Coach Gene Stallings led Alabama to a National Championship in football. He has a wonderful family of four girls and one wonderful boy. That boy was born with Downs Syndrome and will never lead what we call a "normal" life. Some would say this was a real tragedy — a man's man with four girls and his only boy can't follow in his dad's footsteps.

But, I asked the family in an interview if there were any specific turning point in their family. They all replied, "Oh yes! When Johnny was born!" Johnny was the catalyst for a wonderful spiritual renewal in that family ... the whole family ... other families whom they regularly touch. (On the eve of Coach Stallings' first game of his championship Alabama season, he called another man who had three girls and his boy on the way was going to have Downs Syndrome. They talked for hours ... about the blessing ... about how some cultures consider them angels ... and about how their life will be full of joy and love.)

What appears as tragedy, if nothing else, opens our eyes to how frail we really are. But the good news is, those who survive and persevere are those who look at the other side of tragedy and draw power and joy through and from their sorrow, to those who trust in Him to bring strength, reunion, and victory.

They talked about the blessing.
So let's make the rest of the day work a little better by remembering that the "unusual" and "abnormal" may be the way God brings His grace to you.