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Two Minute Meditations

'...always thankful!'
Jesus had moved along the border between Galilee and Samaria — a journey right in the middle of Jewish, Gentile, and... (read more)

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Postscript Praise
"The devil's in the details!" Yes, I know that folk proverb is often true. However, there are many more times that... (read more)

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The Women
For me, they are some of the most haunting words of the whole Bible: Then everyone deserted him and fled... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

Too Familiar to Feel the Bite?
Sometimes the meaning of what Jesus spoke eludes us because we are not familiar with the culture of the day or... (read more)
Co-heirs with Christ
At first listen through our twenty-first century ears, this translation of Paul's words to the Galatians appears exclusivistic or sexist or at least gender limiting... (read more)
Restoring the Creator's Intent
Chaos. Hatred. War. Bloodshed. Crime. Abuse. Illness. Poverty. Hostile weather. Deep in our bones, we know that something is broken... (read more)
Made to be Complements
All of us like compliments, especially if those compliments are well deserved. A sincere compliment gives us... (read more)
Of Sacred Value
No, it's not the sound of a breakfast cereal. These are the sounds of handcuffs on the wrists, of the camera flash in the face, and of the cell door... (read more)
Writing Love in the Dust
Do you ever wonder what Jesus "wrote in the dust with his finger"? I sure do! I've looked at commentaries. I've tried to run... (read more)
A Key Tool in the Master's SIGnature Toolset
Life is exciting, busy, and a bit confusing. However, my only requirements are to be able to have a good Internet connection, to be close to... (read more)
Remember Their Sacrifices!
Today, there is no Heartlight article. Just a passage from 1 Peter and a plea to you as a child of God. Please remember your brothers and sisters who are suffering and being martyred for their faith... (read more)
Interconnected Grace
As a young teenager, I remember watching TV on the afternoon of August 20, 1969, when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Then six hours later... (read more)
Blame Game
Easing through the right hand turn lane, I merged into traffic with the significant while accelerating quickly because circumstances made it necessary. While we don't have much of a rush hour, this was... (read more)
Closing Time
Tears. Hugs. Promises. More tears. Sad eyes. The last day of our mission at The Community* is always an emotional one... (read more)
'If it Aint Broke, Don't Fix It?'
"If it aint broke, don't fix it!" Though highly ungrammatical, this statement is held as a truism of life in my West Texas neck of the woods and many... (read more)
Peruvian Homecoming
How do you come home to a place that is over four thousand miles from your home? Simple. Part of your family lives there! That's what I felt when we pulled into... (read more)
Finding True Center
"We can't be all circumference with no center." I read these words years ago. I have to remind myself of them often. I believe they are true. I want to live my life... (read more)
Sing the Jesus Song!
When I ask folks what is their favorite book of the Bible, many enthusiastically say, "Philippians!" When I ask them why, they respond, "Because it's... (read more)
Jesus Goes Home
So why did Mark include this event? In a gospel emphasizing Jesus' power, why put in a story saying that Jesus "couldn't do any miracles among them"?... (read more)
Refuse to Make Jesus Boring
I fly. In fact, I've flown a lot lately. So I have caught myself in a sympathetic smile as the pre-flight video begins to play or the flight attendant begins to... (read more)
The Hardest Lesson Learned
Isn't it amazing how quickly we can lose our way when we are on our own and think we are following the right path for ourselves? Years ago, ... (read more)
Nothing Left But the Center Stripe
Big bright orange signs were on each side of the road on our divided street. The sign on the right side... (read more)
Somewhere Down the Road
Dear Dad, I really miss you today. I'm not sure exactly why, but it just hit me as I was writing daily devotionals and listening to Amy Grant sing an old... (read more)
Let There Be Light
Light. Light has such power. Just a flicker of light can shine through the deepest darkness and be seen from far distances — the deeper the darkness, the more... (read more)
Thanks Mom!
Easter weekend 2001 was supposed to be a great time in the Warehouse. Our son Zach was driving home... (read more)
