There’s nothing quite like the sparkle romance puts in our lives! But you know, married partners are happiest when they’re best friends. Quite often two people discover—to their horror—that they just don’t love each other anymore. Or at least they say they don’t.

Their romantic relationship has stagnated. And they don’t seem to be best friends anymore, so they retreat into a self-centered routine that creates boredom. I call it "navel-gazing." What had great potential for a friendship dissolves into a stalemate.

And when you have a rewarding friendship, what do you do? You spend time and show patience in an effort to preserve it, to keep it, to grow it. Romantic love really springs from this permanent commitment (or vow) two people make to each other.

Let’s make the rest of the day work a little better. Let’s build our romantic love on our commitment to be best friends!

What do you do?

His mouth is altogether sweet; he is lovely in every way. Such, O women of Jerusalem, is my lover, my friend." (Song of Solomon 5:16 NLT)