A little girl was camping with her dad one evening and got to see a sight city-folk rarely get to witness. As the sky got pitch black, the stars were absolutely brilliant. The little girl looked up and said, "Daddy, if the bottom side of heaven looks this beautiful, what must the other side look like!"

That's the power of a little girl’s imagination, but it really is true. Christians believe in a here-after, a forever land where we don’t have to worry about dishonesty and violence and war; where there is peace and love and joy and kindness.

God doesn't want to keep anyone out; but the catch is we have to make the decision to go there. And that decision needs to be made here and now. Most of us think it’s a good idea, but we just keep putting off making the "big choice" until there is a better time. They remind me of a guy the apostle Paul spoke to about Jesus. When Paul was done sharing the story of Jesus, the king replied to Paul, "You almost persuade me to become a Christian" (Acts 26:28 NKJV). Don't go down in history as being someone "almost" persuaded!

Don't put it off any longer!
Don't put it off any longer, heaven awaits!