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The Sweet Grace of Opportunity
"I can't help but wonder what might have been?" Most of us have thought this. We may have wondered this question to... (read more)

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A Call from God
Getting a call from God was unusual but not unheard of as one reads the Bible. However, if you were the recipient of such an interaction, life changed.... (read more)

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Born of the Spirit
"It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!" Almost everyone has heard this truism. Many who have heard it actually believe it... (read more)

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Older Articles

Losing Your Footing?
All our TV and print media are filled with frightening stories of terrorists, plots to murder national leaders, threats to the general public, and strategies for... (read more)
God Wants Everybody To Be Saved
Pray for everybody. That's what the apostle Paul tells his friend Timothy in the second chapter of the book of the Bible we call 1 Timothy. He says to pray for kings and rulers so that "we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness... (read more)
Keep in Step with the Spirit
You may think I'm a clod of a man, but I have to confess something: "I don't get it!" I know that reality TV shows, especially those with... (read more)
Safe Place?
What happened last week in Paris is a reminder of so many things — how evil evil is and how vulnerable we are ... (read more)
You Can Stop Living in the Past
The future will always look better than our past.... (read more)
In the Power of the Spirit
By most people's standards, they were country hicks. Their names were Nan and Vail. They spent most of their adult life scraping... (read more)
The Missing Link
The term "missing link" occasionally makes headlines in terms of a skeleton or fossil being unearthed. But it also fits... (read more)
Praise from the Pit
We know the story: God said go one way, Jonah went the other. Waves crashed violently against a boat and the crew decided... (read more)
The Wise Men
So Christmas has come and gone. Or has it? The 12 days of Christmas don't end on December 25. They begin either on the 25th or 26th, depending on which region of the world you are in, and run right through Epiphany, on January 6.... (read more)
Fresh Air from Heaven's Wind
Choking. Gasping. Wheezing. Panicking. I can't breathe! What do I do? As a thirteen year old asthmatic, I was trying to stay calm. It wasn't working. With no rescue inhaler and stuck where I was, I wasn't... (read more)
Tiny Enough for All of Us
Christmas is over. If you were like us, we did our traditional pack up the Christmas decorations on New Year's day. Now it's back to... (read more)
The Best New Year Ever
Jesus offers the one real chance to start over, to be forgiven, and to find purpose. ... (read more)
Finding Jesus: Experiencing Jesus as Immanuel
Jesus longs to draw near to us and to be real to us. He will not force himself into our lives. He is looking for people willing to... (read more)
A Prayer about Things We Cannot Change
So what kind of attitude are you going to carry into the New Year? Be honest with yourself: many things about your life boil down to the hand you have been dealt. You can't change... (read more)
The Parable of the Birds
When I was growing up in church, we didn't celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmastime because we weren't sure... (read more)
Good News for Christmas
We love stories around Christmas time, don't we? And so did Bob. He was thirty-five years old and working for ... (read more)
The Reason
Ordained by God, proclaimed by prophets, heralded by angels, and hoped for by His creations, the story of the Savior's birth still resonates today in the hearts of mankind.... (read more)
The Weather when Jesus Came
December 2012 feels a lot like early May. Highs in the 80's. Lows in the high 50's. The long drought... (read more)
Christmas is about...
Santa is still strong this time of year. So are Rudolph, Prancer, and the other reindeer. Frosty is good. I've even seen larger... (read more)
The Scent of Myrrh
My jammie pants ended up in the dryer... again! At 5'10", I have a hard enough time getting them to reach my ankles without ... (read more)
God With Us
Immanuel. A beautiful name that means "God with us." It's a name that we associate with Christmas, for it's mentioned in Matthew's telling of Jesus' birth. But Immanuel was actually someone who lived a long time before Jesus.... (read more)
Finding Jesus: O Living Word
We gathered around the bed of this sweet and frail sister in Christ whose body was failing. She had raised a family by herself — she had been abandoned by her alcoholic... (read more)
Remembering What Really Matters
My theory is that most people spend most of their time sweating over things that won't really matter when all is said and done. You've probably heard the one about... (read more)
The Gift We Really Need
Christmas and tragedy are poor bedfellows. In this season of Advent as we remember the coming of Christ, we long for... (read more)
Baby Jesus Grew Up... and then He Died
The cross is not cute, nor is it cuddly. But it is life.... (read more)
Finding Jesus: Be Born in Me!
What does it mean for Jesus to come alive in my heart? Can Jesus really be real to me? Can I really know Jesus... (read more)
What's Most Important?
When you know what it is really important, life becomes easier. When you are clear about your purpose in life, many... (read more)
The Choirboys Led the Charge
The special troops that the king sent out were singers! These men marched at the front of the army, singing and praising God. They celebrated the victory that God had promised, even before it happened.... (read more)
'... and thankful!'
When that wry smirk showed in the corners of his mouth, I knew I was about to hear something special. G-daddy (my grandfather) said simply... (read more)
Your Invitation to a Year with Jesus
Dear Friend, I am inviting you to spend this next year getting to know Me more completely through daily time together in... (read more)
Walk This Way
There are excuses and objections to overcome if you want to follow Jesus. But we walk on with purpose.... (read more)
'...and thankful!'
I am thankful for that desire to not settle. I am thankful for that hunger to keep growing toward Jesus. I am thankful that... (read more)
God's Grace in a Pumpkin
We rattled and rolled down the narrow bumpy roads on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was with our two Chinese... (read more)
The Scorned Virtue
A virtue that gets little attention and practically no praise in modern settings is humility. Perhaps it is because our culture tends... (read more)
Be Strong and Courageous
He had been the apprentice, assistant, the adjunct for years. Now it was time for him to be the leader of the raucous, nomadic, and hard headed group of under achievers. Now he was responsible…for everything. Whatever he decided would affect the lives o... (read more)
'...and thankful!'
We are over-familiar with choice. We are burdened by it, confused with it, over-spenders because of it, and drowning... (read more)
Act(s) 1: Scene 4 — Constantly in Prayer
I've always been amazed at the somewhat casual manner in which Luke reports Jesus' ascension. He writes as if... (read more)
A Little Each Day
The really good coaches are smart cookies. Forget the "dumb jock" jokes, and pay attention to their ability to... (read more)
Be Careful Where You Build
If you're going to spend over $650,000 building a new house, there's one important thing to do before you begin: make sure you are building in the right place.... (read more)
'...and thankful!'
Jesus had moved along the border between Galilee and Samaria — a journey right in the middle of Jewish, Gentile, and... (read more)
Do Not Be Afraid
Fear can paralyze individuals, making them incapable of acting rationally. And irrational fear can send a whole nation... (read more)
Have You Stopped Believing in God?
But I do believe he loves us, does what is best, and is preparing us for a better life that never ends. ... (read more)
Postscript Praise
"The devil's in the details!" Yes, I know that folk proverb is often true. However, there are many more times that... (read more)
Act(s) 1: Scene 3 — Witnesses
"Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?" This question exposes multiple misunderstandings... (read more)
How to Heal the Internet
The world's wide — both the real one and the reality of the world wide web. There are words all over the map. I tell myself... (read more)
Choose This Day
"Choose this day…" Joshua, the leader of God's people, was addressing his countrymen. They had conquered the land that God had promised to give them and were ready to settle in their new homes. Now Joshua calls on them to make a choice.... (read more)
The Women
For me, they are some of the most haunting words of the whole Bible: Then everyone deserted him and fled... (read more)

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