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It Is Not Too Late
Becoming a Christian late in life will make a statement to your family about what matters.... (read more)

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Closing Time
Tears. Hugs. Promises. More tears. Sad eyes. The last day of our mission at The Community* is always an emotional one... (read more)

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The Declining Church
The first third of Acts (chapters 1-9) tells us about a church handling transition well: from tiny to massive, popular to persecuted... (read more)

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Older Articles

'If it Aint Broke, Don't Fix It?'
"If it aint broke, don't fix it!" Though highly ungrammatical, this statement is held as a truism of life in my West Texas neck of the woods and many... (read more)
Peruvian Homecoming
How do you come home to a place that is over four thousand miles from your home? Simple. Part of your family lives there! That's what I felt when we pulled into... (read more)
Sinners and Holy People
The Jews saw tax collectors as collaborators, for these men worked with the Roman occupiers of the Jewish homeland. In addition, the tax system left plenty of room for corruption, and tax collectors had earned a reputation for dishonesty.... (read more)
Finding True Center
"We can't be all circumference with no center." I read these words years ago. I have to remind myself of them often. I believe they are true. I want to live my life... (read more)
Defining Faithfulness
Most of the good things that happen in God's kingdom result from transition. The flood waters that saved righteous Noah. Abraham trading his home for a... (read more)
When Home Makes a Heart Call
He had whined about going but church camp meant only six days away from home. I wondered if my 11-year-old son, Russell, our homebody child... (read more)
Lost and Found
He pointed out how happy everyone is when the lost thing is found. ... (read more)
Sing the Jesus Song!
When I ask folks what is their favorite book of the Bible, many enthusiastically say, "Philippians!" When I ask them why, they respond, "Because it's... (read more)
A Fan
I am a baseball fan, and in spite of living in Texas Rangers country, I root for the New York Yankees. But to be honest, my Yankees were the teams from 1958-1964. The names of Howard, Berra, Ford, Mantle, Maris, Stengal, and Kubek remind me of my "wonder ... (read more)
Jesus Goes Home
So why did Mark include this event? In a gospel emphasizing Jesus' power, why put in a story saying that Jesus "couldn't do any miracles among them"?... (read more)
Going to the Dogs
Our family loves dogs. We live on a large farm, so we have several. Some of them were adopted from the animal shelter while others are pure-bred. They each... (read more)
When they are in the middle of a chase, the dogs become frustrated when they find a fence between them and their target. If the ground is soft enough, they quickly burrow under the obstacle and continue the chase.... (read more)
Refuse to Make Jesus Boring
I fly. In fact, I've flown a lot lately. So I have caught myself in a sympathetic smile as the pre-flight video begins to play or the flight attendant begins to... (read more)
The Plateaued Church
The conversion of Saul drained much of the energy from the persecution that had scattered the Jerusalem church. The arrests and seizures dwindled. So long as... (read more)
When You Lead
Have you ever seen a leadership position ruin someone? (Please be aware that I am distinguishing actual leadership from merely holding... (read more)
I Preached My Dad's Funeral
Because of that faith, I am confident I will see my Dad again. And I cannot imagine how I would have faced his funeral without that confidence.... (read more)
The Hardest Lesson Learned
Isn't it amazing how quickly we can lose our way when we are on our own and think we are following the right path for ourselves? Years ago, ... (read more)
In 1951, I was just beginning my college career, still searching for that Special Someone, and hoping to become a father some day. In that same year... (read more)
A Saved Life
The door to the classroom slowly opened. Long boney fingers clung to the door as an unknown person entered. She carefully shuffled her feet as... (read more)
The Night I Was Argentine
The World Cup wasn’t part of my life growing up. I loved sports, even though I wasn’t particularly athletic. I watched football, basketball, hockey, golf, bowling. But not soccer. In the southern United States in the 1960s and 1970s, soccer was not a par... (read more)
Nothing Left But the Center Stripe
Big bright orange signs were on each side of the road on our divided street. The sign on the right side... (read more)
The Rhythms of the Kingdom
