Single ... Not Alone

How's Your 'Ratitude'?

Can you give thanks?

Cary reminds singles that they can give thanks in almost any situation.

An Old Timer in His Service

Are you getting a little too old for this?

We must live for God's purpose and also seek to be useful.

A Father I Never Had

Can you find a father?

God is the father I never had.

Keep Striking the Stone

What rock are you striking?

Learning to make arrowheads is a lesson in perseverance and how we must keep trying!

This Prayer's For You!

Got anybody praying for you?

Everyone needs someone praying for them; this prayer is for you and we pray without ceasing!

Found Things

What have you found lately?

Finding things no one else sees is great, but being found by God is better.

The Sudden Kingdom

Have you ventured beyond the grace you've received?

Jesus brings us gracious gifts, but if we receive the gift without thanking and praising Him, we miss out on the Sudden Kingdom.

Home for Christmas?

Will you really make it home for Christmas?

The message for singles this Christmas is that there IS a home for you, and there IS someone there for you.

Complain or Lament?

So what's the big difference?

What is the difference between complaint and lament?

Do You Feel Lucky?

Do you want to be lucky or blessed?

Luck has many definitions depending upon those with whom you visit; but Christians are blessed!