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Black Lives Matter
The cover story of Time magazine this week is "Black Lives Matter." Yes, they do. And so do brown lives, and lives of every shade... (read more)

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Christmas is about...
Santa is still strong this time of year. So are Rudolph, Prancer, and the other reindeer. Frosty is good. I've even seen larger... (read more)

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A Little Each Day
The really good coaches are smart cookies. Forget the "dumb jock" jokes, and pay attention to their ability to... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Leading in Hope'

How Cowards Become Heroes
John Callender was a young officer under George Washington in the Revolutionary War. He failed miserably during the Battle of Bunker Hill and was dismissed... (read more)
Do Our Churches Prefer Cushions over Crosses?
I don't know the writings and sermons of Martin Luther King, Jr. very well. That strikes me as an unfortunate thing, for the little I have read and heard lets me know ... (read more)
The Importance of Being Judgmental
I know. I know. Nobody is supposed to be "judgmental." It is the cardinal sin of Christians. And it is the response we get from non-Christians about every ... (read more)
Prayer for 2014
Holy God of Heaven and Earth, I know that a thousand years are as a day to you, but we humans are bound up in time. As a new year is about to begin, please teach me to... (read more)
Giving Thanks for Work?
For generations, we have found it convenient, even reassuring, to make a distinction between the sacred and the secular. For many, the church campus is sacred and the workplace... (read more)
Rules for Building a Snowman?
There's a crispness in the air where I live. Leaves are showing off their vibrant colors. People are cleaning chimneys and stocking up firewood. Sweaters and coats are... (read more)
I just Want Someone to Love Me Forever
His name is Davion Navar Henry Only. He is 15 and has had weight problems. More seriously, he has exhibited serious anger issues. Although he is bright, he has had... (read more)
Be Sure to Read the Whole Book!
I wish my earliest Bible reading, Sunday School in my youth, and even my training at university level had included more of the Old Testament. Thinking back over that ... (read more)
When Nobody Was Looking
It happened after store hours last month in Wayne, New Jersey. Four football players — three black and one white — came into a Buddy's Small Lots... (read more)
Looking beyond Our Pigeonholes
I wonder if the words stung him? After all, he knew what the people around him were thinking even before they said it out loud. Many a person has lost... (read more)
It's His Problem to Solve
Everybody has problems. Christians are no different from unbelievers in that regard. Yet, we are supposed to be different in the matter of faith. The Bible teaches... (read more)
Don't Rush God
Most of us use a lot of "instant" things. Instant messaging. Instant coffee. Instant rice. Instant access. Instant results. You get my drift, right? I'm as bad as most and worse than... (read more)
Pray without Ceasing?
Anyone who tries to "pray without ceasing" will die of starvation or dehydration because... (read more)
Superman and Jesus?
Great stories combine the elements of tension between good and evil, heroism exhibited through sacrifice, and some... (read more)
When We Stop Asking Questions?
Ever notice how inquisitive children are? They are often little question boxes who want to ask about everything. "What makes it rain?" "How did ... (read more)
How Are You Spending Time?
I feel confident that most of us want to do some great thing with our lives. But we labor under the illusion that authentically great things are reserved for... (read more)
Was It 'Just God's Will'?
The lady on camera from Oklahoma shook her head and looked into the interviewer's eyes. "It was just God's will that... (read more)
A No! Church (And how to Avoid Becoming One)
It was a Sunday morning. We were on vacation out of state. Our clan of four approached the morning with a mix of eager anticipation and anxious ... (read more)
Worthwhile Things Take Time!
Even though our intellects know better, something about human beings continues to make us suckers to the idea of a quick fix. So entrepreneurial... (read more)
A Yes! Church
Hope you've been to one! Even more, hope you are part of one. Unfortunately, some folks have never even seen one! I'm talking about a "Yes! Church."... (read more)
Finding Our Center when Our World Is Shaken
