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A Lot of Telling to Do
I believe that each individual Christian has the duty, obligation, responsibility to tell their friends about Jesus. While some, maybe most, will not listen for long, we owe it to them and to Jesus to speak. For we have a lot of telling to do.... (read more)

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Compassion after Easter
Have you ever wondered what the disciples did after that first Sunday of experiencing the resurrected Jesus? How was life different for Jesus' disciples... (read more)

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Of First Importance
I suppose I was like all children in thinking Christmas is the most important day of the year. Then came 1941 when I learned some facts of life that destroyed... (read more)

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Older Articles

Easter Clothes
When I was a kid I didn't like Easter Sunday. At least not the church part. It was one time a year my brother and I were expected to get "dressed up" for church. We'd shine our... (read more)
More than a Gamble over Clothes
The soldiers on Jesus' crucifixion detail cast lots and gambled for his clothes as he bled and died on the cross. The crowd mocked Jesus. And he slowly died in unspeakable agony... (read more)
The Substitute
In Genesis 22, we find the story of Abraham being told to offer his son Isaac on Mt. Moriah. We can only imagine his agony as he takes his son "Isaac, whom you love" on that three-day death march. Could he look him in the eye? Could he sleep at night? As ... (read more)
Hate Crime or Love Offering?
Hate crime! These two simple words tell the story of such an ugly and angry truth. What happened to Jesus in Jerusalem during his Passion was... (read more)
Sweet Redemption
Boston preacher Dr. S. D. Gordon took a rusted and battered birdcage to his pulpit one Easter Sunday and left his audience to wonder until he was... (read more)
Deep Roots
Another tree fell at our church this week. Her name was Mrs. Virginia Beasley, known to her church family as Miss Beasley. For the past 15 years... (read more)
How Can I Find Out More About Jesus?
The book of Luke in the New Testament is the story of life of Jesus. Then read the book of Acts. It is the story of the early followers of Jesus.... (read more)
I Wonder What I Don't Get?
Jesus is headed to Jerusalem to face the cross. He has repeatedly warned his disciples that his humiliating rejection and crucifixion were coming... (read more)
Do You Believe in Miracles? Yes!
Thirty-four years later Al Michaels is still broadcasting sports, but his career will always be defined by eleven seconds on February 22, 1980... (read more)
Mountains and Mulberries
The Master of Prayer encouraged small-faith disciples to go lumber jacking after big targets. Mountains and mulberry trees seem not to have much in common, but Jesus used both ... (read more)
"I'm afraid of what might happen to the church if abundance comes to the island." That's how one of my Christian friends in Cuba described his country's situation. People in Cuba are going through a time of hardship, with the weight of international dispu... (read more)
Lose One and You're Done
March Madness and the NCAA basketball tournament is now down to its final 8 teams. Just a little over a week-and-a-half ago, there were ... (read more)
Lord, Teach Me to Pray
I think sometimes that I don't understand anything about prayer. I pray a lot, mind you. It's just that I don't understand a great deal about... (read more)
The Fourth Quarter
I was raised in a home that loved Jesus, church, family and basketball. My dad was a University of Kentucky fan and if the Cats were playing, the whole family watched. When I grew up I married a "yankee" who ... (read more)
God Is Watching You... and That Is a Good Thing
Some see the God who is loving, proud, supportive, and welcoming even when we fail… maybe especially when we fail. ... (read more)
A Major Comeback?
You can imagine my humorous delight to see the notice in my Gmail Inbox from saying: "Johnny Cash's New Album Releasing March 25... (read more)
Broken Things
Many of us are broken at one time or another. We are sometimes broken in spirit, sometimes broken in body, sometimes broken in relationships and sometimes... (read more)
No God Could Forgive Me!
"You can't understand. I've done things to my family, to strangers, to myself," the words were said almost defiantly and his eyes looked straight into mine. Then he lowered his gaze to his hands and almost whispered, "I'm bad and no god could forgive me!"... (read more)
Now, so what?
In a recent interview in Rolling Stone Magazine, Bill gates was asked about many things — his involvement in his foundation to...... (read more)
how to learn the language of happiness
There's sun on the snow and in the morning porridge bowls. The boys argue loud, who knows about what — sometimes we don't understand each other. Sometimes we're speaking the same language but we... (read more)
A Few Minutes Alone
God is present everywhere and participates in all the circumstances of our lives. It is not necessary to shut down the rest of your life or retreat to a ... (read more)
