Spiritual Warfare Archives

January 2018

Jan. 1stGod Watches Over the GodlyPsalm 1:6
Jan. 2ndGod Protects Through Your Faith1 Peter 1:5
Jan. 3rdGod Can Use Angels to Protect YouMatthew 26:52-53
Jan. 4thHumility & Fasting Get God’s AttentionEzra 8:21
Jan. 5thGod Rescues Those Who Share Their Faith2 Timothy 4:17-18
Jan. 6thGod Is a Mighty Protector Who SavesIsaiah 33:21-22
Jan. 7thGod Leads All Who Conform to His RulesRomans 12:1-2
Jan. 8thGod Rescues Those Who Obey His commandsJer. 1:7-8
Jan. 9thGod’s Word Is a Shield of ProtectionProverbs 30:5-6
Jan. 10thGod Rescues & Saves — No Other CanPsalm 7:1-2
Jan. 11thHelp Me Love the Truth2 Thessalonians 2:9-10
Jan. 12thGod Can Protect Your Home & PossessionsJob 1:9-10
Jan. 13thGod Rescues, Protects, & Strengthens2 Samuel 22:2-3
Jan. 14thGod Protects Those Who Seek Him For SafetyPsalm 91:1-2
Jan. 15thGod Protects From Traps & DiseasesPsalm 91:3-4
Jan. 16thGod Protects from all Attack & DestructionPsalm 91:5-6
Jan. 17thGod Is a Refuge for All Who Dwell in HimPsalm 91:9-10
Jan. 18thGod Rescues Those Who Love & Honor HimPsalm 91:14-15
Jan. 19thStand Strong in Faith to Defeat Satan1 Peter 5:8-9
Jan. 20thLife’s Troubles Are Opportunities to GrowJames 1:2-3
Jan. 21stLiving in Sin Means I’m Obeying SatanEphesians 2:2a
Jan. 22ndSatan Perverts Truth & All That Is GoodActs 13:10
Jan. 23rdResist Satan By Wearing God’s ArmorEphesians 6:13
Jan. 24thStand Firm and Hold Your Ground!Ephesians 6:14
Jan. 25thUse Prayer as a Weapon Against Evil1 Peter 3:12
Jan. 26thGod’s Truth Will Set You FreeJohn 8:31-32
Jan. 27thBribes Make People Ignore Bad BehaviorExodus 23:8
Jan. 28thSatan Works to Get Us All to Worship HimMatthew 4:9-10
Jan. 29thAvoid Sexual Immorality and All ImpurityColossians 3:5a
Jan. 30thGreed for Things Is Idolatry in God’s SightColossians 3:5b
Jan. 31stSatan Wants Us to Use Only Human WisdomMatthew 16:23

February 2018

Feb. 1stPrayer + Touch Has Extra Healing PowerActs 28:8
Feb. 2ndPrayer + Fasting Overcomes Demonic ForcesMark 9:25-29
Feb. 3rdGod’s Word Is a Weapon Against EvilEphesians 6:14, 17
Feb. 4thTruth Spoken Is a Weapon Against TemptationMatthew 4:1-11
Feb. 5thSpoken Bindings Are a Weapon Against EnemiesMatthew 12:28-29
Feb. 6thA Spoken Rebuke Is a Weapon Against EvilZechariah 3:1-2
Feb. 7thA Spoken Testimony Is a WeaponRevelation 12:10-11
Feb. 8thWorship Is a Weapon Against The Demonic1 Samuel 16:23
Feb. 9thTithing Is a Weapon Against The EnemyMalachi 3:8-10
Feb. 10thHumility Is a Weapon Against the DevilJames 4:6-7
Feb. 11thPeace Is a Weapon of Stability & ReadinessEphesians 6:15 GWT &
Feb. 12thFaith Is a Shield of Protection Against AttackEphesians 6:16
Feb. 13thSalvation Is a Weapon That Breeds ConfidenceEphesians 6:17
Feb. 14thONLY Christians Can Say, “Jesus Is Lord”1 Corinthians 12:3 NASU & 1 John 4:3
Feb. 15thPrayer Is a Powerful Weapon Against Evil2 Thessalonians 1:11
Feb. 16thActs of Faith Are Weapons of FreedomMark 5:27-28
Feb. 17thMiracles You Need Are Limited by Your FaithMatthew 13:57-58
Feb. 18thYour Prayers Can Save Someone ElseGenesis 19:28-29
Feb. 19thCreator God Can Speak Realities into BeingGenesis 1:26
Feb. 20thSurround Yourself with the Word of GodDeuteronomy 6:6-9
Feb. 21stBlood on the Doorpost Protected by FaithHebrews 11:28
Feb. 22ndGod Has Always Marked His PeopleGenesis 17:13 NLT & Colossians 2:11-12a
Feb. 23rdChristians Wield Great Power in Their WordsMatthew 16:19
Feb. 24thGod Created Unseen Rulers and AuthoritiesColossians 1:16 NLT & Jude 1:6
Feb. 25thChristians Can Find Strength in GodEphesians 6:10
Feb. 26thOur Enemy Is a Powerful Unseen FoeEphesians 6:12
Feb. 27thRemember: Prayer Is the Heart of the BattleEphesians 6:18-19
Feb. 28thGod’s Armor Is Vital Against Satan’s SchemesEphesians 6:11