I knew the day would come. I took our Jr. High aged boys to Six Flags Astroworld on a hot day for some summer ... (read more)
The Faith Gap in '42'
The Jackie Robinson story "42" opened in theaters last weekend. It did far better than most baseball movies... (read more)
Play Like You're Loved
Scott Nagy is head coach for the South Dakota State Jackrabbits. I've tried to learn a bit about him, but most of the information is about... (read more)
Easter is Still with Us?
You may be under the impression that Easter is over. This past Sunday was the day for big crowds in churches, ham dinners at home, and egg... (read more)
What a Basketball Game!
I was in El Paso, recently, but I missed a classic basketball game that was played there by a couple of weeks. The special game was on Tuesday... (read more)
Church in the Tank?
I once had a dream where one of the "Shark Tank" investors (I think it was "Mr. Wonderful") had me on the show and asked: "Larry, if I wanted to ... (read more)
Take a Step!
Remember the short escalator video? The mall is empty... there is no one to help... no one has a phone... they cry out... (read more)
Good Samaritan Not Appreciated
Jesus told the story known as the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Even people who have never read the story know the concept of being a... (read more)
A Prayer about Things We Cannot Change
Many things about your life boil down to the hand you have been dealt. You can't change the fact that you were born in that place and with certain givens for... (read more)
Will this be 'Lucky 13'?
When I was assigned a seat on Row 13 on a plane a while back, somebody asked if I didn't want to ask to be reassigned. I told him I was pretty sure ... (read more)
Why Christmas Is about Easter
I thrill to the Christmas Season every year. Yes, I like the lights, trees, and time to be with beloved family and dear... (read more)
Are You Trying too Hard?
It was a conversation I've had with several people before. I'm always cautious about it and feel the need to ... (read more)
Pope Benedict 'Debunks' Christmas?
From the online headlines and breathless TV reporting, you'd have thought Pope Benedict XVI tried to cancel Christmas... (read more)
When Heroes Fall
National news media and personal blogs were clogged with the breaking news last Friday related to David Petraeus. He is the Army general whose leadership... (read more)
Life as a Fourteen Year Old
Fourteen should be a wonderful, carefree year in a child's life. Actually, being 14 is more nearly part of the bridge between being a child and becoming an... (read more)
Civil Discourse
In every election cycle I can recall, the talking heads of TV news have discussed "negative campaign ads" and... (read more)
Tyrannized by Our Feelings
Have you noticed how many people appear to be living at the tyranny of their feelings these days? "I'm just not sure how I feel about... (read more)
Love Is Not a Brick
If Jesus and Mohammed were entering a warm building on a freezing-cold day, who should go inside first? If Moses and the Buddha were late to a dinner... (read more)
Faith and Traffic Lights
I heard the apocryphal tale of a good citizen who was being tailgated by a stressed-out woman. The light at the intersection in front of their ... (read more)
Getting Clear about Holiness
The human vocabulary shapes the human race. The words we choose and the meanings we assign to them become our frame of... (read more)
To Tell the Truth
Truth-telling seems to be a lost art in our world, but it is at the very heart of what is required to make a society healthy, safe, and ... (read more)
Kindness Can Change Things
It is na´ve to think there is never a time when force will be required or when legitimate power has to exert itself. Parents sometimes ... (read more)
Now the Olympic Games
The headline stories of the past month have been child abuse, college athletics, and murder in a theater complex. During the same period but ... (read more)
The Aurora Murders
In the wake of the deadly massacre in Aurora, Colorado, the predictable things we humans do begin to happen again. Here is the standard... (read more)
Bullying has become a topic of national concern. Some of the conversation may be overblown, for who doesn't come in for some ribbing, but...... (read more)
The Nones
Human beings are spiritual beings. We speak freely of our minds, hearts, or spirits — knowing full well that we aren't talking about ... (read more)
I Prefer 'Evil'
"What kind of sick-o gets into that sort of stuff?" was the news anchor's question. She had just reported the arrest last week of 190 persons in a ... (read more)

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