There is a certain rhythm to life in the kingdom of God. Ups and downs, good times and hard times, peaks and valleys. But, frankly, we're not very fond of... (read more)
My Refrigerator Kid
She had jumped off my fridge and into my heart.... (read more)
Do You Want to Live Longer and Be Happier?
...becoming a Christian is not about what makes you happy or helps you live longer. ... (read more)
Somewhere Down the Road
Dear Dad, I really miss you today. I'm not sure exactly why, but it just hit me as I was writing daily devotionals and listening to Amy Grant sing an old... (read more)
The first third of Acts records the story of a church dealing with change... and handling it pretty well. As the book of Acts opens, it tells of a time when... (read more)
All Undone
At a loss, Cynthia fingered the intricate lace bordering her handmade pillowcase. Its silken threads slide through her fingers. Just like life's energy... (read more)
Heaven and Hell
God wants all of His people to be with Him forever. He's planned on that from the beginning and even prepared a place far more beautiful than any imaginative conjuring we could create.... (read more)
Faith, Hope, Love & Deployment
True love tattoos itself on your heart. You are scarred. In a good way. It's a scar that serves to remind you of something so powerful it transformed... (read more)
Following God in the Wilderness
Sherry has been divorced for five years. Recently, she met a man who stirs something inside her. Sherry realizes how lonely she's been, but is still a bit surprised by... (read more)
Listen to the Rain
We have a screened-in sun porch where I love to sit, especially when it's raining. There's just something about the sound and smell of rain that is soothing... (read more)
Discovering Jesus
When the promised Messiah arrived, the Pharisees rejected him and plotted to have him killed, despite having spent their entire lives reading about his coming. Why? He wasn't what they expected him to be.... (read more)
Let There Be Light
Light. Light has such power. Just a flicker of light can shine through the deepest darkness and be seen from far distances — the deeper the darkness, the more... (read more)
Revelation & Transformation in the Wilderness
Periodically, I am asked if there is a preacher shortage. My answer is that there is no shortage of preachers, but that there is a shortage of good preachers ... (read more)
The Thing about Sorrow
One minute you're sitting in a Nigerian classroom or you're running a half marathon or your family is joyfully anticipating the birth of a baby ... (read more)
Alzheimer's and Jesus
I also cling to the fact that someday I will be able to know my Dad again.... (read more)
Mom, You're the Real MVP
You'll never hear basketball fans in Texas or Oklahoma ask, "Kevin Who?" Texas Longhorn fans are still a little miffed that Kevin Durant was... (read more)
Thanks Mom!
Easter weekend 2001 was supposed to be a great time in the Warehouse. Our son Zach was driving home... (read more)
A Mother's Beautiful and Tenacious Grace
Real beauty has depth. When I looked into the face of Lucy, a long-term caregiver, I saw true loveliness — carved by sacrifice and choice. In a cozy tearoom... (read more)
Faith and Faithfulness
Faith isn't intellectual assent. It isn't the acceptance of the truth of certain ideas. Faith involves devotion, loyalty, and obedience. A man who has faith in God plans to do whatever God asks of him.... (read more)
How do you feel about darkness? Most of us don't like it. Many of us fear it. Few of us face it voluntarily. Darkness comes in all sorts of forms. Darkness can be the absence... (read more)
The Discipline of the Wilderness
The wilderness is a time of "in-between" — caught between the past and an unknown future. What was familiar has been left behind. Disoriented and... (read more)
Take Heed!
About a month ago, I was at my daughter's house keeping my granddaughter when I saw a flash of red go past the window. When I investigated, I found... (read more)
Sharing Your Birthday
While we affluent Americans expect (perhaps even demand) that our birthdays be special, children in poverty see their birthdays with a completely different perspective.... (read more)
The Truth about Hypocrites at Church
We do mean what we say about Jesus. We are trying to live up to our profession of faith. But we are not perfect.... (read more)
The Land of In-between
We don't like being in between anything — not big trucks on the highway, not a rock and a hard place, not jobs, not a hammer and nail, and not... (read more)
Hope in the Wilderness
The interim season between preaching ministers can be a confusing and disorienting time for a congregation and its leaders. Familiar routines... (read more)

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