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Two Minute Meditations

Connecting Those Who Want to Help with Jesus
This occasion was not the apostles' finest hour. Don't be too hard on them. The mob was hounding Jesus because they had heard about his miracles and they wanted... (read more)

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Connecting Those We Know with Jesus
Tears streamed down her face. My heart was screaming to have just a few more days. There was simply no way to... (read more)

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Connecting with Jesus Personally
Life can turn on a dime. Circumstances, events, people, words of a song, a movie, or moment of introspection can... (read more)

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Connecting People with Jesus
"I'm nothing special. I'm shy. I don't know a lot of people. I don't make friends easily. So how in the world am I supposed... (read more)
Welcoming the Dawn of a New Year
These are the words of thousands, even millions, of us who look at the New Year and worry if we're really up to... (read more)
Hidden Treasures
We are fascinated by stories of hidden treasure. Many of the blockbuster movies over the last several decades... (read more)
Hope of the World
The following story is told only by the gospel of Matthew. It is powerful. It is unique. It is also as puzzling as it is captivating. If we let it... (read more)
Christ: The Center
What's the big deal about baby Jesus and his birth? Ah... glad you asked. I want to answer that question in... (read more)
Live Beyond
When my proofreaders see this title, they are going to want to fix that dangling participle, "beyond"! They will want to... (read more)
We Thank God for You!
I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of... (read more)
When the horrible news of the Paris massacres ripped through a rather ordinary news day, my heart went out immediately to the families... (read more)
Blessed: Gracious Servant
Blessed! Pronounce it "bless-ed" and not "blest." The blessed are people whom God recognizes as precious. People living with... (read more)
No Longer Any Sea
The images in today's post are tough to see. Viewing them is tough because they are too true to our world... (read more)
Sometimes the Spirit helps me listen to the LORD even when I'm not paying attention. On this Saturday in Rome... (read more)
Go Fast!
I have a picture of my son (who was a few months old), my dad, my G-Daddy, and myself. It's a special treasure. We were four generations 25... (read more)
Tweeting Heaven
"Dad, how about one of your drive-by prayers?" We were in a packed Chuy's ready to dig into some good Tex-Mex... (read more)
Some Mountains Matter More
If our churches, and we as church leaders, don't know the mountains on which we are willing to die and then go and focus on... (read more)
While these are easy words to say, they are much harder words to live. Yet the people who heard these words knew that Paul... (read more)
But One Thing I Do!
How can I do it? How do I leave behind my past failures where I've let others down? How do I overcome the sins of my past? How do I live beyond the grievous... (read more)
A Forgotten, but Necessary, Grace of Jesus
Why did Jesus "call out" this woman? This unnamed woman had received her miracle. She had been made whole when she touched... (read more)
A Charcoal Fire & the Smell of Redemption
"I've just got to have some steak!" I surprised myself when I said this out loud while sweeping my back porch. But my stomach was growling... (read more)
"You can't be all tangents and no center." I remember being dumbstruck when I read this statement over... (read more)
Courage! I AM! Quit Fearing!
Sometimes the most powerful things come in small packages. Last week, we looked at the book of Jonah with... (read more)
Saved From... Saved For!
Jonah may be the most classic "Saved at Sea" story in the Bible! You have a storm, a boat, sailors in panic mode, a man thrown... (read more)
Through the Keyhole of Grace
When I was a little boy many years ago, my mom would occasionally take my brothers and me to see her beloved Aunt Irene... (read more)
Out Fishing the Fisherman
Many of us who claim to be Jesus' disciples today treat our personal life like a roll top desk. Far more than dividing things into secular and sacred, each of us... (read more)
Edited by Grace
Twenty-five years ago I would go into the radio studio to record my daily two-minute radio piece called "Heartlight." My recording ... (read more)
Flying High with Freedom!
Freedom has always been purchased at a high cost. For years, I listened to a dear friend and Elder share his experiences... (read more)
'What Sort of Man Is This?'
Our questions become a lot more urgent when we're the ones in the boat, the seas around us are raging, and we don't know... (read more)
1 Dad Changes Everything
My heart broke. As I gathered in the news of Charleston on Wednesday night, my heart broke at the slaughter of... (read more)
The Creator Brings Grace
We were in a boat along the west coast of Florida. Big thunderstorms had blown up all around our horizon. So my fishing buddy fired up his Coast Guard frequency... (read more)
When the Way Out Is Through
Most folks are at least a little familiar with the LORD's deliverance of his people from the Egyptian army through the Red Sea.... (read more)
Bored to Life
Pedal to the metal! This wasn't a slogan, but my lifestyle. I considered boredom obscene — a waste of time, energy, life... (read more)
More than a Memorial
The Lord's Supper — whether you call it The Supper, The Eucharist, or Holy Communion — is a holy disruption for our homogenized and carefully planned... (read more)
Riders in the Storm
For once, I was excited to go see my doctor. Headed into my yearly physical, I had dropped about 25 pounds from the year before. I felt great. I couldn't wait to hear... (read more)
Made a Difference to That One!
It is always risky to use a beach illustration with folks who live in a beach town. But even though I was speaking in... (read more)
Throw What Stinks Out of God's House!
"Something really stinks in here!" I said it to no one in particular as I opened the pantry door. I thought I had smelled a bad odor a couple of days earlier, but this wasn't... (read more)
As Each Part Does Its Work
Names. They get harder and harder to remember the older I get. They pile up in my digital address books becoming more... (read more)
Beyond My Broken Prayers
"I'm not sure I can pray anymore. It's useless. They're not heard. They go unanswered. I don't know what to say. I'm frustrated, discouraged, and... (read more)
Father Forgive Them!
The familiar words of the Lord's Prayer have been inspiring and instructive as well as comforting and challenging... (read more)
Fifty Shades of Grace: Delight
"Why are you Jesus-types such a bunch of prudes?" "What's wrong, can't you just have a little fun?" "Why do you teach that sex... ... (read more)
Fifty Shades of Grace: Submission
Submission. Wow, what a loaded concept. What a powder keg for discussion. What a necessary truth that needs to be... (read more)
Fifty Shades of Grace: Intimacy
Intimate. Intimacy. What comes to your mind when you think of these words? The Bible says we were made to be ... (read more)
Fifty Shades of Grace:
Exchanging Gods
Grace! Grace is the new world given to us in Jesus. Grace is the air we breathe in our relationship with the Father as his beloved... (read more)
One minute we are cruising along enjoying life. The next we feel the bump and shudder of the collision as our heart is ripped apart... (read more)
Not Left as Orphans
Years ago, we were going to a new church. When it came time to head home one evening, we could not find our 22 month old son. He had been with us just a few... (read more)
Instant Always Access
Incredible! That's the only appropriate word when I contemplate the reality of this privilege that the Holy Spirit gives... (read more)
Born of the Spirit
"It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!" Almost everyone has heard this truism. Many who have heard it actually believe it... (read more)
Keep in Step with the Spirit
You may think I'm a clod of a man, but I have to confess something: "I don't get it!" I know that reality TV shows, especially those with... (read more)
In the Power of the Spirit
By most people's standards, they were country hicks. Their names were Nan and Vail. They spent most of their adult life scraping... (read more)

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