March 2018

Mar. 1stUnseen Beings Affect Our Physical WorldGalatians 1:8
Mar. 2ndThere Are Only 2 Kingdoms: Darkness, & Light1 Peter 2:9
Mar. 3rdSatan Traps People to Do His Bidding2 Timothy 2:26
Mar. 4thDon’t Be Trapped by Desire for Wealth1 Timothy 6:9
Mar. 5thSatan Traps People Who Follow Human Wisdom1 Corinthians 3:18-19
Mar. 6thDrunkenness, Carousing, & Worry Are TrapsLuke 21:34-35
Mar. 7thWatch Out — Word Games Are Often Mind TrapsLuke 20:25-26
Mar. 8thFear of not Pleasing Others Is a Deadly TrapProverbs 29:25-26
Mar. 9thLoose Women Are Dangerous TrapsProverbs 23:27-28
Mar. 10thAmbition Can Become a Wicked TrapProverbs 11:5-6
Mar. 11thWickedness Is a Trap that Leads to DisasterProverbs 3:25-26
Mar. 12thGod alone Can Deliver You from Enemy TrapsPsalm 142:3-4
Mar. 13thObey God’s Commands to Avoid Enemy TrapsPsalm 119:110-111
Mar. 14thGod Rescues His Friends from Enemy TrapsPsalm 25:14-15
Mar. 15thGod Protects All Who Persevere in ObedienceRevelation 3:10-11
Mar. 16thJesus Prayed for Our Protection & UnityJohn 17:11
Mar. 17thPray & Watch Because Enemies Plan AttacksNehemiah 4:8-9
Mar. 18thHope Breeds Courage & Destroys FearJob 11:18-20
Mar. 19thGod Can Use Evil People to Protect the GodlyMark 6:19-20
Mar. 20thGod Protects Christians so We Can TestifyActs 26:21-23
Mar. 21stPray & Fear God & You’ll Have True RewardsI Peter 1:17-18
Mar. 22ndGod Call Us all to Be Fishers of MenMatthew 4:19-20
Mar. 23rdJesus’ Purpose Is Life, & Satan’s Is DeathJohn 10:9-10
Mar. 24thAnger Can Control You if You Let ItProverbs 29:11 NIV & Ephesians 4:26
Mar. 25thPray Through Troubles While Serving OthersRomans 12:11-12
Mar. 26thKindness Kills Anger & Wisdom Calms OthersProverbs 15:1-2
Mar. 27thGod Rejects Your Worship Until You ReconcileMatthew 5:23-24
Mar. 28thProve You Are God’s: Pray for Your EnemiesMatthew 5:44-45
Mar. 29thGod’s Power Works Through Our Weaknesses2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Mar. 30thLook Past Your Troubles to See Eternal Glory2 Corinthians 4:17-18
Mar. 31stIdolatry Should Trouble Us Toward OutreachActs 17:16-17

