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Who Will You Trust?
The voices yanked her out of bed. "Get up, you harlot." "What kind of woman do you think you are?" Priests slammed open the bedroom door... (read more)

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Overcoming Your Heritage
Stefan can tell you about family trees. He makes his living from them. He inherited a German forest that has been in his family for 400 years. The trees he ... (read more)

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God Will...
Abraham had another word for God: Jehovah-jireh. “The Lord who provides.” Abraham came by the name honestly. It all began... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Hope from the Hill Country'

When You Can't Hide Your Mistakes
While it's true that we all make mistakes, some mistakes are more public than others. How do you handle those mistakes that everyone... (read more)
Unnecessary Chapters in Life?
Certain chapters in this life seem so unnecessary — like nostrils on the pre-born. Like suffering. Loneliness. Disease.... (read more)
Jesus' Hand Will Touch You Too
The old guy at the corner hasn't seen him. The woman selling the figs hasn't either. Jesus described him to the scribes at the gate and the... (read more)
Something to Complain About
If you look hard enough and long enough, you’ll find something to complain about! Adam and Eve did. Surrounded by all they needed, they ... (read more)
Home for Christmas
All these people ... did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from... (read more)
An Open Letter to the New Clergy
Humor aside, business people and ministers may have more in common than pained expressions. In fact, I believe... (read more)
Thanks for the Flame of Freedom
The mercury dipped near 30 degrees below zero that cold Canadian day in February 1936. Yet the rough... (read more)
Want to Plant a Church?
My wife and I have recently felt called to look into church planting, but we don't know where to get started.... (read more)
Creating a Vision for Your Congregation
"We need help giving vision and direction to our congregation. What would you suggest?" I am frequently asked questions like... (read more)
Chaotic Light
Oh, no! Not this again. It’s bad enough not being able to see. Why do some people have to humiliate blind people just for... (read more)
In An Anonymous Hotel Room
I often find myself on the road ... far from home ... where no one knows me. Maybe I get to my hotel... (read more)
The Old Home Place
My great grandfather Per Erik Anderson came from Sweden in the 1870s. My great, great grandfather... (read more)

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