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A Lot of Telling to Do
I believe that each individual Christian has the duty, obligation, responsibility to tell their friends about Jesus. While some, maybe most, will not listen for long, we owe it to them and to Jesus to speak. For we have a lot of telling to do.... (read more)

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The Substitute
In Genesis 22, we find the story of Abraham being told to offer his son Isaac on Mt. Moriah. We can only imagine his agony as he takes his son "Isaac, whom you love" on that three-day death march. Could he look him in the eye? Could he sleep at night? As ... (read more)

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How Can I Find Out More About Jesus?
The book of Luke in the New Testament is the story of life of Jesus. Then read the book of Acts. It is the story of the early followers of Jesus.... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Hope for Life'

"I'm afraid of what might happen to the church if abundance comes to the island." That's how one of my Christian friends in Cuba described his country's situation. People in Cuba are going through a time of hardship, with the weight of international dispu... (read more)
God Is Watching You... and That Is a Good Thing
Some see the God who is loving, proud, supportive, and welcoming even when we fail… maybe especially when we fail. ... (read more)
No God Could Forgive Me!
"You can't understand. I've done things to my family, to strangers, to myself," the words were said almost defiantly and his eyes looked straight into mine. Then he lowered his gaze to his hands and almost whispered, "I'm bad and no god could forgive me!"... (read more)
Trash or Treasure?
In an art gallery in Italy, an employee of a cleaning firm discarded random bits of newspaper, cardboard, and cookies, not realizing that it was a display of contemporary art. The display was valued at 10,000 euros (over $13,000), but lost all value when ... (read more)
I May Know Why You Are Reading This
I believe God still works to connect believers with those seeking answers.... (read more)
Can I Be Forgiven?
A few months before his death, Mikhail Kalashnikov wrote a letter to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Kalashnikov wanted to know if he was responsible for all of the deaths caused by his greatest invention, the AK-47 assault rifle.... (read more)
Old Clothes and New Life
You live so long with guilt and shame that feeling useless and worthless seems normal, even comfortable. ... (read more)
Been Thinkin’ About Heaven
I've been thinkin' about Heaven, a lot, lately. And I've decided that I don't care what it looks like, or if we have to wait a 1000 years, or if everything I know will be made new. Heaven is where God and Jesus are and that's where I want to be.... (read more)
When Your Hero Falls
His name was Uzziah, and we read his story in the Bible, in the book of 2 Chronicles, chapter 26. We can read that he was a religious man, trying to do what God wanted. Because of that, God blessed the king with great success, militarily and economicall... (read more)
Time to Throw Away the Old Calendar
Healing and forgiveness for past, purpose for you present, hope for your future. ... (read more)
Nelson Mandela took a bit of proverbial wisdom and made it his: "Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies." Others had said it before him, but Mandela lived it out in a public way, showing nothing but forgiveness toward... (read more)
Tattletales, the Devil, and You
God tells Satan that he has snatched this man out of the fire. God reminds this priest that he has taken away his sins.... (read more)
The NEW of New Years
Everything is NEW in a new year. There is a sense of optimism that old mistakes will be forgotten and new opportunities will result in positive progress in life's journey forward.... (read more)
The Year of Our Lord
His coming divided history into two parts: before his time and after his time. The Western world marks the years as B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. ("anno domini," Latin for "the year of our Lord"). Some use C.E., meaning "common era," but the years are sti... (read more)
A Son Was Born to Us
A child for everyone. Not just a child born into his immediate family, but a child born for mankind. ... (read more)
Is There a Dragon in Your Nativity Set?
Last year I bought myself a nativity set. It's a colorful scene, based on drawings from a children's Bible. It has Mary and Joseph, with a little baby Jesus. It has shepherds and wise men. It has an angel and several animals.... (read more)
They Got a Medal for Finishing the Race
No medal unless you finish. And everyone who finishes the race gets a medal. It is just like being a Christian. ... (read more)
The Beginning of Our Salvation Story
It had been a very long and very miserable day. Their conveyance hit every rut and rock in the primitive road. Her nine month pregnant body was more than uncomfortable. They had to stay in a stable, a cave actually, and then the pains began. After hours o... (read more)
One Out of Ten
One came back to say thank you. Ten men were healed, miraculously healed. Only one came back to say thank you.... (read more)
Do You Know Who I Am?
Most amazing of all is that he invites us to know him. Even more, he invites us to become part of his family.... (read more)
Is your computer safe? Do you know who might be lurking in your files, swiping your private information, accessing your financial records? Is someone stealing from you? Studies say that one out of every twenty Americans has suffered some sort of identi... (read more)