April 2018

Apr. 1stChristians Have Trouble Now & Victory LaterRomans 8:35, 37
Apr. 2ndDepression Isn't a New Problem — Pray Psalm 143:6-7
Apr. 3rdConceit Blinds You to Your Own FaultsPsalm 36:1-3
Apr. 4thPut God First & He Will See to Your NeedsMatthew 6:33-34
Apr. 5thGod Comforts Us so We Can Comfort Others2 Corinthians 4:3-4
Apr. 6thGod Uses Your Difficulties to Save OthersGenesis 45:4-5
Apr. 7thForgive Others — Even if They Haven't AskedLuke 23:33-34
Apr. 8thSuffering in This World Connects Us to Jesus2 Corinthians 4:8-10
Apr. 9thGod's Forgiveness Requires You to ForgiveMark 11:25
Apr. 10thUngodly People and the Second DeathRevelation 21:7-8
Apr. 11thExcuses Are Often LiesExodus 4:10 NCV & Acts 7:22
Apr. 12thGod Rescues the Faithful from Evil IntentionsActs 7:9-10
Apr. 13thGod Makes All Things Work Together for GoodRomans 8:28-29
Apr. 14thRest in the Peace of Jesus Until He ReturnsJohn 14:27-28
Apr. 15thHappiness Comes from Being Pure & ObedientPsalm 119:1-2
Apr. 16thGod Helps Those Living in Covenant with HimI Samuel 17:26
Apr. 17thGod Knows Everything You Will ever DoPsalm 139:16-17
Apr. 18thBeware: False Teachers May Be in Your Group2 Peter 2:1
Apr. 19thResist the Temptation to Follow the CrowdExodus 23:1-3
Apr. 20thFollowing God Daily Isn't Always an Easy PathExodus 15:22-23 NCV
Apr. 21stBe Brave Because the Lord Is on Our Side2 Chronicles 32:7-8
Apr. 22ndMore Than Any OtherMark 12:42-44
Apr. 23rdDiscovering God's Great TreasurePsalm 119:161-162
Apr. 24thDear Loved by GodMark 1:9-11
Apr. 25thHumble Prayer and Seeking2 Chronicles 7:14
Apr. 26thBe Undaunted!John 16:33
Apr. 27thGreatly Encouraged by Strong Faith1 Thessalonians 3:7-8
Apr. 28thOverflow of God's Grace2 Corinthians 8:1-3
Apr. 29thLast Days!2 Timothy 3:1-2
Apr. 30thA Fool and His Earthly WealthLuke 12:20-21

May 2018

May. 1stOur Place of EncouragementHebrews 10:24-25
May. 2ndLies Disguised as Truth1 Timothy 4:1-2
May. 3rdTrue Treasure, Not Rust and RuinMatthew 6:19-20
May. 4thThe Truth about Love1 Corinthians 13:4-5
May. 5thEnemies of God Don't Trust the BibleJames 4:4-5
May. 6thCancer in the BonesProverbs 14:29-30
May. 7thThose Whose Heart is Completely His2 Chronicles 16:9
May. 8thDemons Promote Worldly Theories About GodColossians 2:8
May. 9thGod Leads & Protects His Faithful ServantsIsaiah 52:11-12
May. 10thTrust God — He Guides, Rescues, & Hides YouPsalm 143:8-9
May. 11thGod even Examines Your Secret MotivesJeremiah 17:9-10
May. 12thGod Directs & Restores Godly PeoplePsalm 37:23-24
May. 13thGod Tests You to See if You Will Obey HimDeuteronomy 8:1-2
May. 14thWe Must Find the Lost SheepMatthew 18:11-13
May. 15thJesus Regularly Gathered with God's PeopleLuke 4:14-16
May. 16thSafety and Joy in the Lord's PresencePsalm 16:9-11
May. 17thGod's Faithfulness & Unfailing LoveProverbs 16:6-7
May. 18thUse Me to Open the Eyes of the LostActs 26:17-18
May. 19thGod Knows All About Me!Psalm 139:1-3
May. 20thHarassed by Satan?2 Corinthians 12:7
May. 21stSome Laws are Designed to Dishonor GodDaniel 6:7
May. 22ndGod, You Are My Hiding Place!Psalm 32:7-8
May. 23rdGod Will Clear the WayProverbs 3:5-6
May. 24thCome to the Lord for the Rest You NeedMatthew 11:28-30
May. 25thFreed from the Power of Sin!Romans 8:1-2
May. 26thThe Lord Is Our Only Brag!1 Corinthians 1:30-31
May. 27thStrength for Daily Life from JesusPhilippians 4:12-13
May. 28thPursuit of the Abundant Life2 Corinthians 9:8-9
May. 29thGod's Gift, Jesus' Sacrifice, Our Life!John 3:16
May. 30thGod Does What Seems ImpossibleLuke 18:27
May. 31stDon't Focus on Wealth — It Will DisappearProverbs 23:4-5

