Children, listen to me, and I will teach you to respect the Lord (Psalm 34:11 ERV).

What do you owe your kids? I believe God expects us to give our children these four things:

  • all the unconditional love and affirmation they can hold
  • a great parental model to follow
  • a Christian value system on which they can build their lives
  • great family memories
  • All parents can give their kids four gifts.

Now other things are important as well, like a good education and healthcare, but these require financial resources not all parents have.

However, all parents can give their kids these four gifts. We can model what we need to be, because our Father modeled for us. We can give unconditional love, because Jesus gave it to us. And the Bible contains the value system to live by, and the great memories are a by-product of the other three.

What are you doing to pass these on to your children today?