The Gospels, those four books of the Bible that record the life of Jesus, focus on the same subject material but are unique and different from each other. Obviously written by different people, not all of them necessarily eye witnesses to all they write about, each book was written to a different audience and includes or omits things that the others don’t.

This diversity can be found in the scenes mentioned in all four Gospels like the scene on the Mount of Olives found in Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, and John 18. Matthew provides a broad overall panorama. Mark identifies the place as Gethsemane. John identifies the sword wielder as Peter and Malchus as the one whose ear was cut off. Luke highlights the fact that Jesus touched the ear and healed Malchus.

One of those almost overlooked and easily forgotten revelations is the notation in Luke that as Jesus was praying to his father to “take this cup away,” that “an angel appeared to Him from Heaven strengthening Him” (Luke 22:43). The other three Gospels do not mention this and Luke only mentions it once. But the fact is that Jesus was not alone in the garden, for while his closest disciples slept, an angel was there comforting Jesus as he agonized over his impending horrific suffering and death.

To fully know, appreciate and understand the story of Jesus, you have to study all four Gospels. For us, over 20 centuries removed from the event, we must rely on Eye Witnesses and Expert Witnesses to garner the full story of Jesus, the Messiah.

We must rely on Eye Witnesses and Expert Witnesses to garner the full story of Jesus, the Messiah
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