Camera
      Your kids are watching you…what message are you sending?

What Are Your Priorities of Life?
      Is it important? Or just urgent?

Maintaining a Rich Relationship with God
      The essential element we need to nourish our spirits.

Conversational Prayer
      One of the best tools for building a relationship.

Unconditional Commitment
      Make the kind of commitment you can take to the bank!

Learning the Skill of Communication
      Good communication is the foundation of a good relationship.

Spending Time Where it Counts
      Build your relationship over time.

Commitment in the Midst of Conflict
      Keep the commitment. Always.

Romantic Love
      Romantic love springs from commitment

I Love You
      Find out about real Christian love.

Ministering to Our Friends
      Find strength—and love—in friendships.

The Judging Business
      God knows our hearts, and still loves us!

A Grudge Against God
      No matter what your pain, don’t hold it against God!

What You Think of Yourself is Important
      As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

A Confidant is Priceless
      If you have one, treasure them.

Who’s Your Best Friend?
      The answer may say a lot about your relationship.

Walk Your Talk
      Live the life you profess.

Men, Know Your Family
      To lead them, you must understand them.

Providing for the Family
      And it isn’t just money…

What Wives Really Want
      What do you think it might be?

Selfishness and Immaturity Destroy a Home
      Put your family on a firm foundation.

No Two are Alike
      Know the differences in your children.

Making a Complete Whole
      Both partners have something to offer.

Unconditional Acceptance
      Jesus practiced it, and we should too.

Start Dating Your Wife Again
      Make things new all over again.

Children—A Heritage From the Lord
      Parents are blessed beyond compare.

Love Is...
      Well…read the article and find out!

Balancing Priorities
      Work vs. Family. What’s the score?

Significant Heroes
      Who are your heroes?

No Graven Images
      Visuals can be powerful…is TV our new idol?

Seeking God
      God wants you to find Him.


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