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Do Not Be Afraid
Fear can paralyze individuals, making them incapable of acting rationally. And irrational fear can send a whole nation... (read more)

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I only know Ken Herman through his column in the Austin American-Statesman. He is an engaging and entertaining writer, but at times his column is so weird... (read more)

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50 Years
I was in a barber shop at the corner of N. W. 27th Avenue and N. W. 7th Street in Miami, Florida. The Cuban refugee who cut my hair regularly would never... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

Home on the Range
Do you ever wish you had a "home on the range"? You know, the range. The place "where never is heard a discouraging word." Ever wish you could... (read more)
What a terrible Day?
Today, I had a terrible day. Everyone was against me. Some days, I get so frustrated with people. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to deal with people at all. They can be so... (read more)
Talk Less, Hug More
Our little Halle Grace is growing up fast. She will soon be a fifth-grader. This little girl is a gift from God, an answer to prayer. She came to our family via... (read more)
It is Well
Horatio G. Spafford is hardly a household name, even to regular church goers who have seen his name hundreds of times. Spafford was a Chicago lawyer... (read more)
Lose It for Good!
You can't miss the headlines: "One in four adults is overweight or clinically obese," "Overweight youth more likely to watch more TV," "More than a billion ... (read more)
What Do You Learn from the Darkness
He must have had something different in mind when he announced to the church, "We are going deeper this year. This will be our year to tackle the deep... (read more)
Our Legacy
Children are gifts from God. God has entrusted us with something precious to him — an eternal someone, a living soul. I am filled with awe ... (read more)
High Cost Forgiveness?
Inside church, forgiveness is talked about every weekend. But, when you get outside the walls of church, the reality ... (read more)
No Greater Love
My wife and I were recently in a setting with several long-time friends. We felt love. We felt fortunate. We felt the presence of God as we were ... (read more)
God in the boring Stuff?
For the believer, life is a growing collection of God stories. You have more than you know. God is there in every new page of the adventure, whether we ... (read more)
You Don't Have to Do a House Cleaning for this Christmas Guest
One Christmas when we lived in Denver, we packed up our infant boys in the minivan after Sunday morning church and headed east on Interstate 70 to... (read more)
The One Born in Bethlehem Can be Born in You
It started even earlier this year. It was bad enough that millions of people began storming the Bastille's of Best Buy, Banana Republic, Target and ... (read more)
A Temporary Dwelling
You splurged when you made your mini-vacation accommodations in a very nice hotel. From the minute you enter the lobby you realize this is ... (read more)
Beyond Fixing Bicycles
I recently read a little story about a little girl that touched my heart. It seems that this little girl was late coming home for supper one ... (read more)
Amazing Things Are Happening Here!
The sign outside the New York hospital reads: "Amazing Things Are Happening Here." Truer words were never spoken. Amazing things were ... (read more)
Reconcile or Run?
My family practically hates her and wants me to divorce her and have nothing else to do with her ever. I don't know what to do ... (read more)
Stop Controlling Me!
She could not look people in the eye as they greeted her. Head down, shoulders slumped; she headed to the nearest open seat and quietly slid ... (read more)
Who Cares What Your Children Pray?
It isn't unusual to overhear conversations like this. One lady told another that she should NOT stay in ... (read more)
Trickle Down Parenting
Did you know that according to marriage experts the first major crisis in many marriage relationships is after the birth of their first child? With all the ... (read more)
Are You Prepared?
The roads are salted. The grocery shelves have been emptied of milk and bread. Movies have been rented. Children, parents and teachers ... (read more)
Play Misty for Me
Recently, on the same day, two families I know said goodbye to parents. In one of the families, middle-aged siblings gathered with ... (read more)
Winter Wonderland
It had not happened this early in the year since 1944. But on December 10, 2008, something magical occurred. Snow fell in Houston ... (read more)
Big Rocks
At a meeting at my son's school this past week, several of the parents in attendance were complaining about the amount of homework our kids ... (read more)
Miracles from a Lighthouse
Drayton Hawthorn, wrote describing tense moments he experienced while waiting for his wife's surgery. "It was ten o'clock at night and she was ... (read more)
What Takes Your Breath Away?
Take a moment for some gentle spiritual prodding. Right now, in today's market, what's your faith worth? You could begin this assessment by listing the features of ... (read more)
I Got Hacked!
There is an old saying that goes like this, "Into every life a little rain must fall." Well, it rained on me this week! Someone hacked into my web pages and set up a ... (read more)
Of All the Stupid Things
When was the last time you did something really stupid? Now just so we are "on the same page," as they say, let me share the definition of "stupid" ... (read more)
Windshield or Bug?
t was Monday morning and I was feeling on top of the world: no calls of distress and the pile of paperwork was finally beginning to shrink ... (read more)
Settling In
The focus of the last few days has been to assist my daughter as she moved into a house near the university she attends. It is a great place. She loves... (read more)
My wife and I had a conversation yesterday that we wouldn't have had ten years ago. That no one would have had twenty ... (read more)
Celebration in Heaven
Jill Murphy gave her husband Bill, a high school class ring for their 21st wedding anniversary. There's no question ... (read more)
A Quarter of Remembrance
I actually got to meet Dr. Channing Barrett, though I don't remember the meeting because I was too young. But that doesn't change my ... (read more)
The Joy of the Party
Working for the church, I am required (required?) to attend a lot of Christmas parties. I certainly have no ... (read more)
Let There Be Peace!
Peace on earth. How's that working at your house? Christmas is just a few days away. Is there peace in your ... (read more)
Let There Be Joy
This season provides an excellent opportunity for us to address a common problem for joy-seeking people: how do ... (read more)
Don't Forget to Wish for the Best
Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I did my version of Black Friday shopping. I slept in, had breakfast, took a ... (read more)
Losing My Mind?
Have you ever felt like you're losing it, you know what I mean, losing your mind? Well, maybe you haven't, but ... (read more)
Calling Home
Today we phoned back over 1,800 miles of America to talk to our son and his family — just to see how they were ... (read more)
Every Time I Remember You
Do you have someone like that in your life? These are people you love and who love you. No matter what goes on... (read more)
Forgotten Anything?
Perhaps the most challenging distinctive of Christianity is that our God wants us to love him. While world ... (read more)
Unrestrained Joy
As a friend was passing through town we decided to meet in the airport for coffee and conversation. We were talking about ... (read more)
Faces in the Crowd
I'd love to know more about this woman, wouldn't you — this woman who was so desperate to be healthy that she ... (read more)
Family Unique: Stops along the Way
From toddlers to teens to travel-weary parents, the question is inevitable. "When are we going to stop?" Depending on the driver the answer... (read more)
Family Unique: GPS
Until John Harrison came along, navigation of ships was a guesstimate at best. Egyptian sailors never ventured far from the land. Geographic ... (read more)
Family Unique: Fuel in the Family Tank
he drive from Jackson, Mississippi to Mobile, Alabama was nothing spectacular. Three and a half hours. Two hundred miles. Just a jog in your journey... (read more)
Family Unique: The Big Question
Last day of school. Clocking out at work. Locking up the store. The only thing on your plate is summer vacation and you're ready to devour ... (read more)
Learning To Be Watched
There is a mighty cloud of witnesses watching you. They are looking for something in you that is worth passing along... (read more)

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