Making Life Work for Your Family

Balancing Priorities

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Did you read about Bill Galston lately? He's the Clinton aide who quit his job at the White House to be with his son. And he's not the only dad who's moving contrary to culture. Roger Brown, the CEO at Bright Horizons Children's Center wrote, "I often struggle with the realization that my company could probably be further along, if I were willing to work and travel more. But that success would be hollow if it came at the expense of my children."

It all has to do with balancing priorities. Work is important, because that's how we provide for our families. On the other hand, we can carry anything to an extreme, and too often we are driven by the desire to make a name for ourselves. Not providing for our families, rather getting to the top, being number one... I'm not even sure you can help a corporation all that much if you're driven by those motives. What do you think?

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