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Dr. Paul FaulknerFear in Death, by Dr. Paul Faulkner

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    What scares me to death about death is the fear that I’ll cease to be. It’s almost impossible to hand over your whole being to anyone, yet that’s what Christ asks us to do.

    We’d like to remain ourselves, to do things our way, driven by our own ego. Unfortunately, that’s the very thing that Christ warns against because we are centered in the things that will destroy us.

    Like the farmer, our soils, our dirt, has mostly thistles and weeds, and we try and keep it cut short. But if we want to produce good, pure wheat, we have to plow up the field and let the freeze kill the roots so the wheat can grow.

    Jesus plows deep into our souls, so God’s goodness can flourish in our lives.

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About the Author...
Dr. Paul Faulkner is a noted author and expert family therapist. For more details, click here.

Title: "Fear in Death"
Author: Paul Faulkner
Publication Date: May 31, 2000



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