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When Life Takes You Off Guard
Life has a habit of taking us by surprise. Events catch us off guard and send us reeling. Accident, injury, family stress, divorce, job transfer... (read more)

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The Instructions
The instructions help to explain everything! You have to read them to know what you should look like. Study God's word, The Bible, and experience how all the pieces fit into place.... (read more)

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A Forgotten, but Necessary, Grace of Jesus
Why did Jesus "call out" this woman? This unnamed woman had received her miracle. She had been made whole when she touched... (read more)

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Older Articles

YOU Matter to God
God loves YOU. God heals YOU. God financially helps YOU! God says, "Yes!" to YOU! God carries YOU because YOU were too weak and frail to crawl, walk or... (read more)
An 'Even If' Faith
We need an "even if" faith. We need the kind of faith that says, "Lord, I'll believe in you even if you don't do what I hope. I'll believe in you even if you don't answer this prayer the way I want. I'll believe in you no matter what."... (read more)
A Charcoal Fire & the Smell of Redemption
"I've just got to have some steak!" I surprised myself when I said this out loud while sweeping my back porch. But my stomach was growling... (read more)
Discovering 'My Truth'
Lots of words have been so devalued of late that they tend to confuse rather than enlighten. Take the word... (read more)
Are You Looking for Love?
...because He does love us, He is not governed by what we think is best for us or what we are sure is the best thing for our life. ... (read more)
"You can't be all tangents and no center." I remember being dumbstruck when I read this statement over... (read more)
The Emmaus Option
It can feel like the sky is falling in. Can feel like the edges of all things sane and good and beautiful and right are ... (read more)
Reason to Smile
Christianity was formed in the womb of Judaism. It was born into first-century Hebrew culture and interpreted to us by apostles and evangelists who knew Jesus in the context of his... (read more)
'Where does my help come from?'
What's your hope for the future? Who or what are you putting your trust in? Let me encourage you to fully trust in the Lord and his salvation.... (read more)
Courage! I AM! Quit Fearing!
Sometimes the most powerful things come in small packages. Last week, we looked at the book of Jonah with... (read more)
We're Not There Yet!
Unless you're planning to live past 100, 50 is well past middle age. And if you're planning to put 50 candles on your cake, check with the fire marshal first... (read more)
How Satan Wants to Separate You from God
He uses the same approach because it works so well.... (read more)
Saved From... Saved For!
Jonah may be the most classic "Saved at Sea" story in the Bible! You have a storm, a boat, sailors in panic mode, a man thrown... (read more)
Delete! Delete! Delete!
The little boy was in a particularly bad mood that day. He had been having a hard time getting along with the other children at kindergarten. Then, when... (read more)
Responsible for Your People
The most basic principle of leadership is to keep safe and take care of the people for whom you are responsible. And they had failed!! They were to protect, take care of, feed and render first aid, but all they did was secure their wellbeing. And the resu... (read more)
Through the Keyhole of Grace
When I was a little boy many years ago, my mom would occasionally take my brothers and me to see her beloved Aunt Irene... (read more)
I know that just as my childhood trophies have lost their value to me, I'll one day look at all the things that seem so important to me now and see that they are like trash compared to knowing Christ. On that day, I'll lay my trophies down and receive wha... (read more)
Out Fishing the Fisherman
Many of us who claim to be Jesus' disciples today treat our personal life like a roll top desk. Far more than dividing things into secular and sacred, each of us... (read more)
The Hard Process of Healing
Paul told the disciples in Colossae that the process of healing involves this big step: As Christ forgave you, so you also must... (read more)
Can Jesus Survive Religion's Failures?
One of the great strengths of the Christian faith has been its ability to endure, accommodate, and use the cultural shifts... (read more)
Shut Up or Cheer Up
Answer this one question for yourself: do I believe in Jesus? ... (read more)
