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Making Life Work for Your Family

Fifty Shades?
So maybe you've heard something about a little movie that came out this past weekend. The film is based on a book that was a "modest" hit a couple... (read more)

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A Grieving Family's Courage
I'd seen snippets of Piers Morgan interviews before, but I had never seen a complete hour of his program. Last week, however, my wife and I sat silently... (read more)

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Seven Tips to Being an awesome Husband
Listen to guy buddies talk about anything for more than five minutes and you likely will hear one of them let the other know that he is an... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Making Life Work for Your Family'

I Blew It... Again!
I blew it yesterday. Once again, I acted like an immature girl rather than the mom of three who teaches parenting classes. I teach SCREAMFREE parent classes... (read more)
Making God Look Good, Regardless
We have a choice. About this time of year in 1988, a doctor, who called himself a "Definitive Diagnostician... (read more)
'In Jesus' Name, All Girls!'
Kids are wonderful for their insights into God, faith, and spiritual life. These insights can lead us as adults to... (read more)
Free to Serve
Growing up, we all had our turn at jobs like cutting grass with that old mower that didn’t cut very well, or... (read more)
True Freedom?
I don't know about you, but I have a whole bunch of motors out in my garage — a lawnmower and an edger and... (read more)
It Doesn't Require Better Skills
In 2004 a low budget, independent film, called Napoleon Dynamite made a high school misfit named Napoleon into... (read more)
Loving God
How do you go about showing your love to God? A friend of mine said, "We could try giving presents to God, but... (read more)
Power to Change People
Family issues continue to attract the attention of even the business newspaper "The Wall Street Journal." For example, it... (read more)
Beyond Parental Neglect
Consider for a moment this five stage pattern in the life of a violent criminal... (read more)
Living Simply
Thanks to Elaine St. James for writing this: "Living fully doesn't mean having it all and going everywhere... (read more)
Vulnerable God
I guess one of the things I love most about the God I read about in the Bible is his vulnerability. He is a God who can roar, who can order... (read more)
The Person in the Mirror
Christian people who really want to serve the Lord with willing, servant hearts sometimes neglect their own well-being. Jesus said... (read more)
Chosen by God!
Some things just kind of stick in your mind, like when a little boy said, "I've learned that it makes me sad when I'm the last one chosen... (read more)
Free to Serve
Growing up, we all had our turn at jobs — like cutting grass with that old mower that didn't cut very well or cleaning the woodwork in the kitchen or worst... (read more)
Leaving a Legacy of Faith
What do you owe your kids? I believe God expects us to give our children these four things ... Now other things are important as well, like a good... (read more)
Leaving the Past, Living the Kingdom
As we get older, we have a tendency to look back, and if we aren’t careful, to give in to the selective eyesight that sees only the problems and... (read more)
Losing Control
What scares me to death about death is the fear that I'll cease to be — no more opportunity to exert my own will and no more opportunity to... (read more)
Almost Persuaded?
A little girl was camping with her dad one evening and got to see a sight city-folk rarely get to witness. As the sky got pitch black, the stars were... (read more)
Married Singles
Communication is to love what blood is to the body. And when communication stops, love begins to die. Research validates that poor communication is... (read more)
Never Too Late
Sometimes when we hear helpful hints for kids, we think, "Well, it's too late for us — I should have done that years ago." But folks, what we... (read more)
What's Really Important
I heard recently from a man in his fifties. He said, "I've learned that the challenge of life is to find out what's important, and to disregard... (read more)
Tragedy Can Bring Awareness
So when tragedy strikes, it hits both the great and the small. There are no exceptions. Tragedy, as nothing else can do, opens our eyes to... (read more)
The Care and Feeding of Christian Servants
Christian people who really want to serve the Lord with willing, servant hearts sometimes neglect their own well-being. Jesus showed his... (read more)
A lot of things have been said about the value of perseverance. We all know the good old fable about the tortoise and the hare. And the great preacher... (read more)
Become a Builder
Wow! Those are tough words. "God will bring ruin upon anyone ..." In this case, he's not talking about you personally being God's... (read more)
Words, Words, Words
I don't agree with everything Ralph Nader stands for, but he's right about a troubling trend in American politics: political language pollution... (read more)
Sharing the Story of Our Lives
I have recently read that a professor of psychology at Loyola University said, "People need someone to whom they can tell the story... (read more)
Be Intentional about What Matters Most
When I interviewed dozens of great families for my recent book, I asked about their family philosophy. Listen to what one father... (read more)
Upside Down is Right Side Up
I love the way Frederick Buechner paraphrases Jesus' response to John's disciples when they came asking, "Are you really the Messiah? Or should we... (read more)
Become a Builder
The Bible says that you yourselves are God's temple and if anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy... (read more)
Getting Out of Trouble
I think I know what one teenager meant when he said, "I've learned that it's easier to stay out of trouble... (read more)
Patience ... My Left Foot!
How many times have you caught yourself already today being impatient with other people, or with the... (read more)
Good Things from Bad Situations?
Have you ever thought about any benefits from being sick — I mean really bad sick, like suffering a heart attack or breast cancer? How on earth can... (read more)
Facing Reality?
Someone recently observed that Americans don't attend funerals much anymore. It's not a very pleasant thing to do, so we just don't... (read more)
Selfishness Destroys a Home
If a brick house is beginning to crack, it's useless to reset the bricks until the foundation is repaired. And so it is... (read more)
Phillip Yancey said, "Jesus did not mechanically follow a list of 'things I have to do today.'" I like that! I doubt if Jesus would have appreciated our modern emphasis on... (read more)
How Much Does He Know?
How much does God know? One little boy named Charles wrote, "Dear God, do you know about things before they're invented?" God knows a lot... (read more)
Divorce and Stress in Children
Several years ago, "The American Journal of Health" reported the sad results of a long term survey. It said when parents are... (read more)
Take off the Fireman's Hat!
Emergency vehicles make my skin crawl. I get nervous when an ambulance passes me on the highway or fire trucks whiz past me on the way... (read more)
A Sabbath Rest
Tony Schwartz got to thinking about his life, and he realized even though he had written a best-seller and had a good marriage and healthy... (read more)
Gentle Moments
If you're a wise parent, you'll be looking for ways to conduct devotionals with your children that are natural... (read more)
The Real Thing
Looking through the magazines and catalogs that come in the mail, I’m always amazed by the efforts to reassure the customer that merchandise is... (read more)
The Other Side of 'Tragedy'
Coach Gene Stallings led Alabama to a National Championship in football. He has a wonderful family of four girls and one wonderful... (read more)
Help from God's Family
The government does a lot of things right, but no person, or group, can out-do God's church for helping folks... (read more)
More than Death and Taxes
One thing for sure that we all know, although we don’t like to talk about it, is that we don't get out of this life without failing at one... (read more)
Reasons to Hang in There
A lot of things have been said about the value of perseverance. We all know the good old fable about the... (read more)
Sticking with God's Ideal
I read something the other day about a topic that keeps getting attention lately, even though it's hard to talk... (read more)

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