The shark jumped right into his boat.

Terry Selwood was fishing off the coast of Australia, just like he had hundreds of times before. Something almost knocked him down and when he turned to see what it was that hit the boat, he realized that a seven foot, 440-pound Great White shark had jumped into his boat.

I wonder who was more surprised — the shark or Mr. Selwood. After radioing for help, he jumped overboard and hung onto the side of the boat until he was rescued. He evidently did not think it wise to share his boat with a shark.

You never know when life will take an unexpected turn for the worse. It could be a natural disaster that destroys property, an unforeseen layoff at work, or bad news from the Doctor. It can be something evil done to someone, or evil done by someone. It is a hard world, and bad things happen.

That is why people need Jesus, and that is why we must take every opportunity to share his story.

Perhaps you have tried to talk to friends and neighbors about Jesus before, and they were not interested. Until something happens in their life that makes them realize they need something bigger than themselves. Until an event happens that leaves them desperate for answers.

Sometimes the shark jumps into the boat.

You may be the one they call for help.

It may take a crisis for someone to realize they need Jesus.
Be ready to share the hope we find in Jesus.

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