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Dr. Paul FaulknerFinding Peace, by Dr. Paul Faulkner

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    I had to laugh the other day at a guy trying to carry a full six-pack of drinks without the plastic “thingy” to hold it together — like the guy who has a lot of marbles, but they are just rolling in every direction!

    I bet you know some people just like that. They go here awhile, then they turn here and go there awhile, and they just can’t seem to stay with anything through to the end. On a deeper level, some folks never know where they are going spiritually. So they try this awhile or that awhile, and they never find peace.

    Folks, I’m telling you today that there really is a basic connector that makes sense in life — Christ. He has been time tested for two millenia. He really will hold life together for you, with meaning and purpose and peace.

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About the Author...
Dr. Paul Faulkner is a noted author and expert family therapist. For more details, click here.

Title: "Finding Peace"
Author: Paul Faulkner
Publication Date: January 12, 2000



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