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Black Lives Matter
The cover story of Time magazine this week is "Black Lives Matter." Yes, they do. And so do brown lives, and lives of every shade... (read more)

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You Have To Decide Who Jesus Is
That would mean he really did die for you sins. It would mean he really was raised from the dead.... (read more)

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On the Other Side
He called out to them, yet they didn't recognize him until something unexpected happened.... (read more)

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Older Articles

Unworthy and Under-qualified
"I just don't think I can do it." How many times have we thought that? How many times have we said that? How many times have we been told that?... (read more)
The Real Root of Brokenness
It’s after I cut the squash right open. The two halves split and quartered there on the cutting board. After the paint brushes are washed out, after the... (read more)
Warming Up to Love!
Precious. Tiny. Nervous. Maria stood in front of all of her classmates with another little girl — also named Maria... (read more)
They Ran!
Then as they gazed at the place where his remains should have been they hear the words "He is risen!" Those words changed their lives, changed the world. The story is so important that all four Gospels tell it, albeit from different vantage points. ... (read more)
Father Forgive Them!
The familiar words of the Lord's Prayer have been inspiring and instructive as well as comforting and challenging... (read more)
Surprising Service
It was a hot day in the Uruguayan countryside. Gerhald Acosta wasn't allowed to enter the factory that day because his I.D. card had expired. Now he was hitchhiking home, watching car after car pass by him without stopping. Finally an SUV stopped, toge... (read more)
Oasis of Safety
This place was an oasis of safety in a desert of violence.... (read more)
Stay Teachable
One of my all-time favorite quotes is from legendary basketball coach John Wooden:
What really counts in life is what you learn after you know... (read more)
Do I Have to Go to Church if I Become a Christian? are expected to meet with other Christians.... (read more)
Holding Jesus' Miracles in My Hands
Do you remember playing chase as a kid? There was always a place designated as home base. It was the safe place. No matter how fast, how mean, or how determined your chaser... (read more)
Alert to Satan's Tactics
Comedian Flip Wilson made a fortune with this line: "The Devil made me do it!" And I for one will not deny that Satan seduces, captures... (read more)
The One with the Power
When Jesus lived on this earth, he did a lot of signs and miracles. One of the most amazing was witnessed by only a small group of Jesus' followers. Jesus was in the region of Galilee, near the large freshwater lake called Kinneret, the one sometimes call... (read more)
Fifty Shades of Grace: Delight
"Why are you Jesus-types such a bunch of prudes?" "What's wrong, can't you just have a little fun?" "Why do you teach that sex... ... (read more)
But Who Won the Game?
There is a juvenile correctional facility in Gainesville, Texas, for youthful felony offenders. All states have such facilities, and Texas ... (read more)
A Grey Sponge or a Pure Heart
My little granddaughter is not yet 2 years old and she hasn't outgrown the "put everything I find in my mouth" stage. Today I pulled a... (read more)
Setting Up Your Family for the Future
I can start a spiritual heritage in my family right now. In fact, I have spiritually set up my family. You can too. ... (read more)
Fifty Shades of Grace: Submission
Submission. Wow, what a loaded concept. What a powder keg for discussion. What a necessary truth that needs to be... (read more)
What a Bunch of Suckers
One human being who truly loves another one does not negotiate a list of expected behaviors and get the other to sign... (read more)
Subject line of the email simply read, "Mini Brant Reunion". I received that note a few days after visiting my cousin and his wife on Long Island, a cousin I hadn't seen in 45 years. The gist of that brief email was that we should have a family reunion. T... (read more)
Fifty Shades of Grace: Intimacy
Intimate. Intimacy. What comes to your mind when you think of these words? The Bible says we were made to be ... (read more)
Letting Hatred Go...
"Your hatred of her is unjustified," the teacher said as a man ranted about his ex-wife. "What do you mean unjustified?" he spit out. "You have... (read more)
The Least of These