June 2018

Jun. 1stGod’s Generous ProvisionPhilippians 4:18-19
Jun. 2ndUnderstanding Is A Gift from GodDeuteronomy 29:2-4
Jun. 3rdNot Fear, But Power, Love, and Self-discipline2 Timothy 1:6-7
Jun. 4thAnswers and VictoryIsaiah 54:15, 17
Jun. 5thDon’t Be Afraid – God Fights for His PeopleDeuteronomy 1:29-30
Jun. 6thThe Only Way to GodJohn 14:6-7
Jun. 7thGuiding You to EternityPsalm 73:23-24
Jun. 8thOur Refuge Who Drives Our Enemies AwayDeuteronomy 33:26-27
Jun. 9thGod Rescues Us & Carries UsPsalm 68:19-21
Jun. 10thDiversify Your Good Works for GodEcclesiastes 11:5-6
Jun. 11thChristians Are Set Free from Sin’s PowerRomans 6:6-7
Jun. 12thGod Won’t Fail You, He Will Lead the WayDeuteronomy 31:6
Jun. 13thSeek God with All Your Heart & You’ll Find HimJeremiah 29:12-13
Jun. 14thListen Very Carefully: Guard Your HeartProverbs 4:20, 23
Jun. 15thA Good City Is Good for YouJeremiah 29:7
Jun. 16thPray During the Night – Stay Close to GodPsalm 63:6-8
Jun. 17thJesus Came to Show Mercy1 Timothy 1:15-16
Jun. 18thGod Will Help You Defeat Your EnemiesIsaiah 41:12-13
Jun. 19thUnder Slanderous Attacks I Trust in You!Psalm 56:2-4
Jun. 20thConfession and Cleansing1 John 1:9
Jun. 21stGood Spiritual Health3 John 2-3
Jun. 22ndMany Have Endured: You Can, Too!Hebrews 12:1
Jun. 23rdJesus Endured Much, so You Can, TooHebrews 12:2-3
Jun. 24thPrayer Brings Peace Which Guards Your HeartPhilippians 4:6-7
Jun. 25thGod’s Blessings Protect, Sustain, & Guard YouNumbers 6:24-26
Jun. 26thPrayerful Watchfulness Overcomes TemptationMark 14:38
Jun. 27thElders' Prayers Are PowerfulJames 5:14-15
Jun. 28thPrayer and Confession Produces Wonderful ResultsJames 5:16
Jun. 29thSelf-Examination Before Communion1 Corinthians 11:28-30
Jun. 30thDon’t Fear a Lack of Money – God Will HelpHebrews 13:5-6