Edited by Grace
Twenty-five years ago I would go into the radio studio to record my daily two-minute radio piece called "Heartlight." My recording ... (read more)
Flying High with Freedom!
Freedom has always been purchased at a high cost. For years, I listened to a dear friend and Elder share his experiences... (read more)
Holy Land
I am a temple of God because God lives in me. He comes to live in every person who is born again of water and Spirit. ... (read more)
'What Sort of Man Is This?'
Our questions become a lot more urgent when we're the ones in the boat, the seas around us are raging, and we don't know... (read more)
'I Don't Judge People'
Of all places, there is an insightful line about the necessity of passing personal judgment that comes from a new one-act... (read more)
I Did Not See That Happening
Until everything crashes down. You just really did not see that happening. Until it did. ... (read more)
1 Dad Changes Everything
My heart broke. As I gathered in the news of Charleston on Wednesday night, my heart broke at the slaughter of... (read more)
Your Bible is Not Safe
In the fanciful movie The Neverending Story, a boy named Bastian ducks into a bookstore to avoid a group... (read more)
The Old Spy's Request
While the lessons are numerous when studying the life of Caleb, the single ever present aspect is his commitment to following God whether on a secret mission, unsuccessfully arguing to take the land, waiting 40 years or finally defeating the enemy.... (read more)
The Creator Brings Grace
We were in a boat along the west coast of Florida. Big thunderstorms had blown up all around our horizon. So my fishing buddy fired up his Coast Guard frequency... (read more)
Don't Settle for a Small Destiny
We re-define ourselves according to our catastrophes. As a result, we settle for a small destiny! Think you've lost... (read more)
The God Who Loves a Party
So one day, there will be a party to end all parties. God's people will gather from all nations, all languages, and even all times to celebrate the final victory over sin and death.... (read more)
When the Way Out Is Through
Most folks are at least a little familiar with the LORD's deliverance of his people from the Egyptian army through the Red Sea.... (read more)
You Will Get Through This!
Whatever it is — you'll get through this! You think you won't. But with God's help, we all do. We fear the... (read more)
Our Healing Strength
Years ago, when someone asked, "Do you think it will ever stop raining?" I had a ready answer: "I think so, but I'm gathering gopher wood and pairs of animals just in case!"... (read more)
Four Errors Do Not Make a Home Run
It is better to find out what God expects you to do to be approved by Him. Then live accordingly.... (read more)
Bored to Life
Pedal to the metal! This wasn't a slogan, but my lifestyle. I considered boredom obscene — a waste of time, energy, life... (read more)
His Hands Will Touch You, Too!
The old guy at the corner hasn't seen him. The woman selling the figs hasn't either. Jesus described him to the... (read more)
Good Morning
We met as we walked in opposite directions on a sidewalk. He isn't a buddy or someone I know well. As a matter of fact, he was a stranger. I looked up and... (read more)
He Chose Poorly
Ronald Wayne helped Jobs and Wozniak start Apple; in fact, he wrote the document that formally created Apple. He soon got cold feet, however, and sold his stake in the company for $800. He eventually signed an agreement renouncing all claims against Apple... (read more)
More than a Memorial
The Lord's Supper — whether you call it The Supper, The Eucharist, or Holy Communion — is a holy disruption for our homogenized and carefully planned... (read more)
Defying ISIS: #togESTHER
Dear North American Church, Go ahead — wave to a nine-year-old kid today. Sit on the edge of her bed and just watch — just watch your... (read more)
Do You Believe in Jesus?
It is an easy thing to affirm belief in Jesus. It is a different matter entirely to follow him...... (read more)
Riders in the Storm
For once, I was excited to go see my doctor. Headed into my yearly physical, I had dropped about 25 pounds from the year before. I felt great. I couldn't wait to hear... (read more)
Calm in the Midst of Chaos
Ever feel guilty when somebody cites this Bible verse, Be still, and know that I am God"? I'll bet you'd... (read more)
Thinking about Heaven... Again
I have fewer days ahead of me than behind me, and I recently have been reminded by those with fewer things than I, about having family and friends in Heaven with you.... (read more)

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