Hope for Life

Spirits, Demons, and the One Greater than Them All

Do spooky things scare you?

There are scary things in this world, but we need not fear any of them. The one who is in us is greater than the powers of this world.

Using YouTube® To Reach More People (Really!)

If the goal is to reach people who don't know much or anything about you, your church, the Bible, or God, you must meet them at the point of the question.

Lee Wilson gives us practical advice, understanding, and techniques to use our online ministry more wisely.

A Day of Thanksgiving!

In hard times or times of blessing, we are never without thankfulness

How is it that all the Thanksgiving Day’s of my past had come and I had forgotten to actually give thanks? Then I realized just how long of a list I was going to have!

Do Not Let Baby Jesus Become Baby Lite

Do you like to keep Jesus in the manger? Sort of a Jesus lite. Don't

Jesus did not stay a baby. He grew up and died on a cross for you. Do not leave him in the manger.

We've Got to Listen Before We Speak

Don't focus on what you're going to say!

I've come to believe that's the wrong focus. Instead of thinking of what we're going to say, we need to focus on listening. What will we hear? How will we get the other person to open up? Can we learn enough about them to help them draw closer to God

Knowing the People Makes the Difference

It's all about who you know

Who do you know that needs your prayers and your help? What else can you do to help them because knowing the people makes the difference!

Sharks, Life, and Sharing Jesus

A Great White shark jumped into the boat. You never know when someone is going to realize they need help.

Sometimes it takes a major life crisis for people to realize they need Jesus. Be ready to share your faith.

Sharing Good News

There's nothing more natural than sharing good news

We forget that the story of Jesus is good news, something that should be naturally shared with people we know.

Sharing Jesus Is not Like Selling Ads, but Still...

What I learned about sharing Jesus from selling ads.

A parable is a story that illustrates a spiritual point -- like selling phone book ads and making disciples.

Ministry Outside the Church Walls

Corporate worship isn't enough

The Christian life is meant to be lived out among non-believers, living in such a way that they can see who we are and eventually glorify God. A Christian life lived inside a building will never accomplish that.

Who Is My Neighbor?

Your church needs to know who lives next door

Our churches can't afford to sit and wait for our neighbors to come to us. We must take the first step in connecting with those around us.

Who Sings When They Are in Jail?

Who prays in a jail and then does not leave when the doors come open?

There are two very surprising things in the story of the Philippian jailer. And two other things that seem to be expected to happen.

It's Not Easy Being a Visitor

Everyone is welcome, but they may not know it

We don’t have to change the entire service on account of those who might visit. But we should be aware of their anxieties and uncertainties, going out of our way to make them feel more at ease.

Who Doesn't Love Baby Jesus?

It is hard to believe at Christmas, but there are those who do not love baby Jesus.

Baby Jesus seems so sweet and lovable, but there are those that do not love him. And sometimes that even includes some of us.

And Yet

There is yet hope

So while the world around us tilts ever closer to self-destruction, and the choices being made offer harsh contradictions of almost horrible conclusions, our focus must be on God and His Son.

Turning an Enemy into a Friend

It's the best way to eliminate an enemy

When we forgive our enemies, we make our lives happier and make the world a better place.

You Mean I Have to Go Next Week Too?

Do not let your Christianity be like the Kindergartner who did not realize he had to go back to school the next week too.

Christianity is choosing Jesus every day. Today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. Forever.

Drawing Near

We can approach God without fear!

Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, those of us with faithful, sincere hearts, who have been washed in the blood of Jesus, may confidently enter the presence of God.

Peace During the Election Season

Lots of people are worried about the future during this election. Not me.

There is a lot of stress and worry over the future during this election cycle. There is a different way.

The Jesus Stories

It takes four gospels to get the whole story

To fully know, appreciate and understand the story of Jesus, you have to study all four Gospels. For us, over 20 centuries removed from the event, we must rely on Eye Witnesses and Expert Witnesses to garner the full story of Jesus, the Messiah.

Throwing Your Worries Away

Would you rather have peace or worry?

If I can learn to turn my worries over to God, he will give me his peace, that divine peace that defies all logic. I decide to give my cares to God, I pray about them, and I thank him for handling them. In return, he gives me peace.

Running with the Whales

Jonah tried running from God. It did not work.

Stop running from God. He wants a relationship with you. He will do anything to give you that opportunity.

Destructive Selfies

Click! Click! Oops!

When we only think about ourselves and our projects, we run the risk of trampling others and shattering the faith of those around us.

Going to Heaven?

Some wish they could, some might want to, but you can know you will go to heaven.

You can know you are going to heaven. You do not have to wish you were able to, you just have to decide how bad you want to go.

The "Lost" Chapter

Which are you: coin, sheep, or son?

The 15th chapter of Luke’s gospel consists of three parables of Jesus. I call it the “Lost” chapter because the coin, the sheep, and the son are lost. The irony is that the three didn’t know they were lost.