July 2018

Jul. 1stMy Enemy Does Not Shout in Victory over MePsalm 41:11
Jul. 2ndFailure to Do What You Know Is Right Is SinJames 4:17
Jul. 3rdGodly Folks Desire Justice for the PoorProverbs 29:7
Jul. 4thGod Wants Us to Be Compassionate & Generous1 John 3:17
Jul. 5thThe Gospel Saves through FaithRomans 1:16-17
Jul. 6thGod Took Pleasure in Adopting UsEphesians 1:5
Jul. 7thProtected to ProclaimActs 26:22-223
Jul. 8thCome to Him in HumilityJames 4:8-10
Jul. 9thDisplaying God's Wisdom in Heavenly RealmsEphesians 3:10-11
Jul. 10thGod’s Spirit: The Author of UnityEphesians 4:3-6
Jul. 11thImmorality & Greed Keeps You Out of HeavenEphesians 5:5
Jul. 12thChristians Have God’s Spirit, Not the World’s1 Corinthians 2:11-12
Jul. 13thSexual Sin Blocks Our Path to God's Kingdom1 Corinthians 6:9-10
Jul. 14thGod's Power Over Death for Us!1 Corinthians 6:14
Jul. 15thShared Suffering Leads to Shared Comfort2 Corinthians 1:6-7
Jul. 16thCancelling our Sin, Giving us a Mission2 Corinthians 5:19
Jul. 17thTaking Every Thought Captive2 Corinthians 10:3-5
Jul. 18thGod’s Weapons Win Over Worldy Strongholds2 Corinthians 10:4
Jul. 19thDon't Let Your Mind Be Led Away2 Corinthians 11:3
Jul. 20thSatan & His Agents Can Be in Disguise2 Corinthians 11:14-15
Jul. 21stWho Are You Trying to Please?Galatians 1:10
Jul. 22ndFoolishly Tricked Away from the CrossGalatians 3:1
Jul. 23rdBlaming Others for Our SinGenesis 3:11-13
Jul. 24thSatan Will Be Punished ForeverRevelation 20:9-10
Jul. 25thDestroying OneselfJude 1:10-11
Jul. 26thDon't Be Led in the Wrong Way1 John 3:7-8
Jul. 27thWarn Each Other Every DayHebrews 3:13-14
Jul. 28thPersecution Coming!2 Timothy 3:12-13
Jul. 29thStay Strong in Jesus Without Being DeceivedColossians 2:4-5
Jul. 30thAvoid People Who Cause DivisionsRomans 16:17-18
Jul. 31stWatch Out for False Messiahs & ProphetsMark 13:21-23

August 2018

Aug. 1stPast Sins Do NOT Mean You Can’t Come to GodZechariah 3:3-4
Aug. 2ndJesus Holds the Keys to Death and HellRevelation 1:17-18
Aug. 3rdPray for Eyes to See Ourselves as God Sees UsRevelation 3:15-17
Aug. 4thLove God, Be Loyal, & Follow All His DirectionsDeuteronomy 11:22-23
Aug. 5thFaith Transforms You if You Trust His Word1 Corinthians 15:2
Aug. 6thVictory Comes by the Oil of the Holy SpiritZechariah 4:6
Aug. 7thGod Speaks, & Doors Open at His CommandRevelation 3:7
Aug. 8thGod Rescues His Faithful Messengers2 Peter 2:4-5
Aug. 9thGod Rescues the Godly & Punishes the Wicked2 Peter 2:8-9
Aug. 10thTurn to Jesus to Escape Enslaving Sing2 Peter 2:19-20
Aug. 11thServing God with Angels in HeavenZechariah 3:6-7
Aug. 12thDarkness: Where Liars Live1 John 1:6-7
Aug. 13thGod's Life-giving Power Delivers Us from Sin1 John 3:9-10
Aug. 14thProof We've Moved from Death to Life1 John 3:14-15
Aug. 15thDiscerning Human Desires from Spiritual Promptings1 Chronicles 21:1-2,7
Aug. 16thThe Powerful Spirit of God is in You1 John 4:4-5
Aug. 17thTesting the Purity of Our HeartsDeuteronomy 13:1-3
Aug. 18thGod's People Know His VoiceJohn 10:26-27
Aug. 19thVisions & WhispersJob 33:14-18
Aug. 20thGod's Army that Is With Us2 Kings 6:16-17
Aug. 21stGod Helps Those Who Turn from EvilAmos 5:14-15
Aug. 22ndThe Holy Spirit Helps Our PrayersRomans 8:26-27
Aug. 23rdLove Is Proved Through Our Generous Love1 John 3:16-17
Aug. 24thWhat Causes Our Fights and Quarrels?James 4:1-2
Aug. 25thBrought Near by the Blood of ChristEphesians 2:12-13
Aug. 26thDon't Yield to False Gods!Deuteronomy 32:16-18
Aug. 27thSacrificing Children & Polluting the LandPsalm 106:36-38
Aug. 28thKingdom Ambassadors with Power Over DemonsMatthew 10:5-8
Aug. 29thDo Not Stop Him!Mark 9:38-39
Aug. 30thSent to the End they FearLuke 8:30-32
Aug. 31stBaptized Believers Can Cast Out DemonsMark 16:16-18