Trash or Treasure?
In an art gallery in Italy, an employee of a cleaning firm discarded random bits of newspaper, cardboard, and cookies, not realizing that it was a display of contemporary art. The display was valued at 10,000 euros (over $13,000), but lost all value when ... (read more)
Experience Immanuel
"If Jesus is raised from the dead, then he is alive and I can know him today!" These words shared by a young Chinese seeker cut right to the heart... (read more)
Those First 5 Years
My mother was a teacher. She told me many, many times that the first 5 years of a child's life were the most important. I knew... (read more)
Strange Confession of a Satanist
I don't know much about satanism or satanists. My only personal contact with an alleged satanic cult came years ago now when I... (read more)
I May Know Why You Are Reading This
I believe God still works to connect believers with those seeking answers.... (read more)
Love Will Travel
Donna and I slowly climbed out of our Saturday morning sleep to find several sweet pictures posted on Facebook® from our recent trip... (read more)
Potholes Ahead
The lead story on our local news this morning was about potholes. After the rough winter we have experienced already, the roads are a mess... (read more)
Can I Be Forgiven?
A few months before his death, Mikhail Kalashnikov wrote a letter to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Kalashnikov wanted to know if he was responsible for all of the deaths caused by his greatest invention, the AK-47 assault rifle.... (read more)
Jesus with Dirt on His Face and No Place to Sleep
The group of teenagers spoke with passion — some even had tears in their eyes as they shared their stories. They had been among some of the... (read more)
Life Among the Outcasts
I read a book over the recent holiday break that I am requiring of students in one of my classes. It says several things most of us desperately need to... (read more)
Asking and Honoring
Few could disagree that he was a strange sort. His appearance alone reflected that, as did his diet of locusts. Yes, locusts. But that isn't what set... (read more)
Old Clothes and New Life
You live so long with guilt and shame that feeling useless and worthless seems normal, even comfortable. ... (read more)
I Need More Than Me!
Jesus promised, "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" (Matthew 18:20). This promise of Jesus is astounding. Yet we... (read more)
The Mission Matrix
Before you can identify who your new Senior Minister should be, you have to know who you are as a church. And, in particular, you need to understand your... (read more)
God at Our Feet
Our friend had quadruple bypass surgery and his first hospital stay. Instead of parking in the ministers' reserved area and visiting the sick... (read more)
Been Thinkin’ About Heaven
I've been thinkin' about Heaven, a lot, lately. And I've decided that I don't care what it looks like, or if we have to wait a 1000 years, or if everything I know will be made new. Heaven is where God and Jesus are and that's where I want to be.... (read more)
O Come, Please Come, Immanuel
Our churches hunger for it. Our people yearn for it. If we are honest with ourselves, we have a deep and insatiable longing for it. This "it" for which we... (read more)
Do Our Churches Prefer Cushions over Crosses?
I don't know the writings and sermons of Martin Luther King, Jr. very well. That strikes me as an unfortunate thing, for the little I have read and heard lets me know ... (read more)
When Your Hero Falls
His name was Uzziah, and we read his story in the Bible, in the book of 2 Chronicles, chapter 26. We can read that he was a religious man, trying to do what God wanted. Because of that, God blessed the king with great success, militarily and economicall... (read more)
The ARC of Grace
Isolated. Alone. Forbidden. Labeled. Diseased. Terminal. Forsaken. Forgotten. Desperate. For a variety of skin conditions... (read more)
Worship Is a Lifestyle
Worship is a Lifestyle, not just a once a week on Sunday deal we make with God! "If you will not worship God seven days a week, you will not worship Him... (read more)
Time to Throw Away the Old Calendar
Healing and forgiveness for past, purpose for you present, hope for your future. ... (read more)
The Waiting Is the Hardest Part
Waiting is hard work. I confess, I am not good at this work of waiting. I am impatient. Sometimes my impatience borders on an ugly arrogance — "Why should I have to wait so long for something like this?" Sometimes... (read more)
Community and Mission
"What in the world are we supposed to do? Our leaders seem to lack vision?" These words poured out of a church member frustrated at not seeing... (read more)
Ordinary or Not?
Like it, or not, with the Indiana Jones movies, Spielberg has given us the epitome of the American hero, the knowledgeable good guy facing impossible odds... (read more)
Nelson Mandela took a bit of proverbial wisdom and made it his: "Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies." Others had said it before him, but Mandela lived it out in a public way, showing nothing but forgiveness toward... (read more)

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