Articles Tagged 'Restoration'

In His Image

My friend Kathy introduced us, and from that point on, I was dazzled.

Ron Rose shares a heart-wrenching story of a lost friend and a forgiving friend who lost friends because she dared to love as God loves.

Quiet Waters

Is there hope for those stuck in the long stretches of life without peace?

Bill Sherrill feels the rhythm of life and noise on a lake and compares it to life and our need for God to bring us peace and restoration to our souls.

God Still Cares

When we have sinned, fallen short of God's plans for us, and have disappointed our heavenly Father, we assume he puts us into his “club for the unwanteds.”

James Nored and Phil Ware continue their messages on God's plan of redemption and how God longs to restore us to himself.

Great Sin, Great Forgiveness, and Now What?

David needed more than forgiveness for his sin. So do you.

David repented and asked for forgiveness. He was also restored to a life of purpose.

Act(s) 1: Scene 1 — Jesus' Body

If we listen to Acts like a play, what do we learn in each scene?

Mark Frost of Interim Ministry Partners shares insight on viewing the church through the lens of Acts and focuses today on the church being the living, breathing, embodiment or incarnation of Jesus to the world.

Restoring the Creator's Intent

Hope beyond our world's brokenness!

Phil Ware continues his series on the value of woman in the eyes of God and how we incorporate that value into our belief system, roles, and treatment of women in our church culutures.


You can come home

Like the Israelites of old, we too can find ourselves ripped from our homes, forced to go places we don't want and become slaves to our emotions and desires. BUT we can go "home" anytime we choose restoration with our Father.

God Does Not Fix Everyone

Why does God fix some lives... but not others?

God can only fix the people who want to be fixed. He is willing. It is our choice.

This World Is a Mess

Is God to blame for the mess this world is in?

If God does not exist, you can't blame him for the mess this world is in. If He does, He will fix it.

All About the Layers

Where do you find God doing His best work?

Ron Rose talks about layers in photography and layers in our lives, and emphasizes that the layers are where God's transformation takes place.

Family Unique: Stops along the Way

Isn't it about time your family took a rest break?

Rick Brown continues his family unique series and tries to help us understand that we have to stop and let our families rest sometimes along the way.

Blessings Through Brokenness

God knows how to use broken things

God gathers broken things and puts them back together, including broken people.

Shout for Joy!

Whatever is bad, remember the great!

Rubel Shelly reminds us that we still have a lot to be celebrate even if things are bad with our lives, because God is at work in us and has done great things.

The Forgotten Fuel

When's the last time you had a great rest?

We must guard and protect our sacred space, our time alone with God.

A New Heart

Do you want a new heart?

A heart transplant reminds us that we need God's heart transplant spiritually.


Can a failure be useful again?

Just as key people did with John Mark in moving him from failure to useful, so too, good leaders must recycle.

50 Days of Grace

What has happened in your life the last 7 weeks?

Jesus used the 50 days after Pentecost to change and transform the broken disciples into world-changers.


Is your marriage really hopeless?

Infidelity wrecks lives and destroys families, but only by coming to the truth can its impact be healed.

Broken by Sin?

What do we do with sinners?

We must be tough on sin but offer mercy and forgiveness for those who are truly repentant.


How can we ever overcome humiliation?

If we don't bring back sinners whose sin has humiliated themselves, and if we we don't reach out to those who have been humiliated by others, then how can we claim we wear the name of Jesus?