While on vacation in New York, a French tourist named Karine Valnais Gombeau was deeply moved by the number of homeless people she saw. When she noticed a disheveled-looking man searching through the trash near Grand Central Station, she quickly offered h... (read more)
Fifty Shades of Grace:
Exchanging Gods
Grace! Grace is the new world given to us in Jesus. Grace is the air we breathe in our relationship with the Father as his beloved... (read more)
Fifty Shades?
So maybe you've heard something about a little movie that came out this past weekend. The film is based on a book that was a "modest" hit a couple... (read more)
How Can I Read Them All?
But God also knows that he has a message for you. The Bible.... (read more)
One minute we are cruising along enjoying life. The next we feel the bump and shudder of the collision as our heart is ripped apart... (read more)
Buying the Gear, But Not Working Out!
Maybe we should go at it differently. If you really have a passion to hike or camp, get the best gear you can afford that will let you do it safely and so you can enjoy... (read more)
Have You Seen The Grand Canyon?
It was May 1982. Five of us were driving from Texas to Long Beach, California, to spend the summer working with a church there. We decided to drive "the northern route" (Interstate 40) so that we could stop by and see the Grand Canyon.... (read more)
Not Left as Orphans
Years ago, we were going to a new church. When it came time to head home one evening, we could not find our 22 month old son. He had been with us just a few... (read more)
'A Sort of Christ'
A strange thing seems to have happened over the course of church history... Didn't Jesus send his disciples into ... (read more)
There Are No Adequate Words
One thousand... More than a number. More than a number of children. More than a number of children and families. We are talking about an eternal... (read more)
I Am Begging You to Do One Thing
So I am begging you… Get back together with God. ... (read more)
Instant Always Access
Incredible! That's the only appropriate word when I contemplate the reality of this privilege that the Holy Spirit gives... (read more)
The Sweet Grace of Opportunity
"I can't help but wonder what might have been?" Most of us have thought this. We may have wondered this question to... (read more)
A Call from God
Getting a call from God was unusual but not unheard of as one reads the Bible. However, if you were the recipient of such an interaction, life changed.... (read more)
Born of the Spirit
"It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!" Almost everyone has heard this truism. Many who have heard it actually believe it... (read more)
Losing Your Footing?
All our TV and print media are filled with frightening stories of terrorists, plots to murder national leaders, threats to the general public, and strategies for... (read more)
God Wants Everybody To Be Saved
Pray for everybody. That's what the apostle Paul tells his friend Timothy in the second chapter of the book of the Bible we call 1 Timothy. He says to pray for kings and rulers so that "we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness... (read more)
Keep in Step with the Spirit
You may think I'm a clod of a man, but I have to confess something: "I don't get it!" I know that reality TV shows, especially those with... (read more)
Safe Place?
What happened last week in Paris is a reminder of so many things — how evil evil is and how vulnerable we are ... (read more)
You Can Stop Living in the Past
The future will always look better than our past.... (read more)
In the Power of the Spirit
By most people's standards, they were country hicks. Their names were Nan and Vail. They spent most of their adult life scraping... (read more)
The Missing Link
The term "missing link" occasionally makes headlines in terms of a skeleton or fossil being unearthed. But it also fits... (read more)
Praise from the Pit
We know the story: God said go one way, Jonah went the other. Waves crashed violently against a boat and the crew decided... (read more)
The Wise Men
So Christmas has come and gone. Or has it? The 12 days of Christmas don't end on December 25. They begin either on the 25th or 26th, depending on which region of the world you are in, and run right through Epiphany, on January 6.... (read more)
Fresh Air from Heaven's Wind
Choking. Gasping. Wheezing. Panicking. I can't breathe! What do I do? As a thirteen year old asthmatic, I was trying to stay calm. It wasn't working. With no rescue inhaler and stuck where I was, I wasn't... (read more)
Tiny Enough for All of Us
Christmas is over. If you were like us, we did our traditional pack up the Christmas decorations on New Year's day. Now it's back to... (read more)

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