There is a Presidential election happening in the United States, and many people are afraid, apprehensive, or nervous over what will happen in this country. You can find harsh rhetoric, angry voters, lots of rumors, lies, and fear mongering. And this is happening on both sides of the political divide. (Of course, this happens in other countries, but it matters more to us when it occurs in "our" country.)

What will the country look like if the "other" candidate wins the election?

Is the country going to be destroyed by this election?

Are we really doomed if the "other" candidate wins?

When your emotions, your loyalty, and your faith in the future are wrapped up in any one nation or any one system of government, then you are going to be worried much of the time. So let me suggest an alternative. Christians have a different view of this world.

The followers of Jesus believe this world is not our home. This world is not where our future is. While we care about what happens in our world, it is not the focus of our hope. We believe we will live forever with God and Jesus.

We do not count on the powers of this world to offer us hope. After all, nations rise and fall. The United States is only 240 years old. But God's Kingdom is forever. It will not fall. It has outlasted all the governments of this world.

Christians partner with God to increase his Kingdom. We believe that God wants everyone to be in a relationship with him. We believe that God sent his Son to die for our sins so we could have that relationship. So, we tell people that good news. That is our purpose. We Christians make a forever difference.

Someone bigger than any political system is in charge. And he will be in charge forever.

So if you are worried and upset about election politics... there is another, and I believe a better, alternative. I can help you find it. Write to me at or visit our website.

My candidate has already won.

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