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No Graven Images

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I always kind of wondered why God said in one of the ten commandments, "You should have no graven images." Did you know that research done lately validates what comes through our eyes, as a whole visual picture, somehow can wire around our brain and get to our gut without our even thinking about it? Just bypass our thought process altogether!

Our God is a reasoned God, a reasonable God. That's why he revealed himself in the Bible, in words to be pondered, meditated upon, considered. And that's why the Good Book says, "Come, let us reason together."

So maybe today, TV has become our new graven image that we shouldn't look on. Because some of the scenes that we see can so easily jump around our brain, beyond our logic, and influence us to do things emotionally that we otherwise wouldn't do.

So make the rest of today a better day; get to know the God you read about in the Bible.

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