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Single ... Not Alone

How's Your 'Ratitude'?
Single people today live in a "LEGO block" world. It seems nothing comes assembled and ready to go anymore... (read more)

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An Old Timer in His Service
Do you carry a pocketknife? Security concerns have made it a little more difficult to carry even a small... (read more)

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A Father I Never Had
The last time I saw my father, I was 2 .... He called me once 20 years ago and now I am over 50. I feel so incomplete because I never... (read more)

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Home for Christmas?
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Complain or Lament?
In the Old Testament, complaining or grumbling is obviously not pleasing to God. Yet, lamenting is acceptable... (read more)
Do You Feel Lucky?
Can a Christian believe in luck? I've heard all kinds of answers to this question. Some believe God... (read more)

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