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A Taste of Home

I Choose
It's quiet. It's early. For the next 12 hours, I'll be exposed to the day's demands. It's now that I must make a choice... (read more)

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New Wine and Old Skins
"You can't teach an old dog new tricks." "He's old and stuck in his ways." "She's never going to change."... (read more)

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Thankful in ALL Circumstances
Give thanks in all circumstances... How? My daughter is in Afghanistan. I am fighting diabetes. I have no... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'A Taste of Home'

Nativity Set
My mother-in-law, Ruby, lives in southern Indiana in the town of Paoli. We spend family Christmas... (read more)
A Caution about Criticism
There is something downright vicious going on out there today. Everybody is passing judgment on you.... (read more)
Getting Our Lives on Track
Our lives appear to always be in a constant state of change. Happiness and frustration are never very far removed... (read more)
We're Not There Yet!
Unless you're planning to live past 100, 50 is well past middle age. And if you're planning to put 50 candles on your cake, check with the fire marshal first... (read more)
The Real Root of Brokenness
It’s after I cut the squash right open. The two halves split and quartered there on the cutting board. After the paint brushes are washed out, after the... (read more)
What a Bunch of Suckers
One human being who truly loves another one does not negotiate a list of expected behaviors and get the other to sign... (read more)
Safe Place?
What happened last week in Paris is a reminder of so many things — how evil evil is and how vulnerable we are ... (read more)
Remembering What Really Matters
My theory is that most people spend most of their time sweating over things that won't really matter when all is said and done. You've probably heard the one about... (read more)
To Fret or to Leave in God's Hands?
All of us create in some way. Maybe we paint, or cook, or sing, or write, or take pictures, or build, or organize, or garden — the list is endless. Unfortunately, many of us... (read more)
One of Us
The names and dates and places change, but there is a sad sameness about each episode: there is a confrontation between a young black man and a white police officer, shots... (read more)
Mud Dauber Determination
To feed their families, the mud daubers (dirt daubers) pack their dinners on my back porch. Spiders seem especially tasty to them, so they paralyze... (read more)
In 1951, I was just beginning my college career, still searching for that Special Someone, and hoping to become a father some day. In that same year... (read more)
Mom, You're the Real MVP
You'll never hear basketball fans in Texas or Oklahoma ask, "Kevin Who?" Texas Longhorn fans are still a little miffed that Kevin Durant was... (read more)
The Fourth Quarter
I was raised in a home that loved Jesus, church, family and basketball. My dad was a University of Kentucky fan and if the Cats were playing, the whole family watched. When I grew up I married a "yankee" who ... (read more)
Potholes Ahead
The lead story on our local news this morning was about potholes. After the rough winter we have experienced already, the roads are a mess... (read more)
Ordinary or Not?
Like it, or not, with the Indiana Jones movies, Spielberg has given us the epitome of the American hero, the knowledgeable good guy facing impossible odds... (read more)
Yardsticks: How the hidden Dangers of Comparison Are Killing Us and Our Daughters
When our Hope-girl came in and sat at the foot of our bed, I knew she was looking for a way to stand. "So what am I supposed to do now?" I gathered her long hair... (read more)
Challenge the Status Quo and Live a generous Life
Steve Jobs was a revolutionary. He turned an industry around. He did it by doing things differently than how they were being done. His pitch was... (read more)
Talk Less Hug More
Our little Halle Grace is growing up fast. She will soon be a fifth-grader. This little girl is a gift from God, an answer to prayer. She came to our family via... (read more)
The Gift of Sympathizing Mercy
A store owner was tacking a sign above his door that read "Puppies For Sale." Signs like that have a way of attracting small children, and sure enough, a little boy appeared... (read more)
We Are really Going Home
The haunting strains of Antonin Dvorak's "Going Home" were played at the funeral of former President Gerald Ford and at the memorial service for Americans killed in Benghazi... (read more)
Customer Service in a 'Yes!' Church?
Businesses spend exorbitant amounts of monies on customer service. In addition, they spend hours training employees from the frontline to... (read more)
Red to Honor, White to Remember
Growing up in a family with no sisters and only one brother, I resented and even hated some of the chores my mother... (read more)
A Miracle in Three Poofs
We have automated systems, seamless software solutions, "Easy" buttons, quick-fix formulas, and soon we will have drive-thru surgical centers. But, it doesn't... (read more)
Solid Ground or Sinking Sand?
The last day of February, 2013, seemed like a normal Thursday. Everyone in the family was settling into his or her bed in the long-time ... (read more)
We Do Not Lose Heart
I suspect there are some reading these words might take exception to the title: "We Do Not Lose Heart"! You do not mean to lose heart. You do not... (read more)
It Is Time
It is time to stop playing games with the greatest story ever told. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He came. He lived. He died. He was buried. He ... (read more)
Learn to Be a Good Neighbor and Change Your Community!
A ministerial group in the Denver area is working together to change their communities. Two of the ministers in the group ... (read more)
Master the Art of Welcoming
Maybe you've had an experience like mine. My wife and I had attended a conference in Nashville. She elected to sit out the first morning ... (read more)
An Amazing Find
There is an old story handed down from the country of Serendip — or present day Sri Lanka. In this story, three princes traveled the country, and quite by ... (read more)
Apples in Autumn
Autumn has arrived! This technically happened on September 23, 2011, and the signs of the seasonal changes are all around us. For example, I read the ... (read more)
Mortality: Trying It on for Size
I read a Reuters news report about people taking a "test run for death." It got my attention. A trial run at dying? Trying death on for size? Here is ... (read more)
Loving the Person Who Isn't 'One of Us'
The best way for the church to get clear about our mission in the world is to study the life of Jesus. Our goal is to be in our corporate life the continuation of who ... (read more)
Find the Plot to Your Dots
When I was a kid we were so mistreated. No one had portable DVD players, iTouches, Leapsters, or PSPs. When we traveled we had to settle for coloring books ... (read more)
Roads Without Potholes
After living in the South all our lives, my wife and I are Michiganders now. The (believable!) joke here is that The Orange Construction Barrel ... (read more)
Learning Financial Literacy
You know the word "literacy," right? Most basically, it denotes the ability to read and write. But its broader meaning has to do with the useful mastery ... (read more)
No Problema
The breakers of the Pacific that are ripping ashore are on my right. The cliffs of the city are on my left. The wildly chaotic dance of the evening commute ... (read more)
The News Behind the News
What kind of press does God get in your media market? Are most of the religious stories about "off-the-wall" characters who ... (read more)
The Father's Love
I have seen it from the bleachers during high school football games. His son is on the field, but the father is completely ... (read more)
The Path from Brokenness to Peace
Somewhere in his past, Kevin, like many of us, began compartmentalizing his life, his identity. Each compartment has ... (read more)
Psalm 46
God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.... (read more)
Touched by an Angel
Just after walking into the room, I overheard our host turn in the direction of her husband and say, "Honey, be an angel and start the fire in the ... (read more)
Have We Missed the Point?
Religion sounds so confining and structured. It's organized and institutional. And, it seeks to keep us focused on ... (read more)
Even in Mayberry
On Sunday, November 1, 2009, four men were murdered in the small town of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. For those of you who ... (read more)
Reluctant Leadership?
The need is great in the time in which we find ourselves. The message of hope in Jesus Christ is our only ... (read more)
Unveiling of Legacy
Legacy is the wisdom, convictions, experiences, and values that have been handed down to us from the generations ... (read more)
Community and Homebound
After an article on Monday about the followers of Jesus being community, I received this touching response from a precious member of our Heartlight family:... (read more)

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