Where Am I on the List?
So the issue is not how I rank compared to anyone else, but how I rank compared to God.... (read more)
Remember When?
I look at the photographs often, especially the faces. There is always joy and excitement as they have just been baptized. They exhibit the overflow of emotions as they tell everyone around them about what this moment means to them.... (read more)
Who Are You Trying to Impress?
William Henry Harrison was elected president in 1840. He took the oath of office on March 4, 1841, a cold and wet day in Washington. Harrison was the oldest man to become president (until Ronald Reagan in 1981) and wanted to be seen as healthy and strong.... (read more)
Life Is Hard and Then You Die
And then we die. But for those who know Jesus that is good news.... (read more)
Tony shared with me once one of his fears for the future of the church in Cuba. At this time, many people in Cuba are looking to God to help them deal with the difficulties they face. Tony said, "I worry about what will happen when abundance comes to the ... (read more)
Olinguitos and God
It was either a random accident or it was purposely created by someone far greater than us. ... (read more)
The Vows
57 years earlier they stood before a minister and repeated the vows, their vows, to each other. "For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part."... (read more)
In modern society, we put a lot of trust in strangers. We take public transportation, trusting that the driver or pilot or engineer is capable of taking us safely to our destination. We purchase food in stores and restaurants, believing that none of the f... (read more)
When God Does not Answer Prayer the Way You Expected
please do not think our faith is dependent on God doing what we ask. We would never ask you to share a faith that believes we control God.... (read more)
Out Came this Calf!
God sent Moses back down the mountain to stop this abomination. In a famous scene, Moses threw down the tablets of the Ten Commandments which God had given him, shattering them. He confronted his brother, demanding to know why Aaron had done such a thing.... (read more)
How to Make a Heart Work the Way It Should
God knows we need some help with our spiritual hearts and he too has some treatment options that can fix our hearts: ... (read more)
The Cure
"It's incurable! It's controllable, but with great difficulty. You'll have it until you die." That's how I remember my doctor telling me I have Diabetes. Today I take meds, watch what I eat (most of the time) and have a pump that injects insulin into my b... (read more)
The Pardon That Wasn't
A pardon isn't a pardon unless it's accepted. That's what the U.S. Supreme Court decided back in the 19th century.... (read more)
Am I Going to Die?
So the answer is YES, death does lose this battle. Life wins. ... (read more)
What if There Were only one Choice?
Imagine that you have been diagnosed with a terminal disease. The doctor informs you that there is one cure that is 100% effective. But only one. Would you be interested? Or would you insist on the need to have multiple options?... (read more)
Why You Do not Need to Be a Christian
I have found out I cannot control anything. I am a long way from perfect. And I believe I am going to die.... (read more)
Hearing God's Voice
The Voice came! Sometimes it was a whisper, barely audible as it floated past the ear. Sometimes it was accompanied by a burning bush, or a vision or a blinding light that forced the receiver to the ground.... (read more)
In olden Times It Was Different
"It is, unfortunately, one of the chief characteristics of modern business to be always in a hurry. In olden times it was different."... (read more)
What My broken Clock Taught Me about Time
it really is about what we do with time, and not about how we try to quantify time. ... (read more)
Don't Stop
Akjwari finished almost an hour after Wolde. What drove him to continue running despite his pain and the futility of the effort? Akjwari stated simply: "My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start this race. They sent me 5,000 miles to finish the race... (read more)
They Called It Minor Surgery
Another thing I realized is that we are all going to die. It may be in a hospital, or a car wreck, or in a natural disaster, or maybe of old age. But we are going to die.... (read more)
Teach Them Diligently
It was a deceptively simple instruction, without theoretical explanation of impacts and outcomes. The aged leader told parents to teach their children who God is, so both child and parent would know and not forget.... (read more)
Love and Fear
It's interesting to watch my dogs when I go out to work in our yard. At first, they are thrilled that I am spending time with them. They dance and jump and beg for attention. Then I pick up a tool, and everything changes. Their joy turns to terror.... (read more)
Grieve with Hope
We grieve with hope. We believe that death is not the end.... (read more)
There was controversy in the awarding of the 2013 World Press Photo of the Year. According to some, the photo that won the prize didn't represent the reality that was photographed. It had gone through significant retouching, enough for some to claim that ... (read more)
It Was an Earthquake
Life is full of earthquakes: real ones, emotional ones, financial ones, horrible ones.... (read more)

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