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Peace During the Election Season

Lots of people are worried about the future during this election. Not me.

There is a lot of stress and worry over the future during this election cycle. There is a different way.

God's Bridge to better Things

Rejection and disappointment can gut the passion of God's leaders!

Phil Ware is continuing his trip through The Story and focusing this week on the life, ministry and book of Samuel.

Civil Discourse

While we're railing at the candidates, how about we take a look in the mirror?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that it isn't just the politicians who use harsh and unfair speech.

Election Time!

I can tell you who's going to win!

Many different men and women will step up to rule the nations of this world. But one truth will remain unchanging: God reigns and will reign for ever and ever.

It's a Good Feeling To Be Chosen

Waiting to be chosen can be agonizing

It can be nerve-wracking to wait to see if we will be chosen for a job or to participate in a group. But God made His choice a long time ago.

The Least I Can Do?

How do we move beyond election partisanship to moral change?

Rob Woodfin challenges us to do more than vote and then wash our hands of the matters that afflict our time and culture.

On Our Knees

Let's be in prayer!

Phil Ware reminds us of the importance of prayer before and after this election.

A Christian Nation?

Would we really want it if we could have it?

Rubel Shelly challenges us to think through our thinking on the upcoming election

Don't Forget to Vote

So who will win the election you're voting in today?

What we do is our vote and if we are disinterested, that vote shows up too, so let's vote with integrity each day.

Re-Thinking Election Strategy?

Can anything good come out of politics?

While we can get sickened by election rhetoric, sometimes good lessons can be learned from good men!

For Those Under Trial

What about those who are not free to worship the Lord?

We must pray for those facing persecution.

Seek Me and Live

What happens when a nation loses its way?

God convicts Israel because of her sin. We must pray not to be this nation.

Citizens of a Different Country

Do you have your green card?

We must recognize that our highest allegiance is to the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom and so we are all aliens.

The Best Kind of Citizens

How can we be good citizens?

We can and must be good citizens of the nation we find ourselves in.

What Joy for This Nation!

What joy for this nation!

Reminder that our hope must be in the Lord.

Time to Hit our Knees and Lift our Hands

What can we do at such an important time like this?

We should be a people in prayer at times like these.