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Knowing the Father's Presence
Some mornings I wake up not feeling very close to God. It was one of those mornings earlier this week. I read some Scripture and prayed a bit... (read more)

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Who Can Be Still?
Ever feel guilty when somebody quoted this Bible verse: "Be still, and know that I am God"? I'll bet you'd like... (read more)

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Amazing Grace
It's hard to understand that there is nothing we can do to make God love us more, and there is nothing we can... (read more)

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The Mystery of Insurance
I am always confused by talk about insurance. Everyone has a horror story of paying too much... (read more)
Giving Back
The spirit of generosity is spreading like wildfire through a Northern California community. It all started because of... (read more)
A Titanic Truth
Do you remember the movie TITANIC? It is still one of the most popular movies of all time and has enjoyed a repeat run... (read more)
Christ and Christmas
Recent polls find that only one-third of Americans consider Christ's birth the most important aspect... (read more)
Ten Steps to Help You with the Blues
Experts say it is perfectly normal to get depressed once in a while. But if the problem lingers... (read more)
New Bodies and Close Calls
It was another near miss! I'm no cat with nine lives, but my latest close call with death — a wreck that... (read more)
The Four Hardest Words
Tiger Woods wins more major tournaments each year than any other golfer in the world. And he only recently... (read more)
Responding to the Gift-Giver
Kenny Spain has been giving sacrificially to his friends for years. Then one day, his buddies decided it was... (read more)
Mission of Mercy
I want to tell you about Scott Coleman, a quiet servant who came to the aid of a sick young... (read more)
A Place at Dinner with Jesus
In the mid 1820's, wealthy plantation owners in Atlanta, Georgia were best known for the lavish dinner parties... (read more)
Compassionate Like Our Savior
Riding down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with my wife Camilla, my daughter Shana and my nine-year-old grandson Breylin was... (read more)
Flat On Our Backs ... In Prayer
Sometimes we need God to thrust us into total helplessness to hear what he... (read more)
Sabbath Rest: The Key to Revived Spirits
"I just don't have enough time!" Maybe you've thought or said these words in exasperation or despair.... (read more)
The Search for Jesus' Love
In his story "Where Love is, There is God Also," Russian author Leo Tolstoy tells us of a shoemaker who was looking... (read more)
E.T. and Christ
You may have been sleeping (as I was) when the news story broke about the recent discovery of abundant water on... (read more)
With Jesus You Can Stay On Your Feet
At times, life can throw so many obstacles our way that we're tempted to throw in the towel. Is that... (read more)

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