I don't know about you, but I have a whole bunch of motors out in my garage — a lawnmower, an edger, hedge clippers, and a trimmer along with a bunch of other stuff. And they all get together on Saturday morning when the weather is good and decide to give me a workout. They work me over! In fact, my whole house will do that — painting and changing filters and fixing faucets and getting the spots out of the rug.

I've learned that beyond a comfortable style of living, the more material things you have, the less freedom you've got. The house and tools and stuff are using me, instead of me using them!

Jesus didn't have much but a robe. Seems to be telling me that it's not things, it's people that count. Aren't you beginning to get the same point?

Then Jesus said to them. "Be careful and guard against all kinds of greed. A person does not get life from the many things he owns" (Luke 12:15 ERV).

The more things, the less freedom!

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