Sitting on the fishing deck of a nearby lake, all I see is peaceful and serene. A light breeze stirs the surface to quiet ripples. Flags on the docks of the lake-dwellers indicate an early start to the winds that will follow. An egret glides smoothly across a small inlet to fish in the shallow water. What could be more peaceful?

Somewhere in the distance, however, there is the sound of what is to come. A motor ignites with a healthy roar and the day is on. Shortly, the lake will be filled with the noise of boats — ski boats, fishing boats and those angry little hornets called Sea-doos, the motorcycles of the waterways. This rhythm is the daily cycle, the transformation from peace to chaos and back again.

This rhythm of a day on the lake strikes me — life is not so different. Few of us can hold on to those peaceful moments very long without interruption. Most of us have the promise of the return of peace. As the old country song says, “Life has its little ups and downs.”

For some, however, a time of peace never seems to appear. Their lives are stressful from daybreak to dark — and often stressful through the night. Those long stretches without peace are difficult times! Most of us have experienced them for periods, but few of us for what seems to be forever.

Is there hope for those stuck in the long stretches of life without peace?

For most, the return of pace can be found in focus. If I am seeking silence, every noise is an irritant! On the other hand, if I am hammering loudly, few extraneous sounds have meaning. Perhaps we should learn a lesson here. To seek quiet in a time of noise can be perplexing, but to chose to follow the natural cycle of time and place may well be enjoyable. If you look for the quiet on the lake in the middle of the day, then you will be disappointed. Quiet comes in quiet times and quiet places. Don’t try to force life against the grain or you will constantly be irritated!

Now, does this mean “go with the flow” when choices of sin and righteousness are involved? Of course not! Choosing the wrong never brings peace! I am only referring to the natural flow of life, busy-ness, and noise. When it comes to inner peace, there is no true peace without God. All the adjustments to the times and places will not compensate for the stress of an undirected life.

God can be our peace in the middle of life's busy-ness and noise.
Regardless of the question, God is always the answer — He can be our peace in the middle of life's busy-ness and noise. I may choose to sit on the dock in the early morning to find the quiet of the lake. David, the shepherd king, knew the true source of real peace and quiet:

[The LORD who is my Shepherd] makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside quiet waters.
He restores my soul;...
(Psalm 23:2-3 NASB).

Many are searching for the quiet waters in a world of raging storms; we all need the constant restoration of our souls. May you find this grace in your quiet place and the restoration of your soul!