Everybody loves a baby and baby Jesus is no exception. We have just come through that time of year when our culture is actually aware of Jesus. You saw manger scenes in yards and on mantles. Buttons were worn announcing, “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

Churches made sure you heard about baby Jesus.

Live nativity scenes.

Christmas plays and programs.

Baby dolls, or live babies, and swaddling clothes all to represent baby Jesus.

Cute, and sweet, and precious.

Who doesn’t like Christmas and baby Jesus?

And, I think church leaders need to be very careful about the message we send. Because if baby Jesus is all you saw presented, we were showing a “lite” version of Jesus. After all, baby Jesus makes no demands on us like Jesus as Lord. Baby Jesus did not demand that you deny yourself, take up a cross, and follow him.

Baby Jesus is not Jesus lite.
So if we are not careful, we can leave Jesus in that manger.

Do not let baby Jesus become Jesus lite.

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