How do you feel about darkness? Most of us don't like it. Many of us fear it. Few of us face it voluntarily. Darkness comes in all sorts of forms. Darkness can be the absence... (read more)
The Land of In-between
We don't like being in between anything — not big trucks on the highway, not a rock and a hard place, not jobs, not a hammer and nail, and not... (read more)
Hate Crime or Love Offering?
Hate crime! These two simple words tell the story of such an ugly and angry truth. What happened to Jesus in Jerusalem during his Passion was... (read more)
I Wonder What I Don't Get?
Jesus is headed to Jerusalem to face the cross. He has repeatedly warned his disciples that his humiliating rejection and crucifixion were coming... (read more)
Lose One and You're Done
March Madness and the NCAA basketball tournament is now down to its final 8 teams. Just a little over a week-and-a-half ago, there were ... (read more)
A Major Comeback?
You can imagine my humorous delight to see the notice in my Gmail Inbox from saying: "Johnny Cash's New Album Releasing March 25... (read more)
Now, so what?
In a recent interview in Rolling Stone Magazine, Bill gates was asked about many things — his involvement in his foundation to...... (read more)
Experience Immanuel
"If Jesus is raised from the dead, then he is alive and I can know him today!" These words shared by a young Chinese seeker cut right to the heart... (read more)
Love Will Travel
Donna and I slowly climbed out of our Saturday morning sleep to find several sweet pictures posted on Facebook® from our recent trip... (read more)
Jesus with Dirt on His Face and No Place to Sleep
The group of teenagers spoke with passion — some even had tears in their eyes as they shared their stories. They had been among some of the... (read more)
I Need More Than Me!
Jesus promised, "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them" (Matthew 18:20). This promise of Jesus is astounding. Yet we... (read more)
O Come, Please Come, Immanuel
Our churches hunger for it. Our people yearn for it. If we are honest with ourselves, we have a deep and insatiable longing for it. This "it" for which we... (read more)
The ARC of Grace
Isolated. Alone. Forbidden. Labeled. Diseased. Terminal. Forsaken. Forgotten. Desperate. For a variety of skin conditions... (read more)
The Waiting Is the Hardest Part
Waiting is hard work. I confess, I am not good at this work of waiting. I am impatient. Sometimes my impatience borders on an ugly arrogance — "Why should I have to wait so long for something like this?" Sometimes... (read more)
Making a Connection
We don't notice it. We can't imagine it. We so easily forget it. What's the "it"? The "it" is that Jesus not only came to show us how God would live... (read more)
Inspired Truth?
What makes Scripture inspired truth? I know the quick answer. You probably know the quick answer, too. You may can even quote it:... (read more)
Counting Down or Ratcheting Up?
Well the count is on. You know it as well as I. We don't have to see the ball in Times Square descending; we know the count is on. You are making plans for... (read more)
Jesus. Birth!
Mary. Joseph. Engaged. Angel. Greetings! Favored! Virgin. Mary. Baffled. Pregnant? Son. Savior! Jesus. Greatest! Reign. How? Impossible! Spirit. Overshadow... (read more)
Building a Culture of Honor: Final Reflections
President Roosevelt's phrase is one of the most widely known phrases spoken by any American president. However, for a follower of Jesus there are many other days... (read more)
Building a Culture of Honor: Accountability
"Myself!" "Me do it!" "Do it myself!" Parents often hear these words when their child is about twenty months old. These first stirrings of self-sufficiency are... (read more)
Building a Culture of Honor: Trust
A number of years ago, I came in from the garage into our house and was greeted by my daughter, then in high school. Megan hit me with a question... (read more)
Building a Culture of Honor: Serving
Growing up in his daddy's house, he knew hard work. Long before he was a man, he knew what it was like to mash his fingers and have to get a thin piece of hot metal... (read more)
Building a Culture of Honor: Prayer
"I wish I had three hours to sit around and do nothing but pray!" This statement, given by a friend who was a successful business executive, dripped with... (read more)
Building a Culture of Honor: Affirmation
People were everywhere. They had crowded in to hear the voice of God thunder out from the wild man in the wilderness who spoke God's truth with clarity unheard... (read more)
Building a Culture of Honor: Introduction
"You've got to be kidding me!" the man said as he took in the implications of the verse he just read. His counselor was shocked that someone steeped ... (read more)

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