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Learning to Trust
With Father's Day recently past, I'm sure that like me, you had some memories of your father stir in your heart. For some of us, there are good memories. For others, well not so much... (read more)

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That's You Dad!
I was in a second hand shop the other day and bought a book — yes a real book printed on paper. I have nothing against... (read more)

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Motel 6
Panic stabbed at his midsection just as the beam from his headlights picked up the city limit sign. He had forgotten the reports he needed to ... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Just for Men'

We Get to Play Baseball
"Brooks, you know what we get to do today? We get to play baseball!" Those are the words that Jim Morris, The Rookie, delivers ... (read more)
It's happened 20 times in history. But it should be 21. "It" is a perfect game in Major League Baseball. Since June 12... (read more)
My wife knows more than anyone else that I often like to hike being as quiet as possible. I travel slowly and softly ... (read more)
Predicting the Future
Like millions of other basketball fans, a couple of weeks ago I went online and filled out a bracket with the teams ... (read more)
That Didn't Hurt!
Playing around sewing machines was a dumb thing to do, even for a four-year-old. Too much running and not enough ... (read more)
A Dad Who Gets It
There have been some awful stories in the news of late. Serena Williams' foul tirade, Joe Wilson's catcall during ... (read more)
Mother's Day in Retrospect
They say — whoever "they" are — that confession is good for the soul, so maybe it's time for me to reveal that I have not ... (read more)
I Think I Am ...
Confession: I like shoes. There, I've said it. I'm a shoe person. Several years ago I found a pair of shoes that I ... (read more)
Remembering Valentine's Day
Okay, guys, stay with me here. I understand and am well aware that nobody wants advice, but would like to offer up some thoughts on... (read more)
Better than the Super Bowl
Last Sunday's football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers was billed as the Super Bowl. It deserves ... (read more)
Marcus Welby, Jesus Christ Superstar, & Bill Parcels
Marcus Welby, Jesus Christ Superstar, Bill Parcells and the Dallas Cowboys ... I promise, I'm gonna get around to... (read more)
Revival Fire
It was Christmas morning, and I got up earlier than everyone else. I went outside and walked around and... (read more)
Is It Really Over?
The disciples had been with Jesus for three years. They had watched Him perform His miracles, witnessed His... (read more)
Beyond Barely Saved?
All too often, I hear people talk about how they are what might be called "barely saved." They say things like... (read more)
Face the Mirror and Face the Music
It started out as a day in traffic court for ten people who had been previously identified as having suspended or... (read more)
Big Rig Ministry: Test Track
Arriving at Freightliner one early morning, I was informed that I would be involved in a truck test. This would take... (read more)
The Final Chapter
It occurs to me that our lives are made up of individual books that will eventually become a collection of books... (read more)
Desires & Imagination
What do you dream about? Now, I don't mean the dreams you have while you are asleep necessarily, but what is it you... (read more)
Playing Through Your Pain
>Whether you play golf or not, you surely know the name Tiger Woods. So bear with me. This week's article isn't so much... (read more)
How Much Dirt?
How much dirt does it take to make something "Dirty"? Or perhaps I need to ask, "How dirty does something have to... (read more)
Your Ambition
In his writings to the Thessalonians (under the heading of "Living to Please God" as designated by the NIV), Paul shares... (read more)
Damocles, Spock, and Paul
I read a reference yesterday that mentioned Damocles. I had heard the name before but never read the story, so... (read more)
Cap and Gown
It seems like only a few months ago that I held her in my arms for the first time. She wore the little cap that... (read more)
Doing the Best I Can
Sometimes, I'm just doing the best I can: I might be at the end of my rope, but I just try to tie a knot and hold... (read more)
Sometimes the Hard Choice Is the Right Choice
Yesterday, several good friends and I were sitting in the office of a neurosurgeon. We listened to him as he explained why... (read more)
There When Daddy Can't Be!
When our daughter Megan was born five years after her brother Zach, we were thrilled. We felt blessed and... (read more)
Thankful for Simple Things
It was twenty degrees outside, blowing ice, and dark. My wife and I were going out hunting. I know — what a... (read more)
The brand new Yankee Stadium, currently under construction in the Bronx, is a multi-million dollar project. With deadlines... (read more)
Love Letters
Not long ago, my wife and I were cleaning out one of our closets. On the top shelf, in the back of the closet was an unmarked... (read more)
Don't Let Failure Be Final
You are going to think I’m making this up, but it is a true story. When my wife was pregnant with our first child... (read more)
A Distressing Secret to Success
There are all sorts of "secrets to success" lists in circulation. There is probably valuable truth in each of them. Commons threads of optimism... (read more)
Daddies, Please Hear Us!
Fathers, this writing is on behalf of your daughters who need you desperately. These words are not meant to blame, hurt, or point fingers... (read more)
Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you were totally out of place and useless? To put some of you on a sports team and ask you... (read more)
Resistance Is NOT Futile!
I wish I had a better answer. I really, really do. After all, I get asked the question pretty often, or it comes up... (read more)
Fudging and Compromise
I just recently heard another one of those stories of a man who left his wife and two children, and has a new... (read more)
How Blessed We Are!
You know we really are blessed in so many ways! We have been blessed in a special way this past weekend as our... (read more)
When I Get Big ...
I've been blessed with three great kids, each one precious and unique. My son Josh is the middle kid, and he just turned 4. He's into the usual boy stuff... (read more)
Men and the Struggle for Purity
I should have been suspicious! When the men in my weekly prayer group asked me to bring my Day-Timer, I should have smelled something... (read more)
Feeding the Monster
Joe Francis feeds the porn monster. While they don't put people in prison for poisoning minds and hearts, Francis is currently being held on... (read more)
A Tradition Like No Other
The person who loves golf, particularly The Masters Golf Championship, will recognize those words as the Jim Nantz' description of the... (read more)
The Unexpected!
It was prayer request time at church and Josh did the unexpected. He had always stayed in his seat, quiet and... (read more)
Everything I Know About Horses
Everything I know about horses I learned from cowboy movies! Unfortunately, movies are not very accurate to normal life... (read more)
Life Outside of Football
That there is "life outside of football" may be a necessary reminder for some sports fans and couch potatoes now that... (read more)
Being Rich
Whether we want to admit it or not, most of our lives revolve around money. That's not to say that we're all... (read more)
How People Will Remember You
The death of Gerald R. Ford was not the lead story on the newscast I happened to catch on the Sunday closest... (read more)
Walk the Walk
I often hear of evangelists and churches that stress salvation. That's good, but we must also talk about... (read more)
Oscoda Area High School in Oscoda, Michigan, decided the last week of September after only four games that continuing... (read more)

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