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Of First Importance
I suppose I was like all children in thinking Christmas is the most important day of the year. Then came 1941 when I learned some facts of life that destroyed... (read more)

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Do You Believe in Miracles? Yes!
Thirty-four years later Al Michaels is still broadcasting sports, but his career will always be defined by eleven seconds on February 22, 1980... (read more)

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Lord, Teach Me to Pray
I think sometimes that I don't understand anything about prayer. I pray a lot, mind you. It's just that I don't understand a great deal about... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Kingdom Leadership'

A Few Minutes Alone
God is present everywhere and participates in all the circumstances of our lives. It is not necessary to shut down the rest of your life or retreat to a ... (read more)
Strange Confession of a Satanist
I don't know much about satanism or satanists. My only personal contact with an alleged satanic cult came years ago now when I... (read more)
The Mission Matrix
Before you can identify who your new Senior Minister should be, you have to know who you are as a church. And, in particular, you need to understand your... (read more)
Community and Mission
"What in the world are we supposed to do? Our leaders seem to lack vision?" These words poured out of a church member frustrated at not seeing... (read more)
History and Mission
Addressing a disheartened and apathetic band of believers on the verge of throwing in the towel, the writer of Hebrews urges them to remember those earlier days... (read more)
A Humble Suggestion
If Luther's Reformation made "every man a priest," then Zuckerberg's revolution has made "every man a Shakespeare." In times past, a writer... (read more)
Examen: Thinking through my Years
At this time of the year, I practice a simple form of Examen — Examination of Conscience — taught to me by my dear friend... (read more)
And God Saw that It Was Good
1968 was a bad year in America! Right out of the box, January saw the Vietnam War take another disastrous turn as the Tet Offensive... (read more)
Gifts and Mission
"Play to your strengths" is a cliché commonly cited by sport, business, and personal gurus. It encourages finding out what you're good at... (read more)
People in the Process of Mission
“The church would be a great place if it weren’t for the people.” I’ve heard preachers make that statement. Elders too. I’ve even heard unbelievers... (read more)
Mission and Bible Study
These words are usually said emphatically, as if uttering them puts the whole subject of a congregation's mission to rest, permanently. And at one level... (read more)
Prayer and Mission
If you want to discover your congregation's God-given purpose, there can be no starting point other than prayer. If that's not immediately apparent... (read more)
It Starts with Mission
In the process of finding a new Senior Minister, most churches are ready, eager, and willing to jump right in and get things done. They are keen to start... (read more)
A little Bit of Mission Stubbornness
I typically consider "stubborn" as a negative attribute, but when it comes to a church's mission, I think a little stubbornness might be a key ingredient to long-term success. Notice I wrote, "a little stubbornness... (read more)
The Communication Illusion
Years ago, I heard Brent Musburger tell a Yogi Berra story on his radio program. Like so many Yogi stories, it sounds thoroughly apocryphal. But it just could... (read more)
Time to Re-prime?
I was recently asked, "Can a congregation regain its former glory once it is past its prime." The answer to that question is as simple as it is harsh... (read more)
Bill Knapp's Keeps Me up at Night
Bill Knapp's was a Michigan institution. Most of the restaurants in the chain were built exactly alike, so they were instantly recognizable. You could walk into a Bill Knapp's anywhere in the state and instantly... (read more)
Seasons in the Life of a Congregation
I'm getting older. Can't run as fast or long as once was true. I ache in places I never noticed before. I wear tri-focals. My memory isn't what it used to be. (Where did I put my iPhone?)... (read more)
What's Missing from the North American Church?
Sorting through a new catalog that came my way recently I noticed a list of "Home Bible Study" guides — and they were on all sorts of "relevant" topics and "heart felt needs" like marriage and children and social justice... (read more)
Discovering the Character of Your Church: Values & Integrity
I am a major fan of following directions. When assembling a piece of furniture for example, I love to lay out all the parts, read through the instructions, and then... (read more)
Discovering the Character of Your Church: Personal vs. shared Values
As a church leader, ask yourself a few questions: What makes our church tick? What values lie behind the decisions we make, where we spend our money... (read more)
Discovering the Character of your Church: 'Are' Values or 'Should' Values?
Churches can get caught between the "rock" of their ideals and aspirations and the "hard place" of custom, comfort zones, and expectations. This "between"... (read more)
Discovering the Character of Your Church: Core Values
Core values are deeply-held understandings and attitudes that guide a church in its planning and decision-making processes. They form the... (read more)

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