September 2018

Sep. 1stAuthority Over Demons in Jesus' NameLuke 10:16-17
Sep. 2ndDon't Share the Altar with Demons1 Corinthians 10:18-20
Sep. 3rdObedience Shows Our Love for JesusLuke 14:15-17
Sep. 4thLove Displaces Fear of Judgment1 John 4:18-19
Sep. 5thGod Wants All People to Turn to Him!2 Peter 3:8-9
Sep. 6thGod Defends & Protects His OwnPsalm 5:11-12
Sep. 7thTrue Growth Because of PrayerColossians 1:9-10
Sep. 8thFaith Unleashes God's PowerHebrews 11:29-30
Sep. 9thRescued from Darkness, Transferred into LightColossians 1:12-13
Sep. 10thIn the Name of the Lord!1 Samuel 17:10, 16, 45
Sep. 11thSteadfast Under TrialJames 1:12
Sep. 12thDon't Give the Devil an Opportunity!Ephesians 4:27
Sep. 13thPray for Boldness, Not Just ProtectionActs 4:29-31
Sep. 14thFaith to See the Invisible GodHebrews 11:26-27
Sep. 15thFaith Saves and Is RewardedHebrews 11:7
Sep. 16thDemonic Powers Can't Separate Us from God's LoveRomans 8:38-39
Sep. 17thSuccess and Power Can Lead to Bad Choices2 Samuel 11:1-2
Sep. 18thGod Protects the Innocent and Loyal PeopleProverbs 2:6-8
Sep. 19thThe Lord Is My Savior, Shield, Refuge, and StrongholdPsalm 144:1-2
Sep. 20thGod Is a Refuge, a Shield, and a Source of HopePsalm 119:113-115
Sep. 21stGod Is Light and Protection for All Who TrustPsalm 84:11-12
Sep. 22ndGod Wants You Clearheaded and Confident1 Thessalonians 5:7-9
Sep. 23rdGod Is Savior, Shield, Safe Place, and ProtectorPsalm 18:1-3
Sep. 24thGod Allowed Faith to Free Us from PrisonGalatians 3:23-25
Sep. 25thFind Strength in God to Overcome!Psalm 18:29-31
Sep. 26thGod Destroys the Proud and Protects WidowsProverbs 15:24-26
Sep. 27thGod’s Wisdom Offers Insight and ProtectionProverbs 4:5-7
Sep. 28thGod Hears Our CriesPsalm 28:6-7
Sep. 29thThe Lord Lifts Up His PeoplePsalm 146:8-10
Sep. 30thGod Watches Over and Rescues His PeoplePsalm 33:18-21

October 2018

Oct. 1stWorship God — It Brings True RestLeviticus 16:29-31
Oct. 2ndKnow Plus Obey Equals Success and ConfidenceJoshua 1:8-9
Oct. 3rdGod Rescues from Oppression and SufferingJudges 2:18
Oct. 4thAll Are Dependent Upon GodRuth 1:1-2
Oct. 5thSolomon Prayed for God to Answer Prayer1 Kings 8:46-49
Oct. 6thExcess Drinking Can Lead to Abusive ActionsEsther 1:10-11
Oct. 7thGod Wants Us to Remove Any Hidden IdolatryLeviticus 14:37-38
Oct. 8thHappiness Is in Understanding and ObediencePsalm 119:33-35
Oct. 9thGod Is a Rock of Salvation and VictoryPsalm 62:1-2
Oct. 10thGod Strengthens and Protects from DisasterPsalm 46:1-2
Oct. 11thDon’t Worry, God Supports and StrengthensIsaiah 41:10-11
Oct. 12thListening to and Following Jesus Equals StabilityMatthew 7:24-25
Oct. 13thBe Thankful, Prayerful, Vocal, and Glad in Him1 Chronicles 16:8-11
Oct. 14thStudy God’s Word and Will WholeheartedlyPsalm 119:16-18
Oct. 15thPray You Will Exhibit God’s Love and Patience2 Thessalonians 3:4-5
Oct. 16thGod Is Your Front Guard AND Your Rear GuardPsalm 139:4-6
Oct. 17thGod’s People Doing Good Need Not Fear1 Peter 3:13-15
Oct. 18thPray – God Hears Your Voice and Your PrayersPsalm 116:1-4
Oct. 19thGod Frees People from Mental Slavery1 Corinthians 7:20-22
Oct. 20thGod Enriches Life and Brightens Your FuturePsalm 16:5-8
Oct. 21stGentiles (Us) Are Welcome in God’s KingdomActs 11:1-13
Oct. 22ndGod Wants Us to Share Stories About JesusLuke 21:13-15
Oct. 23rdGod Will Help You Escape Your EnemiesPsalm 124:6-8
Oct. 24thGod Truly Cares, and He Will Take Care of YouLuke 12:28-30
Oct. 25thPray to Be Able to Recognize Your Own FaultsLuke 6:41-42
Oct. 26thFear God with Reverence and Praise WorshipRevelation 14:7
Oct. 27thBe Respectful, Even to the Unkind and Dishonest1 Peter 2:16-18
Oct. 28thTrust God Because He Knows What He’s DoingIsaiah 55:8-9
Oct. 29thGod Rules, So Praise, Serve, and Honor HimRevelation 19:5-6
Oct. 30thWorry Never Accomplishes Anything at AllLuke 12:25-27
Oct. 31stDon’t Just Do Something; Stand TherePsalm 46:10-11

November 2018

Nov. 1stNOTHING Happens Without God’s PermissionLamentations 3:37-40
Nov. 2ndGod Does Miracles for His PeopleExodus 14:29-31
Nov. 3rdFollowing God Isn’t Always a Smooth Journey Numbers 10:11-12
Nov. 4thDoubts Come During Crisis – Stay FaithfulLuke 7:18-20
Nov. 5thNo Concern for the Poor Hinders PrayerIsaiah 58:7-9
Nov. 6thReturning to the Same Sin Hinders PrayerJeremiah 11:10-11
Nov. 7thLiving in Wickedness Hinders PrayerProverbs 15:27-29
Nov. 8thDoubt and Divided Loyalty Hinders PrayerJames 1:6-7
Nov. 9thSelfishness Hinders PrayerJames 4:3
Nov. 10thSpousal Mistreatment Hinders Prayer1 Peter 3:7
Nov. 11thDon’t Focus On Getting RevengeRomans 12:19-21
Nov. 12thPornography & Faithlessness Alienate GodIsaiah 57:8
Nov. 13thLies & Deceit Hinders Relationship With GodPsalm 101:6-8
Nov. 14thSome ACT Religious But Reject God’s Power2 Timothy 3:3-5
Nov. 15thSatan Looks For Sheep All Alone1 Peter 2:24-25
Nov. 16thGod Has Sheep Not In Your GroupJohn 10:15-16
Nov. 17thMake The Choice To Serve God FaithfullyJoshua 24:14-15
Nov. 18thGod Loves Prayer + Confession + FastingDaniel 9:3-4
Nov. 19thPrayer + Touch + Fasting Is EffectiveActs 13:2-3
Nov. 20thWatch For The Enemy & Pray For Your CityIsaiah 62:12-13
Nov. 21st
Nov. 22nd
Nov. 23rd
Nov. 24th
Nov. 25th
Nov. 26th
Nov. 27th
Nov. 28th
Nov. 29th
Nov. 30th

December 2018

Dec. 1st
Dec. 2nd
Dec. 3rd
Dec. 4th
Dec. 5th
Dec. 6th
Dec. 7th
Dec. 8th
Dec. 9th
Dec. 10th
Dec. 11th
Dec. 12th
Dec. 13th
Dec. 14th
Dec. 15th
Dec. 16th
Dec. 17th
Dec. 18th
Dec. 19th
Dec. 20th
Dec. 21st
Dec. 22nd
Dec. 23rd
Dec. 24th
Dec. 25th
Dec. 26th
Dec. 27th
Dec. 28th
Dec. 29th
Dec. 30th
Dec. 31st

About this Devotional

Spiritual Warfare is a daily devotional about God’s power for our battles.

The Prayer for Spiritual Warfare is written by Steve Hemphill.